Sara At The Hospital

    Leaving the villa Sara comments on the picturesque scenery, “Tang Wu, I have never seen such a beautiful natural landscape surrounding a villa. Mountains…a forest and lake.”

   “Yeah, that is why I picked this property and there are only two other occupied villas. Additionally,the security is extremely tight so I feel relaxed when I come here. One of the villas is owned by a friend of mine who owns a high tech security company, I hired his company to ensure my privacy. He is a cool guy. If it stops snowing later we should walk up and visit him, the view from his mountaintop villa is spectacular.”

   “I would like that!”

   There is a car in front of them on the way to the gate and Li Feng recognizes the Rolls Royce Phantom, he clenches his fist and sneers, “Enemies meet on a narrow road.”

   Sara looks at him, “Huh?”

   “The car ahead of us…my cousin commandeered it…made me trek in my new AJs through the snow…err..he really pisses me off.. such an arrogant fuc…man. He is the reason I got drunk last night.”

   Sara pats his clenched hand resting on the seat, “You shouldn’t let other people influence your mood so you make bad decisions. And…” She laughs, “Why didn’t you just say no when he wanted the car in the first place?”

   Li Feng and Li Shaoting:  “…”  You don’t say no to Cousin Tian unless you want to die!

   The gate opens and both cars pull out onto the two lane road. Li Shaoting passes the Rolls Royce and as he does Li Feng’s face contorts in anger, impulsively he raises his middle finger at the backseat of the car. Sara chuckles, “These windows are tinted your cousin can’t see you.”

  “Well..if he could see me I wouldn’t do just feels good.”

  Sara shakes her head, “Is your cousin that scary?”

  Li Feng complains, “Girl,you have no idea. He is..”

  Li Shaoting interrupts, “That’s enough Feng.”

  In the backseat of the Rolls Royce Phantom Li Tian is on the phone with Yang James. “Have you arrived in Bashu City? Do you have what I asked you to find?”

  Yang James is in the elevator of the Harborview Hotel, “Yes, and I checked into Han Weisheng’s hotel rather than one of the company’s properties.”

  “Good. I am meeting with the old man this afternoon. Tell my father that I will handle the matter and Grandfather doesn’t need to come here.” No way am I letting my grandfather bow to that despicable old fart! I will destroy the entire Guo family…all the way down to the fourth branch.That motherf****r shouldn’t have messed with our family! My father and Uncle might be vegetarians but I certainly am not!

  Yang James says, “Do you want me to come with you to the Guo mansion?”

  “No. I will go alone.”

  “Where do you want to meet to get the flash drive and documents?”

  “Sun Zhi’s villa. I am having lunch with Old Guo’s fucking granddaughter as he requested then going back to the villa. I want him to believe I am complying with his…” He snorts, “Orders.” 

  “Well, let me know.”

  “Has there been any news about Song Sara? I want to wrap this up quickly then return to Catang City.”

  “The investigators haven’t found any leads.”

. Li Tian tightens his grip on the phone, “What do I pay those morons for anyway! Not one lead? What the fuck! How could she disappear into thin air? Well Han Weisheng will get me answers. I spoke to him last night. One of his men will be able to retrieve the lost security footage at the train station.”

   Yang James swipes the card to his luxurious suite and inwardly curses Han Weisheng for interfering. He narrows his eyes behind the lens of his gold rimmed glasses,Goddammit! The little slut is in Bashu City, it won’t be hard for Han Weisheng to locate her whereabouts with his ability. All my work in erasing the tapes and witnesses will be in vain. He wishes Long Jinxi had succeeded in killing Song Sara on the rooftop of The Waterfront Towers.

     He throws a black leather computer bag onto the couch and his mind is racing thinking about the situation. Well there is no way Li Tian can discover my part in destroying the evidence. But, the Boss seriously needs to forget about that fucking pain in the ass. She is distracting him from concentrating on business! He allowed those fuckers go that hijacked the arms shipment in order to get information on Song Sara…leading the other factions to think he has become weak because of a fucking..goddamn woman! If it weren’t for her he would have killed those assholes and sent a message to his enemies. 

  Yang James is annoyed because he has an ominous premonition Li Tian will find Song Sara. He looks out the floor to ceiling window at the bustling harbor and sees a ship owned by Guo Shipping. If Old Man Guo didn’t stir up trouble the Boss would be in Catang City…not in the same city with that troublesome woman!

     “Once we know the city…The little disobedient woman is pregnant and will need to find a doctor.”

     “Makes sense. Let me know if Han Weisheng has any leads, I can have the investigators follow up.” Then maybe I can hide her location at least until you stabilize your position in the Underworld. Our credibility has been damaged by the hijacking and subsequent events. You actually rescued the hijackers fucking family…you have lost your motherf*****g mind over that bitch!

   He calmly replies,  “Will do.”

   After he hangs up the phone Yang James loses his temper and kicks the table, Fucking act like the cold and heartless  badass you have always been!… you are Li Tian for fuck’s sake! You have never let anything or anyone come before business! He throws a lamp at the wall,Song Sara could you just fucking go die! I’d kill you myself but I can’t…you are carrying the Boss’ baby..heir to the Li Group. 

    Sara touches her stomach as she walks down the hallway to the elevator in the hospital. “Tang Wu, you should go meet your brother on the third floor. You are a celebrity, if someone saw you where the OB/GYN doctor’s offices are located..well.. would skyrocket to the top of the hot search.”

  “No one can recognize me with my mask and baseball cap. Feng is fine.” He holds her hand and pouts, “I want to go with you.”

  She wrinkles her nose at the tall handsome young man standing next to her, “No.You are way too good looking. Even hiding your identity, you will turn heads and I want to keep a low profile.”

   Sara takes her hand away, “I appreciate your concern… I really do. .I don’t know what me and the baby would do if you  hadn’t taken me into your home. I wouldn’t even be able to have a checkup after losing all my money.” The door to the elevator opens, “I will meet you at the coffee shop on the first floor when I am finished.”

    Around the corner from the elevator Leo Cadieux hesitates. When he finished some business in the city, the man watching Sara informed him she entered the hospital. He rushed over wondering if there was a problem with the baby. Now he isn’t sure if he should approach Sara. She looks well and she hasn’t called me…would I scare her if I suddenly appeared? But she is my sister.. He waits until Li Shaoting leaves then as the elevator is closing he puts his hand on the door. Leo pretends to be surprised when he sees Sara and she is shocked, “Mr. Cadieux! 

  “It hasn’t been that long since I have seen you, now I am Mr. Cadieux again?”

  Sara blushes, “I’m sorry. I just was caught off guard. I’m also really sorry I didn’t contact you after I left Catang City. I left hurriedly.” She has a worried expression, “What are you doing at the hospital? Are you sick?”

 “Not sick. I am here to visit a business associate who was in a car accident. Your friend Han Bi explained the situation…I am happy you asked her to tell me.”

  “Well, I am hiding…”

  The elevator door opens and two doctors and a woman with two muscular bodyguards enter. Sara stops speaking in mid sentence. 

   Leo warmly smiles, “I can accompany you” He tenderly gazes at her stomach, “You can tell me how you both are doing.”

    The pretty woman standing next to Sara unabashedly looks up and down Leo’s body. He is wearing Gucci blue tinted glasses and stylishly dressed in a long black cashmere coat. Greedily looking down his long legs she recognizes the small logo on the side of the custom made black leather boots. She confidently gazes up at him, “Excuse me, are those boots made by Enzo? I didn’t see them in his latest collection.”  Expensively dressed…Patek Phillipe watch..I wonder what family this Young Master belongs to..I haven’t seen him before. He looks Chinese but speaks with a French accent. 

   Leo ignores her and she knits her eyebrows together unused to being treated like air.”I am talking to you.”

   He doesn’t acknowledge her and one of the bodyguards angrily steps forward, “You can’t disrespect Miss Guo. Answer her question.” Before the man’s beefy hand can grab his arm Leo snaps his wrist and the man howls in pain. Leo smirks and replies, “I don’t speak to unrestrained ugly bitches.”

   Young Miss Guo disregards the wailing of her bodyguard with a broken wrist and pushes him aside. Looking at Leo’s disgusted expression she sputters“” She purses her lips and nods to the other bodyguard. But before the man can move towards Leo, Sara quickly pulls Leo out of the elevator as it opens on the seventh floor.

   The bodyguard is about to follow when Guo Nuan sees the smile that is not a smile on the pretty man’s face who is standing behind Sara. She smiles brightly at the beautiful man then pulls the bodyguard back into the elevator. She continues to smile as the door closes, in a low voice whispers, “Another time.”

   The beautiful man greets Sara and Leo, “Did Miss Guo give you a problem?”

  Sara sweetly smiles and holds Leo’s hand, “No. Not at all.”

  He raises his eyebrow when he feels the invisible pressure from Leo, “That’s good. She is spoiled and can be overbearing.” So little girl you are good at lying. Guo Nuan was obviously agitated and ready to cause a scene. She is naive to think she could mess with this man next to you.

 He looks at the directory on the wall. “Which doctor are you here to see? I can direct you to their office.”

  Sara takes the appointment card out of her purse, “Dr.Bai.”

  He has an amused exoression, “Well, this is a coincidence, I am Dr. Bai.”

   Leo blurts out, “My wife wants a female doctor.”

  ???? Sara’s eyes widen and she wrestles her hand from Leo’s strong grip as she gives him a stern look. “My friend is joking, he isn’t my husband.”

   Dr. Bai has a complicated look on his flawless face, with the tinted glasses I can’t see the man’s eyes but he definitely gives off an extremely possessive and jealous vibe.

    Sara pulls Leo down by his collar and stands on her tiptoes then whispers in Leo’s ear, “Dr. Bai was the only doctor available and I need a checkup. He was nice enough to fit me into his schedule so please don’t cause a scene.”

    Leo looks over at the doctor and frowns, “I can have Dr. Ling here by this afternoon.”

   Dr. Bai is curious who this man is that can summon the great Dr. Ling. He saunters towards the elevator.“Well, in that case I am going to check on a patient.” 

   Sara stops him and bows, “ Dr. Bai please see me. I made the appointment with you. Let’s go to your office. Leo, why don’t you wait in the coffee shop. I will meet you there after my appointment.”

   Leo glares at Dr.Bai while emitting a strong murderous aura then quickly reins the intensely oppressive energy surrounding him. I can’t frighten my sister… He has a gentle tone meekly agreeing to Sara’s request, “Fine. I will wait for you in the coffee shop.” 

   Dr. Bai is shocked that Sara can suppress such a dangerous man. Damn..I had to gather my qi so not to be severely injured by the invisible pressure coming from the little bastard. He looks very young to have such a powerful aura.

  He has a gentle smile and his voice doesn’t reveal his turbulent mental and physical state. He is a member of the powerful Bai family and is trained in martial arts. Bai Chuan is well aware that even with his training if the young man had not restrained himself he would be on the floor  spitting up blood right now.

 Sara has piqued Bai Chuan’s curiosity and that is not easy to do. The young girl is pregnant…didn’t come with her husband and the young man who accompanied her is obviously a lunatic. “Follow me then, I will give you a checkup then send you over for an ultrasound.”

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