Li Tian Is Out Of Control

    Yang James gets into the Silver Maybach and presses the ignition button. He slams his hand on the steering wheel when the car won’t turn over. What the fuck! I don’t have time for this shit! I need to find that little wench before the Boss!

   Li Tian dangerously weaves in and out of traffic on the way to Harbor Heights Hospital. He is sure that the woman Guo Nuan mentioned is Song Sara because of the description of the man in the elevator. Only Leo Cadieux would insult the heiress to Guo Shipping and have the ability to completely abolish the bodyguard’s hand before he could react. And those eyes definitely belong to that maniac. 

   Just thinking about Sara smiling at Leo Cadieux..him touching her beautiful body… her intoxicating fragrance…Li Tian’s eyes are red and a raging fire burns in his heart, why would she turn to that crazy bastard? Is she with him now? Is that bastard fucking her sweet little pussy? She should be with me..only me..When I find the disobedient little thing I definitely will lock her the fuck up so only I can see her and our baby. Once she sees the exquisite baby’s room I have prepared she will be happy that I accept the child. The little kitten will understand she can only be by my side…both the baby and her are my sole property. I need to destroy that bastard Leo Cadieux so he doesn’t have time to covet my beautiful little girl. Song Sara..the baby.. belong to me… Li Tian! I will never let anyone take what is mine! 

    The thought of another man in bed with Sara makes Li Tian come unglued. He has dark circles under his bloodshot eyes, he hasn’t slept in several days and he has lost his rationality. Overwhelmed with jealousy he presses his leather shoe down on the accelerator making the car fly. The high speed of the car on the icy street catches the attention of a policeman sitting in his car on the side of the road. Is that driver insane? He is going to kill himself or someone else with his reckless driving! The policeman throws the sandwich in his hand down and quickly pulls out onto the busy street and turns on his siren.

    Li Tian looks in his rear view mirror and sees the flashing lights and sneers, I am not stopping this fucking car for any reason. He swiftly cuts in front of another car and makes a dangerous sharp turn onto another street. The policeman misses the light and by the time he can follow Li Tian is nowhere to be seen.

   When Li Tian sees the hospital he turns into the parking lot and pulls directly up to the entrance. As he stretches is long legs out of the car a man shouts, “Hey you can’t park there! It is reserved for ambulances.”

  Li Tian gives him an icy look and the man’s legs feel weak, he stutters, “ really need to move your car.”

   He tosses the stunned man the keys and storms into the hospital. He looks around for the front desk and rushes over, “Dr. Bai’s office..where is it!”

   The nurse looks up from the computer when she hears his deep voice and her eyes widen. She is in a daze staring at his imposing figure.The man is at least 190cm tall and extremely handsome. When she doesn’t immediately respond he bangs his hand on the counter, “WHERE IS DR. BAI’S OFFICE?”

   No matter how handsome and intimidating the man is I would lose my job if I don’t follow the hospital’s strict rules. “Sir..Sir calm down. You need an appointment to see Director. Bai. Do you have an appointment?”

   He knits his swordlike eyebrows together, “Director Bai? Isn’t he a gynecologist?”

   “Well..yes but only sees a patient if there is an emergency.”

   Li Tian’s heart is in a knot when he digests the words ‘only in an emergency’ …did something happen to Song Sara…our baby? Hiding his panic he gathers his wits, “My wife saw him earlier and I need to speak to him.”

   “What is your wife’s name? I will need to check.”

   “Song Sara.”   

    The nurse pulls up Dr. Bai’s calendar and he did have an appointment with a woman named Song. She taps the pen she is holding on the desk. “Well, he did have an appointment with a woman surnamed Song but her first name wasn’t Sara and that was at eleven A.M.” 

   “That is my wife.”


      The nurse can tell by Li Tian’s expensive looking suit and imposing demeanor he isn’t someone she should offend. The handsome man does looks haggard and agitated maybe his wife is having problems with the pregnancy and didn’t want him to know so she changed her name.

    He suppresses the urge to explode and his voice is tinged with impatience, “As I said I want to speak to him, where is his office?”

    He realizes Sara has probably left the hospital but he isn’t discouraged. He takes a deep breath. I found Song Sara…I really found my little girl…I can get her address from the doctor’s file. Totally forgetting he has to deal with Old Man Guo tonight his mind is only filled with Sara. I can take her to Sun Zhi’s villa and finally get a peaceful night’s sleep.

   “The Director’s office is on the seventh floor.” 

   Li Tian rushes to the elevator and pushes the button repeatedly. Soon..soon I will hold you again… your seductive body is all I can think about and I am going crazy without you in my bed..When he arrives at the seventh floor he quickens his pace down the hallway to Dr. Bai’s office. 

  When he flies in the door Lisa Swan is startled. She was watching her favorite show on her phone and eating a bowl of spicy noodles with pork she bought at the hospital cafeteria. She chokes on a piece of meat and coughs, with watery eyes she stares at the man towering over her desk. She waves the chopsticks in her hand and coughs again, “KEKE…ah.. KEKE… sorry…just a minute..” She grabs a bottle of orange juice and sucks on the straw sticking out of the plastic bottle. After she drinks she smiles and clears her throat, her voice is hoarse. “Sorry..I am on my lunch break. Can I help you?’

   “Yes. I need to speak to Dr. Bai.”

   “He left for the day.” She has a puzzled expression as she looks at the computer.“Dr. Bai cleared his schedule. Did you have an appointment?” 

   Li Tian purses his lips and a flash of anger crosses his face as he clenches his fist in his pocket. Dammit!  He forces himself not to erupt into a rage, “No I didn’t but I am concerned about my wife. She had an appointment earlier and she hasn’t returned home. I haven’t heard from her since she saw Dr. Bai either so I wondered if there was any problem with her pregnancy.”

  “What is your wife’s name?”

  “Surname Song.”

   A cute smile appears on her small oval face, “Oh Miss Song! Can I see your ID and I will see if you are authorized to see her file. The patient will have you listed on our form.”

  Li Tian spread his hands on the desk and leans forward. He his eyes are like ice blades, Lisa Swan feels like crying from his oppressive aura. She timidly blinks a few times, “I..I just need your ID.”

  He has run out of patience, “Get the file.”

 “I really can’t…I would lose my job.”

   He glances at her name plate, “Miss Swan, I don’t want to repeat myself.”

  “Let..let me call Dr. Bai.”

  She picks up the phone on the desk with her hand trembling. Li Tian slams it down, “No need. Get the file or there won’t be a fucking hospital for you to work I make myself clear?” My God…Miss Song is so sweet… a shiver runs down her spine .. is this terrifying man really that lovely girl’s husband?

  Lisa Swan musters up all of her courage, I can’t let Dr. Bai down, he values his patient’s privacy. She hides the intense fear that she is overwhelmed with at the moment and calmly replies, “Sir, threatening me won’t get you Miss Song’s file. I respect the patient’s right to privacy.”

   Li Tian pulls off his tie then walks around the desk. He quickly ties the silk tie around her mouth as she claws at his hands. Muffled incoherent sounds come out of her mouth as he easily picks the young woman up by the collar of her dark blue jacket . He carries her as she kicks her short legs into the exam room then tosses her into the dark room. After locking the door he quickly searches through the file cabinet but he can’t find Sara’s chart. What the fuck! He happens to glance at a few folders on a nearby table. They must  be from today. He flips through them and when he sees one marked Song Sara he smiles, YES! He folds the chart and puts in into the inner pocket of his suit and leaves Dr. Bai’s office.

   Once he is in the Rolls Royce Phantom he opens the file. The first thing he sees is the original sonogram the technician sent over to Dr. Bai. He  heard one of his employees discussing his pregnant wife and mentioned seeing a picture of the unborn baby. He runs his finger across the black and white image and his heart is filled with a strange emotion. my child..our child.

   He lights a cigarette to calm his emotions and pensively gazes out the open car window at the snow falling. He is deep in thought, I am going to be a father…but my child’s mother came to the doctor with another man. Li Tian blows out a thin stream of smoke. I’m sure the unforgiving and cold woman showed my enemy this picture and was smiling brightly when she did… while hiding from me… the child’s father. Me.. The man who planted his seed in your belly while you moaned in pleasure underneath him… begging for more like a hungry slut. Whose name did you scream when you were lost in ecstasy… Li Tian! NOT THAT BASTARD CADIEUX! ME! LI TIAN! He furiously crushes out the cigarette in the ashtray and his eyes are filled with rolling flames. How dare you steal my seed then run away into the arms of another man! Song Sara when I find you I will punish you for your heartless treatment of me!

 The last thing on his mind is Guo Nuan who he left sulking in the private room of the restaurant. She is furious he left without even sparing her a glance or an apology for his sudden departure. Still sitting at the table drinking wine cursing all men as thoughtless beasts, she decides to vent her anger by calling her grandfather. She tilts the empty bottle and watches the last drops of wine fall into her wineglass. Grandfather loves me the most he will avenge me. When the old man answers she whines, “Grandfather.. she sniffles…”Li Tian..he.. “

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  1. 🤣👏🏽 jealous of his brother-in-law and fucking up his life while doing it, and the first thing he thought about was showing off the baby’s room and screwing Song Sara 😂😂


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