The Dress Is Delivered

      After Bai Cai’s unexpected intervention at the University, Chen Chloe is very frightened about the possible consequences after she drugs Emmi at the Winter Ball. The sportscar she is driving weaves in and out of traffic speeding down the highway. She keeps glancing in the rear view mirror, paranoid she is being followed by those terrifying gangsters. The confidence she had when drugging Emmi was her idea and she thought she was in control has disappeared completely.

    Being under that crazy bitch Peng Hua’s thumb is disturbing enough but now with the addition of Emmi’s boyfriend being an Underworld Boss I am over my head. Mumbling to herself she can no longer pretend to be strong. “I need to talk to FeiFei. Maybe she has an idea.” She calls Jiang FeiFei to come to her house because she can’t handle the pressure of drugging Emmi. “I don’t care what you are doing! Get over to my house NOW!”

   Jiang FeiFei is sitting on the couch with her mother in her grandparent’s living room. She covers her mouth and whispers,  “But… I am at my grandparents we are about to eat. I can’t right now, I will come as soon as we finish.”


    Afraid Chen Chloe will spout more nonsense Jiang FeiFei anxiously puts her hand over the phone to muffle Chloe’s voice. Jiang FeiFei sighs, why does that girl bring so much drama everytime she calls! Resigned to the fact she needs to find out what is going on with her friend in a low voice tells her mother, “Mom, I need to take this call.”

    Looking at her daughter’s distraught appearance she wrinkles her thin eyebrows together after hearing Chen Chloe’s shrill voice on the phone. Chen Chloe is not a good thing. I need to talk to FeiFei..she needs to find a new best friend. “FeiFei..”

   “Mom, I will be right back.” She hurriedly walks to the bathroom. Once inside she says, “Chloe, why were you yelling! My mom could hear you.”

   “FeiFei! I am in big trouble. I need you!”

   “What is going on? Why do you sound so hysterical?”

   “I can’t tell you on the phone. I need you to come to my house. It’s that slutty bitch Chen Emmi! It is all her fault I am going to be killed!”

   “HUH? KILLED? Chloe don’t be so melodramatic.”

  Chen Chloe paces back and forth in the living room then kicks the couch, “Do you think I would be in a panic if it wasn’t serious? Let me tell you FeiFei, that little whore hooked up with an Underworld Boss.”

    Jaing FeiFei’s mother knocks on the bathroom door, “FeiFei, lunch is being served. Don’t make your grandparents wait for you.”

   “Okay. Sorry, Mom… I will be right there.”

 Jiang FeiFei turns on the faucet so the water drowns out her voice. “No way. Your cousin is too much! Seducing my brother Weiming isn’t enough? Now, she is putting a green hat on him with a gangster. UNBELIEVABLE!”

   “You need to help me…I will tell you the whole story when you get here.”

   “Okay. I will get out of lunch and be there as fast as I can.”

   “Good. Hurry.”

   Jiang FeiFei has been Chen Chloe’s best friend since elementary school and she has never heard her friend in such a state of panic. It has become routine for Chloe to scheme and plot against her Cousin Emmi. She has never been caught..what in the world happened this time? Did she go too far?

   When Jiang FeiFei walks to the living room she holds her stomach, “Mom…I don’t feel well.”


    Chen Chloe nervously sits in the living room waiting for her friend when the doorbell rings Chloe hurries to the door thinking it is Jiang FeiFei. Chloe stares at the beautiful blonde woman wearing a long black leather coat and stylish black boots with 10cm heels. The woman is holding a long wide box in her hands.

     Upset because the person isn’t Jiang FeiFei she sneers, “Who are you?”

     Maisie has a sarcastic tone, “Is it a maid’s place to ask?”

     “A maid! I am Chen Chloe!”

     “Are you short of servants?”

     Chen Chloe’s hair stands up on the back of her neck, “Is this for my mother?” She impatiently holds out her hands. “You can give me the package.” I don’t have time to deal with you! 

   Maisie’s eyes sweep over the area and when she doesn’t detect anyone around she hands her the box. In one fluid motion she steps into the foyer, smoothly grabbing Chen Chloe’s neck with one hand. Holding a dagger in the other she presses the dull side of the blade against the terrified girl’s throat, “I am here to remind you to treat Chen Emmi with respect or face the consequences.” Bai Meilin told Maisie to frighten Chen Chloe but not harm her so she didn’t draw blood.

    The woman lets go of her neck and Chen Chloe drops the dress box onto the floor. Stunned, she touches her throat and feels a drop of warm liquid. Ahhh…“WuuHuuuu.. What the hell!” Tears stream down her face..“I’m disfigured! Chen Emmi!”  Who are these people?

She runs into the bathroom and turns on the water then stares in the mirror with reddened eyes expecting to see blood. She frantically touches her neck but only tears are dripping down. Putting her hands on the sink she splashes her face with water. Chen Chloe’s heart is pounding from the murderous aura that surrounded the beautiful woman.“OH MY GOD! THE MAN SENT AN ASSASSIN SENT TO WARN ME! AHHHHHH!!”

    Jiang FeiFei walks into the house and hears Chen Chloe’s scream. The bathroom door is open and Chen Chloe is shaking like a leaf while holding a towel on her face.

“Chloe, what is wrong with you?”

   Chen Chloe turns and grabs Jiang FeiFei, “Chen Emmi…That man..he is going to kill me!”

    Jiang FeiFei has a confused look on her face, “What man?” She furrows her eyebrows, “Chloe, what did you do this time?”

   Chen Chloe grabs her friend’s hand, “Let’s go to my room. I need your help FeiFei or I will be in big..BIG TROUBLE!”

    Chloe’s  mother walks in the front door and picks up the dress box then opens it. She holds up the dress and has mixed feelings when she sees the intricate design and exquisite embroidery. On one hand the dress will highlight her daughter’s beauty, on the other hand Chen Emmi will be recognized for the superb workmanship. Well, we will need to keep the name of the designer a secret.

   She sees her daughter and Jiang FeiFei walking towards the living room, “Chloe honey, come here.”

   Chen Chloe straightens her back, “Mom your hair looks great.”

   “Thanks honey, I need to talk to you. Jiang FeiFei, go upstairs and wait in Chloe’s room.

   She notices Chloe’s pale complexion and touches her clammy forehead, “Baby, Are you feeling sick?”

  “No. I just got home. I’m still a little cold. What did you want to talk to me about?”

   Chen Xue shows her the dress, “Why did you leave the dress box on the floor?”

    “Ah. I didn’t see it. Maybe the maid left it there.”

   “Well I will punish the little bitch for being so careless.”

Knowing how fierce her mother can be Chloe calms down a little. I have Mom, she loves me and will protect me. Didn’t she intimidate Chen Emmi’s mother so she wouldn’t let Cousin Emmi compete with me. But.. I need a foolproof plan and a scapegoat.

   “Mom, maybe she was busy. Anyway let me see.” Chen Chloe’s eyes light up then she shrugs, “ is okay.”

   Chen Xue tosses the dress on the couch, deciding it would be best for Chloe not to wear the gorgeous dress. “I think it isn’t good either. I will have Chloe Designs send over a dress. There is time.”

   “But, that would be off the rack… ” She picks up the delicate gown. “I want to wear this dress.” 

   “Darling, then you can’t tell anyone Chen Emmi designed and made this dress.”

   Chloe has a malicious smile because she plans on using Jiang FeiFei to drug Emmi. “Mommy, you don’t need to tell me that…of course no one will know from me and she isn’t the type to brag.” She laughs as she swings the dress in the air. “I will stay out of the discussion while dropping hints to my friends that she stole the designs from me.”

   Chen Xue has an excited expression, “As expected of my daughter! But.. the little hoof has the original designs.”

   “Mom, I’m sure you can figure something out. I’m going to hang out with FeiFei until the stylist comes.”  I can’t have those horrible people think I am in any way doing anything to harm that little bitch.

   After Chloe goes upstairs, Chen Xue walks to the bar and pours a glass of wine. I will send someone the little bitch’s precious Art Studio to retrieve them, then put Chloe’s name on them. While I am at it I will have the men burn that eyesore to the ground.

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