At The Lake

  Rui has a demonic look in his eyes as he growls in a low tone, “Bitch, if you fucking try to stir up trouble between my wife and me again, I will kill you.” He tosses the lifeless snake at Su Wanqing, “This is your only warning.” 

  Su Wanqing slumps down to the floor clutching the limp pink snake after Rui leaves. Thinking about Rui’s heartbreaking revelation she sobs uncontrollably,  Wife? She shakes her head in can’t be married… 

    After Rui leaves the gazebo he softens his expression while lovingly gazing at LiMei. She is wiping bits of apple from Diablo’s mouth and talking to the horse, “Diablo, you little piggie, you ate the apple in one bite! Did you even chew? I’m sorry that was my last apple, but when we get back to the stable I will bring you more. It will be our secret.”

   She sees Rui approaching and runs into his arms. He rubs her head, “What was that about a secret?”

   “Nothing..nothing..” She furrows her delicate eyebrows, “Where is Miss Su?”

   “She won’t be joining us.”

   LiMei takes his hand, “Rui…ahh..nevermind.” LiMei wants to ask Rui about his relationship with Su Wanqing…obviously she has fond memories of their time together but Rui doesn’t seem to like her very much. 

    Rui knows LiMei has questions but he doesn’t want to discuss the Snake Woman. He bends down and kisses LiMei then whispers something in her ear. LiMei blushes listening to his lewd suggestion, “RUI!!!”

   Leaning on the railing of the gazebo Su Wanqing’s hate-filled eyes watch as Rui playfully lifts LiMei up and kisses her face. He twirls LiMei around and her melodious laughter drifts into Su Wanqing’s ears inciting her rage. It is all because of that little fox…Feng LiMei might  as well have killed my darling Diamond with her own hands. I will make the little slut pay a thousand times over for bewitching Brother Rui.

Leaving the dead snake on the floor for LiMei to see Rui’s handiwork she wipes her eyes and sniffles…I will get both… Qiao Rui and my revenge.

Walking to Chestnut bent down eating grass she curls her fists into tight balls at her side, hmmph…Qiao Rui…you won’t be able to stop me from destroying your relationship. Kill me? Master won’t allow you…I am his adopted daughter after all. The only person on this Island that is going to die is Feng LiMei!

  Unaware of Su Wanqing plotting her death, LiMei happily strolls down to the water’s edge holding Rui’s hand. 

   Meanwhile in the Courtyard of the main house Baobei pulls on Yang Chenxi’s sleeve, “Uncle Chenxi, I finished studying where is Sister LiMei? She said she would play with me! She promised!”

  “I think she thought you would be still in class and went to the lake with Brother Rui. They will be back in awhile.”

   Baobei’s eyes light up, “Let’s go to the lake and surprise them!”

   Yang Chenxi has a complicated expression, Qiao Rui certainly wouldn’t like the surprise. “Baobei, I thought you wanted to challenge me? Why don’t we spar and wait for them to come back?”

   Baobei stands with his hands on his hips and his chubby legs spread apart. “I want Sister LiMei to see me defeat you. I know…she must be hungry, it is past lunchtime. I will ask Auntie to give me food to take to the lake. So I won’t be bothering them, I will be bringing lunch!”

   Before Yang Chenxi can process the little fat man’s brain circuitry, Baobei has run off to the kitchen. He shakes his head, will be fun to see the look on Rui’s face. 

   A short while later the kitchen Auntie walks out carrying two food boxes, “Mr. Yang, Baobei asked me to prepare lunch for the guests.”

  He takes the two boxes from “Thanks Auntie Ning.”

  “I put the plates and chopsticks in this bag.”

  Baobei comes charging out of the kitchen holding a box of cakes, “The cakes!” 

  Auntie Ning laughs and brushes the crumbs from his mouth, “Baobei, you know your grandfather said you can’t eat too many sweets.”

   “Auntie, I only sampled the chestnut cake to see if it was moist, the last one you baked was a little dry.”


   Yang Chenxi gives Auntie Ning a sympathizing look then grabs Baobei by the collar, “Little fat man do you want to take the cart or ride your pony?”

  “Ride Ghost, I look handsome on horseback.”


  At the lake Rui is laughing at LiMei as he scoops her out of the water, “I told you I was going to let go and for you to relax your body. Hahaha.. I didn’t think you would sink like a stone.”

  LiMei’s long black hair is tangled and hanging in her face as she sputters spitting water out of her mouth. She clutches onto his shoulders, “ Ka..ka..khak..khak…”,then puffs out her cheeks and hits him in the chest with her tiny fist. “I said when I counted to three! THREE!”

   He brushes her wet messy hair out of her face then embraces her tighter. Gently patting her back he can’t resist reminding LiMei, “Baby, we are in four feet of water you could have stood up. Hahaha.” How can my little wife be so cute… He leans down to kiss LiMei and she turns her face. He puts his hand on her cheek turning her face back towards him. LiMei is embarrassed she panicked and was flailing around in the water when she could have put her feet down. She squints her eyes and spits out, “Husband, if you keep laughing at me you will be sleeping alone tonight!”

 Watching LiMei’s snow white chest heave up and down as her temper flares he has a sense of crisis. Disturbed by the thought of being driven out of bed he instantly has a serious expression, “No more laughing.”

LiMei is satisfied as she holds up three fingers, “I said on three..”

“You did.”

“Good you know.”

Rui’s eyes are full of indulgence and love as he sucks and nibbles on her ear. He has a faint smile as he whispers, “Baby, it was my fault.” He gently kisses her lips, “Forgive me.”

Suddenly they hear horses and when Rui sees who is approaching the corner of his mouth twitches. LiMei smiles brightly, “Baobei looks adorable on that white pony.” He is wearing a white helmet with a green dragon emblazoned on the front and is dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a bright blue t shirt.

  Baobei jumps off the pony and takes off his helmet exposing his fluffy head. He has the helmet under his arm as he walks towards the water’s edge. Waving his short little arm he grins then raises his milky voice, calling, “Sister LiMei! Sister LiMei…I brought lunch!”

  LiMei notices Rui’s face darkening and giggles, “Don’t look at him with that fierce expression, you will scare the little boy. That is so sweet of him… I am starving.”

   She kisses Rui, “Be nice…okay?”

    He embraces LiMei, brushing his finger across her tempting lips he confesses, “Wife we are on our honeymoon, I just don’t want to share you with anyone.” He wraps his arm around her waist pressing her soft body against his bare chest, passionately kissing her until LiMei can’t breathe. Rui’s voice is low and hoarse, “I told you what I want to do to you in the gazebo.”

   LiMei’s face turns red from the tips of her ears down her neck then she curls up her lips revealing her cute dimples, “Husband behave and I will compensate you.”

   Rui caresses her face then kisses her neck, his warm breath tickles as he presses his lips on her ear, “What did you have in mind.”

  LiMei gazes into his deep ink black eyes, “Husband, surprise you.”

   Witnessing their intimate behavior Yang Chenxi puts his large hand over Baobei’s eyes then lifts the little boy up with one arm. Baobei puts his small pudgy hands on Yang Chenxi’s hand struggling to see LiMei, “UNCLE CHENXI!”

After they walk to the horses he puts Baobei on Ghost and takes the reins of the two horses. He ignores Baobei muttering and leads them to the gazebo.

When they enter Baobei almost steps on the dead snake. He wrinkles his nose when he recognizes Diamond and accusingly points a finger at Yang Chenxi, “Did that unruly bird of yours kill Miss Su’s pet snake? She is going to be very angry when she finds out. He was her favorite you know.”

   Yang Chenxi has a thoughtful expression, Jack would have taken the pesky snake away to be eaten. Why is the snake dead in the gazebo? He picks Diamond up and can see the snake was pinched to death, Qiao Rui? Did Su Wanqing try to kill Feng LiMei?

   Baobei puts his helmet on the cushioned bench and scratches his head, “Uncle Chenxi, should we bury Diamond so Sister LiMei isn’t frightened?”

“No need.” Yang Chenxi stares at the dead snake then cups his free hand by his mouth and makes a screeching sound. Jack flies into the gazebo but when he sees Diamond in Yang Chenxi’s hand he flaps his furiously flaps his wings then flys away.


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