Jealous of LiMei

    Su Wanqing walks to the courtyard where Rui and LiMei are staying. She cautiously looks around to make sure no one is nearby then enters through an unlocked side door. After she sets the basket of plums on a table in the living room she takes out the sleeping purple snake. Originally she planned on leaving the snake in the basket because Rui doesn’t like plums but changed her mind. She strokes the listless snake that will only awaken when she smells a woman’s scent then immediately strike. Where should I put you? Somewhere Brother Rui won’t discover you…

    When she enters the bedroom the scheming woman notices a small silver suitcase open on the floor revealing women’s clothes. She lifts a pair of dark blue shorts and places the tiny purple snake under the shorts. The unworthy slut will reach bitten and Amethyst will disappear. It won’t take more than an hour then she will begin to have a reaction. Swelling of the face…disgusting blisters..

      She walks over to a chair with a man’s sweater draped across the back. Picking up the black cashmere sweater she holds it to her face inhaling Rui’s intoxicating masculine scent. She buries her face in the soft sweater then hugs it to her chest. After a few moments of fantasizing about Rui she reluctantly puts the sweater back on the chair.  While slowly heading towards the bedroom door she scans the room, out of the corner of her eye she sees an incredibly beautiful diamond wedding ring on the desk. Su Wanqing’s eyes have flames rolling in them, that wedding ring must have cost a small fortune! It should be mine! I should be Brother Rui’s wife! 

    Full of jealous rage she picks up the exquisitely delicate ring and tries to put it on her finger. Even after exerting some pressure the ring is too small to fit and will only slide down to her knuckle. After staring at the sparkling diamonds and intricate design she can’t control her rage. She twists the diamond ring off her finger then angrily throws it onto the floor. Let the little slut anxiously look for her precious wedding ring when they return!

   She hears the front door opening and quickly opens the window and jumps out. 

   LiMei is laughing, “Rui! You are so bad.”

   He carries LiMei into the bedroom and lays her on the bed then presses his body on top of the giggling girl. “I told you I would punish you for encouraging the brat!” 

   LiMei smiles revealing her cute dimples, “RUIII! Baobei is so lovable! I couldn’t send him away after he and Mr. Yang brought lunch. He wanted to show me the waterfall. It was fun playing in the water with him.”

   Rui brushes her messy hair behind her ear then bites her earlobe. He growls, “Not fun. You can’t swim and the little fat man was hanging on you.”

   She flutters her eyelashes coquettishly and wraps her thin arms around his neck. “The water wasn’t deep where we were.”  Gazing into his pitch black eyes that are full of jealousy and possessiveness she coaxes, “I knew my handsome and strong hubby wouldn’t let anything happen to me.” She gently kisses his lips then sticks out her pink tongue as he deepens the kiss. He vents by fiercely kissing LiMei and biting her lips. He hugs her tightly and kisses her until they are both breathless.

     When he finally releases her red and swollen lips his voice is hoarse as he teases, “Your flattery is a start but I need to make it up to me. I don’t like sharing you…and you called the eyesore lovable. “I am going to get the bath ready.”

  LiMei watches Rui go into the bathroom and hugs the pillow, “Ahhh…” I am so lucky to be married to Rui..Ahhh..he is so handsome and sexy.

    Su Wanqing is watching at the window, she is hoping that LiMei will reach into the suitcase while waiting for Rui. 

  When Rui comes back to the bedroom he is naked and gently kisses LiMei’s soft and tempting body as he takes off her clothes. After caressing her slender body he holds her face in his hands, “Wife, you are so beautiful.” LiMei blushes as he kisses her face then she smiles, dazzling him with her sweet and innocent expression as she hugs him, “Husband, I am so happy. “

    Staring at LiMei’s body with a scorching hot gaze Rui has a throbbing erection and can’t wait to fuck LiMei senseless. I love when LiMei’s face is flushed red and the little girl has a dazed and unfocused look in her beautiful green eyes as my c*ck penetrates deep inside her tight wet pussy. Nothing is better than when my Baby screams my name as she climaxes. I know she is completely mine…only mine and I am the only man who can see her enchanting appearance.

Anxious to taste her delicious body Rui stands up then lifts LiMei into his arms.

The sight of Rui’s huge erect c*ck arouses Su Wanqing and she feels herself getting wet thinking about his prowess in bed. Su Wanqing bites her hand so she doesn’t scream when she sees the erotic scene. Rui has a wild and unruly look as he holds the petite girl in his arms. The tall handsome naked man looks like a hungry wolf holding its prey and she can’t take her eyes off of him. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen, his face is flawless.. body is perfect.. 190cm tall… broad chest…thin waist…long muscular legs and his c*ck…Mmmm…long and thick.

She clenches her fists wanting to tear the woman apart who stole her man. Brother Rui’s talent in bed is wasted on that stupid little girl! She licks her lips watching him carry LiMei into the bathroom wishing the woman in his arms was her and not LiMei. Distraught she slumps down to the ground , the little fox bewitched him! He never looked so kissed my lips or my body… She bangs the back of her head on the wall,  I hate Feng LiMei! I hate her…I want the bitch disfigured so Brother Rui is repulsed when he looks at her face and body.

   After she calms down she stands up and looks around then casually walks through the courtyard. When she gets to the gate Yang Chenxi sees her, “Su Wanqing, what are you up to?”

   She smiles, “I dropped off a basket of plums.”

  “Why were you in the back of the house?”

  “When I left I thought I saw a black Dryea snake and wanted to catch it. I wouldn’t want Feng LiMei to be frightened.”

   Yang Chenxi warns, “I hope you are being truthful because Qiao Rui will kill you if you harm his wife in any way. You should stay away from this courtyard to avoid any misunderstanding.”

  “You don’t need to tell me, Brother Rui has already made his feelings clear. It’s true I still want him, I won’t lie. When you said he was coming I was filled with unrealistic expectations, I thought I had a  chance. But he extinguished any hope I had and now I only want to show him my sincerity. I am afraid if any snake appears in their courtyard he will think I intentionally sent one of mine.”

   “Good that you know you have no chance. He adores Feng LiMei.”

   Su Wanqing’s calm expression doesn’t reveal her turbulent emotions. “I am curious, you have spent time with Feng LiMei, to be honest she seems to be an ordinary girl. What does an exceptional man like Brother Rui see in her?”

   “I am not discussing Feng LiMei or Qiao Rui with you. You shouldn’t concern yourself with them.”

   She opens the gate and brushes past him, “Whatever.”

   After she walks away he scratches his beard, Feng LiMei is the only woman who has been able to find her way into that cold bastard’s heart, the little fairy is far from ‘ordinary.’

  LiMei limply lays back on Rui’s chest in the bath as he hugs her tightly from behind. She is exhausted after he ‘punished’ her heavily. She pouts, “Hubby, you are too strong… my waist is broken by you.”

   He chuckles then rests his head on her shoulder, “Baby, I will massage you.” 

   Rui’s puts his large palms around her tiny waist and tenderly rubs her stomach. LiMei sighs, “ comfortable.”

   Rui’s voice is low and enticing, “I could make you more comfortable.” He lifts her wet tangled hair then licks and sucks her tender neck.

   LiMei turns to face him, she wrinkles her nose as she feels his stiffness pressing against her again. “I won’t be able to walk to meet your friend!”

   He has a devilish smile as he fondles her breast, “I can carry you.”


    He kisses LiMei as his other hand roams down and he rubs his thumb across her swollen nub. “Baby, you know you want it.” He inserts a finger and touches her sensitive spot making her moan from the pleasurable feeling engulfing her body. 

    Fighting the urge to have him continue she has an aggrieved expression as she weakly leans on him. “Hubby…St..stttopp. I am so tired…”

   Rui affectionately kisses her forehead then lifts her out of the bath, “ Wifey, I will let you go for now.” 

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