Li Feng Is Flustered

    After Li Tian has thoroughly embarrassed Li Feng he leaves the game room with a satisfied smile. The naive boy really thought he could challenge me…the look on his face when Sartan’s head flew off was priceless.

   Han Chao laughs, “Fuck! I never would have imagined that your stiff cousin is such a gamer! He was incredibly fast when he defeated Sartan. I didn’t even see him appear next to Sartan then…” He slashes the air with an invisible sword, “ SWOOSH! OFF WITH HIS HEAD! BLOOD SPRAYING ON THE GENERAL NEXT TO HIM! Haha”

  “SHUT UP! Cousin Tian, that sly fox obviously plays the game regularly and sucked me in by pretending to be a noob! A FUCKIN NOOB!” He lowers his voice while twiddling with the controller in his hand, “Well.. I wasn’t giving it my all…I..”

   Han Chao laughs uncontrollably, “You..haha..I saw the veins on your neck popping and the sweat on your forehead..don’t lie… You acted like your life depended on winning…”

   ‘Whatever man! Now I have to tell Shaoting the fucking guy is coming to dinner tomorrow night. God knows what he will make me do since I lost to him. He is such an evil fucker…he could put me to work at his company!” He shivers then , “ I can’t even think about working under him.”

   Fan Mi hands him a beer, “I think your cousin Li Tian is so cool. Normally he looks so elegant and refined but when he was playing he was on fire… the way his thin lips curled up into a smile as he defeated the Demon Cult’s leader Sartan, was very sexy. Don’t you think so Holly?”

   Holly Vernet is in a daze thinking about the handsome man that just wasted LI Feng with a devilish grin on his face.. She could feel her heart pounding as the tall incredibly desirable man passed by and she smelled his intoxicating manly scent.

  Fan Mi sees her friend with an infatuated expression staring at the door closing, “Holly!” She waves her hand in front of her friend’s face, “ Wake up!” She pats her friend on the shoulder,  “Don’t get any ideas, a little 18th line star like you will never get his attention. As a matter of fact I heard he is engaged to that arrogant bitch Long Jinxi.”

   Frustrated by the devastating loss Li Feng gulps his beer then chimes in, “Yeah, Holly get your head out of the clouds, that engagement is an order from my grandfather. He can’t refuse but he doesn’t exactly comply either, my cousin is a fucking abstinent monk. There are rumors he is gay because he never has a woman around him. I don’t think he is…he just a cold and heartless bastard. Which is why I am worried about him coming to dinner and scaring Song Sara. She is so sweet and delicate, he could make her cry with one harsh look from his hawk like eyes.

  Holly Vernet’s pretty face radiates with a brilliant smile. “He sounds like one of those CEO’s in a Webnovel. Cold..aloof until he meets the right woman who stirs his passions…” She giggles, “Like me!”

  Han Chao rubs her head, “ Little drunk, no more wine for you. That fantasy is too unobtainable. You should date me instead.”

Holly shrugs her shoulders then regains her composure and teases him, “I know you are trying to make Fan Mi jealous…and getting together with a goddess like Fan Mi is also not going to happen!”

Fan Mi has been drinking and blushes because she actually likes Han Chao, “Holly! Don’t bring me into this! Han Chao ignore her…” She flutters her eyelashes and lowers her head and mumbles, “I think you are cute. You could ask me out.”

Han Chao doesn’t hear Fan Mi and sits next to Li Feng on the couch. He lazily picks up a game controller, “There is a very good reason I said not to set your sight on him. My brother Weisheng likes to gossip when he has too much to drink and he told me Li Tian does have a special woman. But… get this…she ran away from him. He is pissed off he had to come to Bashu City on business because he has been looking everywhere for the woman. My brother said she is young and indescribably beautiful, like a fairy.”

  Li Feng has a dumbfounded expression, “What is her name? Why didn’t I ever hear about this mystery woman?” He walks over to get another beer thinking he could use this information to prevent his cousin from forcing him to work at his company. 

  Han Chao languidly crosses his legs and turns on the game. “Weisheng didn’t tell me her name, only that Li Tian kept her identity hidden because of the engagement and his family.”

  Fan Mi and Holly Vernet are listening intently then Holly has an incredulous expression on her pretty face. “He is so wealthy and handsome why would any woman leave him?”

  Li Feng smirks, “Because as I said he is cold and heartless. My cousin is a ruthless businessman that scares the fucking piss out of grown men. He probably frightened the girl.” He scratches his head, “But how could anyone hide from him?”

  Han Chao shakes his head, “Maybe the woman changed her name. Left Catang City and went abroad? He is extremely powerful but there are too many places to hide if she left China.”

“I don’t know…he has subsidiaries across the globe…contacts everywhere. I will say she is very brave to leave my cousin. He may appear calm and collected but he has a terrible temper.”

“Enough about Li Tian, I probably shouldn’t have repeated what Weisheng told me. Let’s play.”

  Fan Mi is intrigued and taps her fingers on her wine glass, “Now this really sounds like a Webnovel.” She laughs, “Haha..Li Tian’s mistress was pregnant and ran away with the bun!”


  Holly Vernet is caught up in the drama also and giggles clinking her wine glass with Fan Mi’s, “Then in five years she returns to China with a mini Li Tian. The little kid is not only super cute but super smart and sees Li Tian on the cover of Financial News China. The little dumpling raises his delicate eyebrow enhancing his resemblance to Li Tian and with a puzzled expression asks his beautiful fairy like mom, “Mommy, why does that man look like me?”

  Li Feng spits out his beer while he laughs uncontrollably, “Damn! You girls read too much nonsense!”

  Li Tian sneezes as he looks out of the window while the Rolls Royce Phantom speeds down the highway to Sun Zhi’s villa. He has a faint smile,  I bet that little shit is venting to his friends right now.

   A couple hours later Li Feng staggers up to the front door and fumbles with the security pad. He finally presses the correct code and breathes a sight of relief as the door opens. He bumps into the wall as he takes off his shoes and puts on slippers. Taking off his coat and scarf he tries to hang them on the rack but they fall to the floor. Bending over to pick them up he trips over his shoes and holds onto the rack to steady himself. The rack comes crashing down hitting him on the head. Hearing the loud noise Sara comes running out from the kitchen.

   Li Feng is slumped on the floor and she hurries over to him, “Tang Feng! Are you okay?”

  He looks up with bleary eyes, “Did I die? Are you an angel?”

   She shakes her head at his drunken appearance and chuckles, “No.”

  Sara frowns when she notices he is injured. She helps him stand up and he leans against her shoulder. She wrinkles her nose at the heavy smell of alcohol on him. “Tang Feng, can you walk?”

   He doesn’t answer. She pulls him up off the marble floor then holds his swaying body. Clumsily guiding him along they slowly approach the couch. She has beads of sweat on her forehead barely able to support him because of his height and his weight as he hangs on her petite body. When they are close she has no choice but to let him go and push him in the direction of the leather couch hoping her aim is accurate.

  Li Feng lands sprawled on the couch with his legs dangling over the side. She takes one of the accent pillows and puts it under his head. She furrows her eyebrows looking at the bump and gash dripping blood on his forehead., “I am going to get you some warm water and the medicine kit. Don’t move.”

  Sara rushes to the kitchen to get the water but has no idea where the medicine kit would be. She brings him the water and holds it to his lips. “Tang Feng, do you know where the medicine kit would be?” She gently wipes his forehead with a wet cloth, “I need to disinfect  and put a bandage on your wound.”

  He is dizzy and his words are garbled as he tries to sit up

  “Don’t try to get up. I will look in the bathroom.”

   When she gets back with the medicine box he is fast asleep on the couch. Sara sits on the edge of the couch and uses a cotton swab soaked in disinfectant to clean his wound. Li Feng’s eyelashes tremble from the stinging pain but he doesn’t open his eyes. After she cleans the wound she gently puts a bandage on his head. Once she is finished she goes to the bathroom and washes her hands. Should I tell Tang Wu about his brother?

  She lifts his long legs up onto the couch then covers him with a plaid woolen throw blanket. After she tucks the cover around him Sara stretches her sore arms and walks back to the kitchen. I will tell Tang Wu when I go upstairs.with the fruit. She pats her  grumbling stomach, I know baby, you are hungry again..haha. 

   Looking at the appetizing plate of sliced fruit she picks up a piece of pineapple, yumm.. very sweet. She sips the herbal tea she brewed right before Li Feng stumbled in the door. I hope I can sleep well tonight, I have been so worried it has affected the quality of my sleep. Tomorrow I need to find a good OB/GYN. 

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