Basket Of Plums

  Rui carries LiMei out of the water then wraps a large towel around her petite body. After he dries her off he picks up the pink and white blouse, slipping  it over her head. Looking around he frowns, “Where are the shorts?”

  “On the couch in the gazebo.”

  When they reach the gazebo his face darkens when he sees Yang Chenxi and Baobei. Rui’s voice is tinged with annoyance, “Go see if Diablo needs water.”

   Baobei looks longingly at the dishes on the table and complains, “The food will get cold.”

  Yang Chenxi scoops the irritated little foodie up into his arms. “Feng LiMei needs to change her clothes.”

   Baobei nods his head, “Oh.” He shouts at Rui, “Uncle, you should come out too. Girls need privacy.”

   LiMei giggles and Rui has an ugly expression as he growls,“Get out.”

   Baobei mutters under his breath as Yang Chenxi hurries down the steps, “Bad man…”

   LiMei picks up the shorts and slides them up her legs, “Rui, the zipper is stuck.”

   He walks over and looks at the zipper, part of the swimsuit is caught in the teeth. He carefully holds the material and moves the zipper back down. He touches LiMei’s sensitive area as his fingers move the zipper and she can feel her body reacting.

LiMei squirms,“ you almost have it fixed?”

   Rui looks at LiMei’s flushed cheeks and has a devilish grin on his handsome face. He could easily zip up the shorts but decides to punish the little girl for welcoming Yang Chenxi and the little eyesore. “Not quite.” He rubs his fingers under the shorts on the thin material of the swimsuit. When he runs his finger up and down on the small slit and honey pours out LiMei tightens her slim thighs together. He nibbles on her earlobe and breathes into her ear teasing in a deep voice, “Wife, what is wrong?”

   “Rui, let me do it.”

   “I almost have it fixed.”

  Rui knows how to arouse LiMei and her body is reacting to his stimulation.She sucks in a deep breath trying to restrain herself from moaning, “Hurry.”

    Looking at her beautiful green eyes covered with a layer of  lust and feeling her body quiver from his touch Rui wishes he could fuck his sweet little wife right now. Damn that idiot Yang Chenxi for bringing the bothersome brat. He knows if he doesn’t stop now… suddenly he zips up the shorts as Baobei runs up the stairs followed by Yang Chenxi.

    LiMei pushes Rui away and hurries to sit at the wooden table filled with delicious dishes. She quickly sits down while trying to adjust her turbulent emotions. “Baobei, thank you!”

   Baobei has a concerned expression, “Beautiful Sister, why is your face so red? Did you forget to put on sunscreen?”


   Rui sits down next to LiMei and glares at Baobei, “No talking while eating.” He picks up a shrimp ball with his chopsticks and places it into LiMei’s bowl.

   Baobei ignores Rui and puts a tender looking pork rib on top of the shrimp ball, “Have a pork rib first, Auntie makes the best!”

   He eagerly waits for LiMei to taste the savory pork when a pair of chopsticks puts it back into his bowl, “Too greasy.”

  Baobei puffs out his chubby cheeks as he angrily responds, “NOT GREASY!”

  LiMei pats Baobei on the head and then gives Rui a disapproving look. ‘Baobei, I am sure the pork ribs are very delicious but I have an ankle injury and shouldn’t eat anything spicy. She points to a plate of shredded chicken and noodles. “Could you give me some chicken?”

   The little boy happily nods his head, “Auntie’s chicken is delicious too.”

  Rui’s hand strokes her thigh and LiMei fidgets in her seat. He chuckles at her blushing little wife is so cute…I want these two uninvited guests to leave so I can thoroughly eat my little bunny. He leans over and kisses her glistening lips smeared with sauce from the chicken then whispers in her ear, “Don’t encourage the boy.”

   Stifling a moan LiMei’s voice is almost inaudible as she holds his hand when he touches her sensitive spot, “ahh..”

  While they are having lunch in the gazebo Su Wanqing is throwing a fit in her bedroom. She was in shock when she saw LiMei’s pure and innocent appearance. How could my Rui be attracted to a little girl? I don’t care how beautiful she is..How could a delicate girl possibly handle his demanding sexual needs. Only I can satisfy him in bed!  “Damn that little seductress! She throws a vase at the wall and curses as it shatters, “BITCH! FUCKING LITTLE FOX!”

   She wipes the tears streaming down her face with the back of her hand then has a murderous glint in her eyes. Bending down and picking up a purple snake curled on the floor, she strokes the snake’s back , “Amethyst…my darling, Diamond is dead. I am going to need you to punish the little bitch for me. Unfortunately, I can’t kill her yet but I can torture her slowly until she wishes she was dead. Starting by ruining her fairy like face and flawless skin!”

  Su Wanqing removes a small brass key from inside a book on her desk then walks over to a carved wooden cabinet. She unlocks the door revealing rows of different colored bottles carefully arranged on four shelves.. Humming a song while looking on the top shelf she squints her eyes in thought then grabs a clear bottle containing a blue liquid. Shaking the bottle a  strange looking orange and yellow spider opens its red eyes. When she opens the jar’s lid the invigorated spider races up the side of the glass to the top. Su Wanqing laughs as the purple snake hidden in her sleeve quickly pops her head out devouring the toxin filled spider as it escapes. The purple snake hisses in satisfaction as it swallows the tasty spider.

Amethyst is unaware that as soon as she bites a woman she will dissolve into a puddle of blue liquid that will quickly evaporate erasing any hint of the purple snake’s existence.

  “Now to leave the little surprise for the nuisance in their bedroom.” 

   Once she decides on a course of action Su Wanqing is in a much better mood. When Feng LiMei’s face is swollen like a pig and her body is covered in red oozing blisters I will act concerned and to dispel any suspicion by offering to treat the little bitch. While she is recovering I will get Qiao Rui into my bed. 

    She walks into the bathroom and sprinkles several fragrant purple and red flowers into the bath in addition to an odorless white medicinal powder. The flowers combined with the special powder will give her body a scent that men can’t resist. She pushes her full breasts together and rubs them as she admires her curvaceous naked body in the mirrored wall opposite the bathtub. How can a little girl’s body compare to my womanly shape? My breasts are large and my alluring body is perfect. She spreads her legs exposing a golden triangle piercing that enhances pleasure during sex. I know how to drive a man crazy with my body. 

   Satisfied that LiMei’s slender body can’t compare to her mature charms she slips into the warm water. She touches her erect buds as she leans back and closes her eyes. Picturing the man she desires in the bath with her she proceeds to wantonly rub her sensitive spot then insert her fingers into her itchy flower hole. Su Wanqing’s body is flushed red as she moans and whispers Rui’s name over and over until she reaches a violent climax.When Brother Rui inhales the fragrance it will be a subtle reminder of our time together…and this is only the beginning.

  After she changes into a tight-fitting purple silk Cheongsam embroidered with delicate white flowers she picks up the purple snake. “Amethyst Sweetie, I am counting on you.” She puts the drowsy purple snake in a basket filled with large plums. 

   Confident her initial plan will succeed, she leaves her courtyard and walks on the winding path to the Main Compound. Once she arrives she sees Wong Hu walking down a hill  returning from meditation. She smiles brightly and waves at him, I need to appear unaffected by the fact Brother Rui is married. 

  “Master!” She hurries towards him and affectionately holds his arm, “Brother Rui and his lovely little wife arrived while you were meditating.”

   He gazes at Su Wanqing with a complicated expression, “Wife?”

   “Yes. I was surprised too and worried she wouldn’t be worthy of him but since I met Feng LiMei I am reassured.”

   He keeps walking towards the main house, “You are resigned to the fact he is married?”

  “Well, I am not going to lie. I was hoping he would return for me but I can see it wasn’t our fate to be together.”

   He pats her on the head, “Wanqing it is good you know that Qiao Rui isn’t the man for you. Now you can open your heart to a man who will truly love you.”

  Su Wanqing wants to vomit blood but continues, “I know.”

  “Are they in his old residence?” I am anxious to meet the woman that captured the cold brat’s heart.

   “No. They went to the lake for a swim. You could send Jack with a message saying you are back. I would go but I don’t want to intrude on their private time. This is more difficult than I thought to pretend I have  given up on Brother Rui. “I picked some plums and am going to leave them in their Courtyard.”

  He doesn’t see any signs she is lying and breathes a sigh of relief because she had stubbornly refused to accept that Rui had no feelings for her after he ascended. Although it was obvious she was merely a tool for him to.use. “That is very considerate of you, as your father I am happy you have accepted you two aren’t fated.”

  Su Wanqing tightens her hand on the basket almost unable to control her facial expression. “Master, don’t worry I have..well… it is too hot out here for you, go inside I will see you at dinner.”

   After Wong Hu walks away Su Wanqing’s expression changes and her aura darkens, I must keep up this charade. I can’t let the old fart get suspicious.

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