The New Cook

   Li Tian’s face darkens as he slams his hand down on the table in front of the couch.  I know with Weisheng’s ability he can find the missing footage! That would give me a solid lead as to where the little pregnant  kitten is hiding.  He leans his head back on the couch thinking about Sara, I need to find you…I am losing my mind…all I can think about is your perfect body pressed underneath me and the bewitching look on your beautiful face when I am inside of you. Li Tian’s body has a reaction to the erotic images of Sara. FUCK!   Frustrated, he angrily unbuttons his shirt and takes long strides to the bathroom. 

  Meanwhile at Li Shaoting’s villa the brothers battle over the last chicken wing while Sara laughs. Li Feng’s chopsticks are slightly faster and he greedily snatches the saucy wing. Li Shaoting frowns, “I was reaching for it first!”

  “You were too slow Brother, is that my fault?”

  Sara giggles and quietly gives the chicken wing on her plate to Li Shaoting. “I’m full.”

  Li Shaoting greedily stares at the delicious piece of chicken and gulps down his saliva. He reluctantly shakes his head. “You need to eat.”

  “Really, I can’t eat another bite.”

  Li Feng eagerly licks his lips, “If you don’t want it I will eat it.”

  Li Shaoting hurriedly gnaws on the chicken wing. After he finishes swallowing Sara takes her napkin and wipes the sauce on the corner of his mouth, “Messy.”

  Li Feng watches their affectionate interaction and points his chopsticks at them, “Are you really not dating?”

   Li Shaoting replies, “Not dating.Sara is my Sister.”

 Li Feng gazes at Sara, “ Why didn’t I know about such a beautiful sister who can cook delicious food?”

    After getting along with Li Feng she thinks he is cute. Sara laughs as she picks up the empty dishes, “Tang Feng I can be your sister too. I have always wanted two handsome brothers.”

   Li Shaoting disagrees, “No. I’m not sharing you with this brat.”

   “Brother, don’t be stingy. Can’t you see that Song Sara likes me more than you?”

  “What a joke. Who did she give her last chicken wing to? ME!”

   Sara walks into the kitchen chuckling, the Tang brothers are so adorable. She returns with a tray of desserts. “I didn’t have much time but I hope you like these cakes.”

   The plate on the tray has several exquisite looking small cakes and egg tarts. Staring at the sweet sight both of the Li brother’s eyes light up. Sara asks, “Tea?”

   The brother’s respond in unison, “Thanks.”

   When she returns to the kitchen to brew the tea Li Feng says, “ I need to take a picture of these cakes and send them to Mom.”

   Li Shaoting quickly says, “Say my new cook made them. I don’t want them to know about Song Sara.”

  “Yeah okay.” He pulls his phone out of his pant’s pocket and takes several pictures then sends them to his mother.

   Li Liang and his wife are sitting on the couch when her phone on the coffee table buzzes. He sees his wife looking at her phone with a big grin, “What is making you smile?”

  “Shaoting’s cook made delicious desserts for the boys,look.”

  Li Liang puts down the documents in his hand, “Shaoting got a new cook? I remember the last one wasn’t very capable. The meal was decent but the desserts were lacking flavor…rather bland.”

   “You and your sweet tooth…the boys inherited that from you.” She sees another picture and laughs, “Honey, look at Feng..haha.”

  Li Feng is eating a piece of cake and the white cream is smeared on his lips. He brushes through the pictures and Li Liang’s eyes widen, “That looks like Osmanthus Jelly. I haven’t tasted that in years.”

  He takes his wife’s phone and texts, [Feng, is that Osmanthus Jelly?]

  Li Feng smirks because he sent the picture knowing his mother would show him and his father would be envious. [Yes. It is very delicious. She added coconut to take it up a notch.] 

  Li Liang salivates while gazing longingly at the cake. [Bring some desserts when you return home.]

  Li Feng glances at Sara then replies, [Okay.] I don’t think it will be a problem to ask Song Sara.

 [How was the trip to Bashu City with your cousin?]

[Okay.] Absolutely hellish…

 [You both are situated at Shaoting’s villa? Don’t bother your cousin he has important matters to take care of for the family.]

[Yes and I won’t.]


  Li Liang hands his wife’s phone back to her and pulls her onto his lap, “Minnie, maybe I should go to Bashu City and check on the boys.”  I can convince his new cook to come work for us.

   She wraps her arms around his neck and gazes into his deep brown eyes with a hint of dissatisfaction in her beautiful amber eyes. She unbuttons the top button of his gray silk shirt and coquettishly pouts her red lips, “Honey, I thought you wanted to spend this week with me.” She slips her hand into his shirt and rubs his chest with her soft fingers.

  He quickly realizes his mistake, “I meant we..we should go..together.” He kisses Minnie then says, “We can stay at the new Han Mountain Resort outside the city.”

 “Oh..that would be fun! I heard the hotspring and spa are amazing!”

  He caresses her cheek, “I will book the Honeymoon Suite. Would you like that?” He recalls Han Tingfeng showing him pictures of the various VIP suites shortly after the resort was built. The Honeymoon suite has a round bed and many mirrors… Excited by the prospect he puts her hand on his crotch and leans into her ear. Li Liang’s warm breath on her neck and his lewd suggestion makes her blush. “Liang!”

  Chuckling at his wife blushing and her shy expression he lifts Minnie up and carries her upstairs.

  Li Feng stares at the phone, it is a good thing Dad didn’t press me for any details. I am not a good liar and if I told the truth that evil cousin of mine wouldn’t let me go.

  He finishes eating then puts down his napkin and stands up from the table, “Thanks Song Sara, the food was delicious. Bro, I am going to go play games at Han Chao’s house. Give me the villa’s passcode so I don’t need to wake anyone up, I will be home late.”

  “Fine.The passcode is 790654.”

  After Li Feng leaves Shaoting asks Sara, “ Are you tired? Do you want to take a walk?”

  Sara looks at the table, “After I clean up the kitchen we can go. I would like that.”

  He takes the plates in her hand and sets them on the counter. “No need. The kitchen staff will take care of the cleaning.”

  “There is a stone walkway that winds down from the villa to the woods. It is lined with Plum Blossom trees that are quite beautiful.”

  “Sounds great.”

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