LiMei Meets Master Wong

 LiMei is wearing a high waisted white dress with spaghetti straps. The beautiful dress is backless and has a large accent bow in the back at the waist. Rui brushes her hair and LiMei anxiously twists her fingers. “Rui, do you think your friend will like me?”

  He kisses the top of her head “Of course he will. Don’t be nervous.”

   LiMei smiles as she hands him a white jade hairpin, “Rui, did you see my wedding ring? I thought I left it on the desk. I didn’t want to risk losing it at the lake.”

   “No. Did you put it in your suitcase?”

   “Maybe. I will check when you are finished.”

    Rui skilfully puts half of LiMei’s hair into a braided bun leaving the rest of her thick black hair cascading down her back. He then inserts the white jade hairpin and LiMei raises an eyebrow. She suddenly feels a little jealous.“Husband you are quite talented, did you fix Lau An’s hair when you were dating?”

   He laughs at her expression and pinches her cheek, “Is my little wife jealous?” He kisses LiMei then says, “Never. I used to brush my mother’s hair sometimes, her maid taught me. My mother was very mentally unstable at the time and didn’t want anyone to touch her…only me.”

  LiMei’s eyes water and she hugs his waist, “Rui…your mother’s condition must have been hard on you.”

  He sees tears dripping down her cheek and wipes them with his finger, “Don’t cry. It was a long time ago. I have you as my wife now and I am very happy.”

  She looks up at him and her lip quivers, “Rui, I love you very much.”

  Rui’s heart skips a beat, only LiMei can warm his hardened heart, his voice trembles,  “Say that again.”

  “I love you very much.”

  He lifts her off the chair and kisses her passionately then breathlessly whispers in her ear, “Never leave me LiMei.”

  She tenderly touches his cheek as she responds, “ You are my husband…I will never…never leave you Rui.”

  He holds her so tight she feels her bones will break but she doesn’t say anything.

  After a few minutes he lets LiMei go and she walks over to the open suitcase pushed up against the wall . Before she reaches into the side pocket of the suitcase to see if the ring is there Rui says, “Isn’t that your ring by your foot?”

   LiMei has a puzzled expression and picks up the diamond ring, “How did the ring get on the floor?”

  “I saw a fruit basket in the living room and the room is straightened up. Maybe when the maid cleaned the ring fell onto the floor.”

   LiMei puts the ring on her finger, “Well, I have it now that is what matters.”

   She walks over to Rui, “I would be heartbroken if I lost the ring you designed for me.”
  He takes her hand and kisses her finger, “I would design another one for you.” He notices LiMei’s forehead is wrinkled and she is frowning. Rui can’t help but tease LiMei by touching the corner of her eye, “Don’t have such a worried expression…you will get wrinkles on your pretty face.”

   LiMei swats his hand away and her lips curl up into a mischevous smile, “Well my husband is a genius doctor he will give me the best eye cream.”

   Rui grins, “A genius doctor?”

   “Yes and he loves me the most… he won’t care even if I have a wrinkle or two.”

   He starts laughing, “In that case you should always stay by his side.”

   She stands on her tiptoes and presses her soft lips on his then sweetly says, “Always.”

   Rui touches her bare back as he hugs her and he is dissatisfied with Giselle. I specifically told the woman to send conservative clothes.  He picks up a white cashmere sweater, “It is going to be cold, the sun is going down soon. Wear this.”

  “I’m not cold now but I will bring the sweater.” She holds his hand as they walk towards the bedroom door. “What about you?” She picks up the black sweater off the chair. “I will bring your sweater too.”

  When they leave the Courtyard Yang Chenxi comes out of his gate and greets them. “Qiao Rui..Feng LiMei.”

  LiMei smiles and her eyes bend into a crescent shape “Mr. Yang, thank you for bringing lunch today. The meal was delicious.”

  “Lunch was Baobei’s idea.” He chuckles, “I think the little fat man has a crush on you.”

   LiMei chuckles, “He is really a cute little boy.”

   Rui wraps his arm around her waist, “He is an annoying brat.”

  Yang Chenxi responds to Rui, “Well, you can’t blame the kid, although Auntie treats him well she is busy working. Su Wanqing doesn’t show him any affection and he is only surrounded by Master’s disciples. You should tolerate his childish attachment to Feng LiMei.”

  “Mr. Yang, if you don’t mind me asking, where is his mother?”

  He glances at Rui then says, “ Let’s just say she doesn’t play a part in his life. Baobei believes his mother died when he was born.”

  LiMei has a gloomy expression, “Oh..that is so sad. No wonder the little boy acts the way he does. He lacks motherly love and attention.”

  Rui lifts her chin, “LiMei, we will only be here for a week. If you indulge him he will get attached to you and be sad when we leave.”

   “That is true but parting from people you like is always hard. If I can spoil him a bit with my attention while we are here at least he will be happy. He will know he is loved. We could even invite him to visit us in Pushong City.”

   LiMei doesn’t notice Rui’s face darkening as he glares at Yang Chenxi and thinking about Baobei she happily says, “That would be fun!”

   When the three of them arrive at the Main House, the Housekeeper opens the door. “Master Wong is in the living room.”

   LiMei tightens her grip on Rui’s hand and in a soft voice she whispers, “Rui, I’m nervous.”

  He leans down, “Silly girl. He isn’t going to bite you..haha.”

   Wong Hu is dressed in a black Tang suit and his long steel gray hair is pulled back with a black jade hairstick. He has his hands behind his back as he watches his favorite disciple and a fairy-like little girl enter the room. 

   Rui approaches him and bows, LiMei quickly also bows, cold sweat on her forehead from the powerful aura surrounding Wong Hu.

Wong Hu’s voice is tinged with affection, “So this little girl is your wife?”

  He puts his hand on her delicate shoulders, “Yes. Feng LiMei.”

   LiMei smiles beautifully exposing her perfect white teeth but is speechless. Oh my God! Rui’s friend looks like he walked out of a cultivation novel. The old man’s aura is glowing gold.

   Wong Hu reaches out his hand, “Welcome to my home.”

  LiMei’s hand is trembling but as soon as she touches Wong Hu’s hand she feels a calming sensation run through her body. Her body that had been stiff and tense suddenly relaxes. 

   Wong Hu takes the opportunity to touch her wrist with two fingers and check her pulse. He noticed her chaotic qi and thought it was because of his strong aura and her nervousness. Now he knows there is much more going on within her body and mind.

Wong Hu’s eyes flicker for a moment as he tries to stabilize her qi with his internal energy to no avail. He stares at Rui with a penetrating gaze and Rui meets his eyes without blinking unwilling to acknowledge his mentor’s unspoken accusations.

   Sensing from Rui’s reaction, Wong Hu knows that his disciple has something to do with LiMei’s mental condition, but her physical abnormalities? How can that be explained? But the brat is a medical genius…  Wong Hu’s sneers, stinky brat! I thought this girl looked too innocent and pure to be with a devious man like you. What did you do to the little fairy to make her fall in love with you?

LiMei’s complete dependence on Rui and deep love is reflected in her eyes as she gazes at him. When the little girl looks at Qiao Rui her eyes are filled with unadulterated adoration. Well, while the boy is on the Island I will get the answers. I didn’t teach him the forbidden techniques so he could enslave a naive girl! I did it so he could protect himself when he was in the Underworld!

   Wong Hu’s face doesn’t reveal the turmoil in his mind, “Come sit. Dinner will be ready shortly.”

   Yang Chenxi walks into the room after speaking with the Housekeeper. “Master Wong, I won’t be joining you for dinner. I need to check on something for Housekeeper Lin.”

   “Very well.”

   Yang Chenxi leaves to go to the servant’s quarters, apparently a maid has been stricken with some strange disease. Housekeeper Lin didn’t want to alarm the guests.

   On his way out he passes Su Wanqing, “Come with me, a maid is sick.”

  “Forget it. Call the doctor.”

  “He went to the Mainland for supplies; he won’t be back until tomorrow.”

  Su Wanqing rolls her eyes, “What is wrong with the woman?”

  “According to Housekeeper Lin the maid’s face is red and swollen and her body is covered with pus filled blisters.”

   Su Wanqing’s eyes widen in disbelief because the symptoms are exactly what LiMei should be experiencing. She digs her long red fingernails into her palm. “How did this happen?”

  “I have no fucking idea, the maid who shares the room with her said she returned from cleaning the two outer courtyards. She was fine then when they were eating dinner then she suddenly fell out of the chair. She was on the floor writhing in pain, her face red and swollen then she was screaming while frantically scratching her body. Housekeeper Lin gave her a sedative and she is sleeping but if her condition is contagious she will need to be isolated.”

  It takes all of her willpower to maintain an expressionless face and not explode in anger. “If the pitiful woman is sleeping I will go after dinner.” How the fuck did the maid get bitten by Amythest instead of that btch Feng LiMei!  Dammit! Why would a maid ruffle through her luggage, was she looking to steal valuables? The  wedding ring! I wonder if she has the diamond ring? 

  “On second thought I will go with you now. I wouldn’t want Brother Rui or Feng LiMei contracting the disease if it is contagious.”

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