Plum Blossom Courtyard

      After dinner Rui holds LiMei’s hand as they walk along the winding pathway to their Courtyard. He is deep in thought and doesn’t hear LiMei talking to him. Wong Hu told him to come in the morning to his study to discuss LiMei’s situation and the reason for his sudden visit. Rui didn’t get a chance to ask about the ‘treasure’ he came to the Island to retrieve for Wong Chao because of the situation in the maid’s quarters. Rui knits his brows together, Master looked disturbed after checking LiMei’s pulse, what did he discover? Did I really harm my little wife by removing her memories?

     LiMei suddenly stops. “Rui, what are you thinking about? Did you hear what I said?”

   “… sorry…” He lowers his head and kisses LiMei“ I was thinking about something.” 

    “Are you worried about the maid? Should you meet Master Wong at the maid’s quarters? Maybe you can help. I can walk back by myself.”

    “Master can treat the woman.” Worried about some insignificant servant? As if! I am only concerned about you!

   “What had you in a daze?”

    Rui lifts her chin and smiles gazing into her sparkling green eyes, “I was thinking how beautiful my precious little wife looks in the moonlight.” He possessively hugs her slender body into his warm embrace. He slips his hand into her dress and rubs her breast. “I can’t wait to taste my wife’s sweet pus…” LiMei hears footsteps and hastily puts her finger on his half opened lips, “Rui! Shush!”

   Yang Chenxi stops them, “Qiao Rui, Master said for you to sleep in the Plum Blossom Courtyard. The maid was somewhat incoherent… but one thing was clear… the last room she cleaned was your bedroom. She insisted she was bitten by something but when she looked there was nothing but a puddle that suddenly evaporated. After examination she had no bite marks that could be detected but her skin is well..covered in red oozing blisters.  I don’t know if she was hallucinating or what but the fact is the woman is in terrible shape from an unknown cause.”

  LiMei’s mouth is agape, “Oh my..the poor woman! That sounds terribly painful.”

   What Rui gleans from his words are ‘in the bedroom’. Could that poisonous woman have tried to harm LiMei but the maid was bitten by one of her snakes? Rui’s pitch black eyes narrow filled with killing intent, “Is Su Wanqing in the maid’s quarters?”

   “No. After Master Wong arrived, she abruptly left.”

   Rui decides after he gets LiMei settled in the house he will confront Sun Wanqing. He can barely contain his rage but he doesn’t want to frighten LiMei, he clenches his fist in his pocket, Was my goddamn warning not enough for the scheming bitch! 

   They reach the gate to the Courtyard and Rui changes his mind and says, “Chenxi, take LiMei into the house. I am going to grab our suitcases.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen and she stammers “ you can’t go in there, it is too dark.” She anxiously tugs on his arm, “Rui, what if whatever bit the maid is still  in there.”

   He brushes back the loose strands of hair on her forehead then kisses LiMei’s wrinkled brow. “Don’t worry. I will turn on the lights immediately when I enter and be careful.”

   LiMei thinks about the maid’s unsettling condition, what if Rui is bitten? Worried, she puffs out her cheeks and stands in front of the gate with her arms stretched out, “Husband, No! You can’t go in there!” She stutters, “You…you can go in the morning and get our stuff. Not tonight.”

   Rui laughs looking at the determined look on her pretty face and her ‘intimidating stance’, He teases, “Okay Baby, I guess don’t need a nightgown.” I will be stripping it off you anyway.

   LiMei glances at Yang Chenxi and her face is crimson red. She stomps her small foot, “QIao Ruiiiii!”

   He wraps his arms around her thin waist and lifts her up into his arms. Looking at her blushing cheeks and adorable expression he whispers in her ear, “What were you thinking? I meant you could sleep in this dress.” He nibbles and licks on her small earlobe, his low and enticing voice that makes her heart skip a beat , “Or not..I wouldn’t mind.”

   Rui’s seductive voice and his warm breath on her neck makes her quiver. When he shamelessly rubs her breast she softly moans. Almost lost in desire she regains her senses remembering Yang Chenxi is right there. She grabs Rui’s wandering hand  then gives him a warning look “Rascal!”

  He laughs and kisses LiMei, “ My Little Baby is still so shy..we are married after all.”

  Yang Chenxi coughs, “Well, I will see you in the morning then I will be heading to the Mainland.”

   LiMei looks over at Yang Chenxi with a surprised expression , “You are leaving so soon?”

   “I have some business to take care of then I will be back in five days.”

    Rui starts walking away with her in his arms before LiMei can continue the conversation. When they arrive at the Plum Blossom Courtyard he carries her into the house and turns on the light. LiMei looks around at the lavish white and lavender furnishings that have a distinctly feminine touch,  “This house is so pretty. Did a woman live here?”

   “Yes. Wong Baochun’s mother.”

    She really wants to ask about the woman but as though Rui can read her mind he says, “I know you must be curious but I don’t have any answers. I only met the woman once. Master doesn’t mention her and by the fact he told the kid she is dead you can see the woman is a taboo subject.”

   “Poor Baobei, what about his father?”

  “ Wong Chao… He is Wong Hu’s son. He isn’t suitable to raise a child so Wong Baochun is better off being with his grandfather.”

   “LiMei, why don’t you take a bath. I am going to see what the situation is with the maid.”

   “Promise me you won’t go back to the house where we were staying.”

   “I won’t.”


    He takes long strides down to the remote Compound where Su Wanqing’s house is located and angrily pounds on the door. When no one answers he enters but she isn’t there. Yang Chenxi said she left the maid’s quarters…hmm..where the fuck is the bitch! Dammit..I don’t want to leave LiMei alone for too long…I will find the venomous woman in the morning and get some answers.

   Rui returns from her house then takes a deep breath to clear his mind and dispel the darkness surrounding him so as not to alarm LiMei. She seems to sense his moods and he doesn’t want her to worry. When he enters the bedroom he sees LiMei’s  small head sticking out from the covers and he walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. He gently runs his fingers down the contours of her face while staring unblinkingly at her delicate face.

Mesmerized by LiMei’s breathtaking beauty he is uneasy thinking about her safety and the possibility his past with Su Wanqing being revealed. My little wife, you are so untainted  and pure…I don’t want that dirty woman to hurt you…or reveal my secrets. I made it clear that I hate the sight of her..she disgusts me. If I wasn’t forced to use her yin to ascend I never would have touched Su Wanqing at the time.You are the only woman I have ever loved or will love in this life. 

     After Rui kisses LiMei’s soft pink lips he stands up from the bed. He has a ruthless gleam in his eyes as he walks towards the bathroom.  LiMei, I will protect you from that woman…

   Rui comes out of the bathroom after showering. He is wrapped in a towel and realizes their suitcases are in the other house. He walks to a phone on a table and calls Yang Chenxi, “Bring our suitcases here. While you are in the bedroom check and see if their is any indication it was one of Su Wanqing’s fucking snakes that bit the maid.”

  “Will do. I don’t think the woman is that crazy to harm Feng LiMei.”

  “For my relationship with Wong Hu it would be good if nothing points in his adopted daughter’s direction. I won’t tolerate her obsession with me…I warned the fucking whore after she tried to seduce me right in front of my wife.”

   “Whoah! In front of the little girl?” He smirks, “That was a bold move on her part.” He takes a bottle from the refrigerator. ” So you killed her favorite snake.”

  “What do you think?”

  “I would have thought Su Wanqing knew your personality well enough not to cross your bottom line.”

  “Su Wanqing is spoiled and willful. She relies on the fact she is valued by Master. Also, the woman is delusional, believing because she is beautiful any man will fall under her skirt.”

  “It is unfortunate she set her sights on you. I tried to warn her many times that her pursuit of you won’t end well. But.. she is… as you said spoiled and willful.”

   “If she harms even a hair on LiMei’s head I don’t care if Wong Hu severs our relationship. Even if I have to kill him and everyone of his disciples to leave this Island… I will kill the woman.”

    Yang Chenxi gulps down the ice cold beer. “The woman might be stubborn but isn’t stupid. I doubt she would use one of her snakes after your warning.” The hair stands up on the back of Yang Chenxi’s neck recalling the bloody carnage when Rui single handedly destroyed an entire Organization. Qiao Rui is merciless to his enemies and undoubtedly Su Wanqing would meet a miserable death.

  “Bring the luggage”

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