Sara At The Hospital Part 2

    Bai Chuan examines Sara then sends her with a nurse to get an ultrasound. After she leaves he leans on his desk then makes a call. “I want you to find out who is the father of a woman named Song Sara’s baby.”

   “What? Is she a patient of yours?”

   “Yes. I want her background information also.”

    Fu Wei crushes out a cigarette in the ashtray, “Bai Chuan, since when do you take a personal interest in any of your patients? Is she beautiful? No… That wouldn’t motivate you; most of your patients are quite beautiful and wealthy.” He takes another cigarette from a pack and taps it on his desk. Why does the abstinent pretty man want a pregnant woman’s information? “ Bro, give me a good reason, I am working on a project for your brother right now.”

  Bai Chuan is not a patient man, he stares at Sara’s chart that contains no information about the baby’s father. She actually wrote unknown. He sarcastically snaps, “Since when did you grow the balls to question me?”

   Lighting the cigarette Fu Wei looks at his cluttered desk. “I need a good reason to set aside my present workload. I’m not a private investigator anymore, I have to answer to my supervisor.”

  “Yeah right. Listen you fucking asshole, using your position as my brother’s ‘assistant’ won’t fly. Using your skills this will take no more than a few hours to dredge up and you owe me. When you knocked up your little secretary who discreetly delivered the baby and helped the pitiful woman realize living abroad with a shitload of money was a good idea. She was set on telling your old man so she could hook you into marriage. You are already known as the black sheep heir to Fu Telecommunications. They don’t like your choice of careers already… If Old Man Fu was aware you have an illegitimate kid do you think you…”

  “Enough…you made your point. was your silver tongue that convinced the little woman to not expose our affair to the media and my grandfather.” He leans back in the chair and blows out a thin stream of smoke. “It is too bad she gave birth to a little girl, if the baby had been a boy I might have considered..nah..forget it…she was too clingy.”

  “You are wasting my time. Do it and call me when you have answers.”

  After Bai Chuan hangs up there is a knock on the door of his office.


  Sara’s face is glowing and she is clutching the sonogram in her hand as she excitedly hurries into the room. “Dr. Bai, I forgot to make my next appointment.”

  He smiles, “My secretary will direct you to another capable doctor. I only examined you today because no one else was available.”

   Sara’s face shows her disappointment but she politely says, “Oh. I see.” She bows, “ Well, thank you for seeing me today.”

  “Is that your sonogram?”

   Sara’s beautiful green eyes light up, “Yes.” She holds the film out for him to see and can’t contain her joy, “Look.”

   Bai Chuan takes the film from her trembling hands, “Did you hear the baby’s heartbeat?”

  Sara gets choked up and tears glisten on her long black eyelashes. She is quivering and unable to speak from being overwhelmed with happiness. She flutters her long black eyelashes and nods.

    Bai Chuan has seen patients cry many times when they first see an image of their baby and is typically immune to the women’s tears. But, for some reason when Sara’s petite body trembles he wants to comfort the delicate looking young girl. He is perplexed by his emotional reaction… he has the urge to hug Sara. Maybe because Song Sara looks like she could break at a single touch. That is it…the little girl is very young and vulnerable. She didn’t want to discuss the baby’s father so there must be some issues. Well.. Any man would be moved by her fragile appearance. 

   He hands her a tissue then walks over and picks up a bottle of water. “Have a seat. Drink some water.”

   Sara wipes her eyes then takes the bottle of water from him. She sniffles then has an awkward smile, “Sorry..I am just so happy…so very happy…hearing my precious little baby’s heartbeat… actually being able to see the tiny life growing inside of me.” She feels dizzy and says, “I..I think I will sit for a moment if you don’t mind.”

  “Miss Song, it is only natural for you to be overwhelmed. You know you have a baby growing inside of you but when you actually hear the heartbeat and see the image…I guess the baby seems more real?”

   Sara sips the water, “Yes! That’s it.” She laughs, “You must see this alot.”

   “It is heartwarming to see the excitement on a patient’s face. Watch the baby develop then born. It is a good feeling.” He inwardly laughs, It’s a nice change of pace haha..I used to send people to their death... “I guess that is why I chose to be an Obstetrician.”

   “Do you have any children?”

   “No. I haven’t been blessed to meet the right woman. Someone that I want to spend my life with and have children.”

   Sara gazes at him with a probing look then calmly says, “You will.” She blurts out, “I can see from your aura you are a good man. There is a bit of lingering dark gray…” Sara saw his darkness when he was by the elevator with her and Leo. It was either from the presence of the woman Guo Nuan or Leo. “But, you are surrounded by a very calming and gentle blue glow.


   Sara is not surprised by his quizzical expression and chuckles,” You probably don’t believe in metaphysics but I…well…can see people’s auras. My grandmother told me it is because I was born on the Winter Solstice. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

  “No I am not offended..more curious.” If you can see people’s auras why the hell were you with that man. He was swimming in darkness when he confronted me.

   Sara feels comfortable with Bai Chuan and continues, “Well, I don’t know if it is a curse or a blessing. I usually don’t reveal my ability…most people would think I am crazy and talking nonsense.”

  “I don’t. I am interested.”

   “Well, when you were by the elevator, although you were pleasantly smiling, your aura darkened when you saw the woman named Guo Nuan. When my friend’s internal energy surged in anger towards you…and I am sorry about that…he is a bit protective of me…your aura was almost as black as his when you suppressed his invisible assault. But dealing with me as I’m sure with any patient your aura is bright blue…peaceful…calming..gentle.”

   Bai Chuan has never met anyone who was able to see through his gentle facade. He has an incredulous expression on his beautiful face as he stares at Sara. He wants to know more so he honestly responds, “I must say your assessment is quite accurate. Miss Guo irritates me because of her arrogance so when I see her I am annoyed. Your friend’s confrontational attitude did awaken an instinctual defensive response. Now, that I have revealed my well kept secret, I want to ask you, what is your relationship with that man?  You are aware of his dangerous personality and as a doctor I should warn you that you need to be in a calm environment. Avoid any stressful situations, particularly in the early stages of your pregnancy. “

    Sara stands up, “Dr. Bai, thank you for your warning but my friend has only shown me kindness and I think of him as my brother. My situation is a bit complicated and he tends to be overprotective.”

   “Well, I don’t want to pry into your personal affairs Miss Song. Please follow up with an appointment in two weeks. Your blood pressure was a little high and should be monitored. My secretary has the names of several doctors for you to choose from, also I sent two prescriptions to the pharmacy, one for prenatal vitamins and the other for nutritional supplements.”

    Bai Chuan opens the door for Sara and as they walk to the outer office his phone rings. He raises an eyebrow and doesn’t answer the call. He tells his secretary, “I will be leaving for the day. Only contact me if there is an emergency situation.”

   She smiles brightly at him, “Yes Dr. Bai.”

    He turns to Sara and hands her a card.  “If you have any problems you can contact me at any time.”

   Sara takes the card and opens her purse, “Thank You Dr. Bai.”

  Bai Chuan instructs his secretary, “Lisa, give Miss Song the follow up paperwork and prescriptions. Also the list of  doctors I compiled.”

   After he leaves Lisa is still staring at the door and Sara has a slight smile, “Dr. Bai is quite handsome.”

   Lisa snaps out of her daze and responds, “Yeah…Dr. Bai is not only beautiful but incredibly gentle. He never raises his voice or gets angry…he is very compassionate.” She gathers the paperwork for Sara. “ Like you for instance…now that he is the Director, Dr. Bai is extremely busy. But, when he heard no other doctor was available he offered to see you.”

  “Wow… Dr. Bai is the Director of the Hospital? He seems so approachable.”

  Lisa props her elbow on the desk and puts her chin on her hands. She sighs and her brown eyes are sparkling, “That is part of his charm. You wouldn’t believe how many nurses and women chase him. He is always nice and gently lets them down so as not to hurt their feelings.”

  Sara carefully puts the paperwork and sonogram into her purse. Out of curiosity she asks, “Is Miss Guo one of his admirer’s.”

  Lisa puffs out her cheeks and slams her small hand on her desk. “Oh My God! That woman is the worst! Let me tell you…”

  The door opens and Bai Chuan enters, he looks at the two startled women, “I forgot something.” 

  Lisa blushes afraid her idol heard her gossiping and quickly shoves the two prescriptions into Sara’s hand. “Have a great day Miss Song!”

  Sara smiles, “Thank you Miss Swan, you also.”

  After Sara leaves she walks down the corridor chuckling, “Haha..” that girl is really cute. She obviously has a crush on Dr. Bai and she looked so worried when he came back into the office.

   Sara pushes the elevator button and lovingly gazes at the sonogram, I wonder if you are a boy or a girl?

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