LiMei’s pounding heart calms down when Rui pulls on the reins slowing the pace of the horse as they enter a bamboo forest. Relieved she sighs, “This is better.”

   Rui leans on her shoulder with his chin and plays with her messy hair while teasing, “I thought you were in a hurry to get to the lake.”


   They leisurely ride through the bamboo forest then Rui stops Diablo when arrive at the top of a hill overlooking the lake. LiMei’s eyes widen in delight when she sees the sparkling blue lake down below, “OH! Rui the lake is beautiful.”

   He looks over to the left where several men are training and narrows his eyes. He turns the horse and rides a short distance to a grove of orange trees then gets off the horse. Rui holds LiMei by the waist and  helps her down from the tall horse. She has a surprised expression as he embraces her, Rui points to a group of men a short distance away, “I need to talk to those men, wait here for me.” He tenderly kisses LiMei then stares at Diablo with a warning gaze and the horse nods his head.

   LiMei obediently watches as Rui takes long strides towards the training grounds through the grove. Why didn’t he just ride Diablo over there? It would have been easier.

   Rui approaches a bare chested muscular man wiping the sweat dripping down his chest covered in scars. The rough looking man grins, “Brother Rui! Long time no see!”

  The other men don’t recognize Rui and walk towards him with curious expressions because Lu Cai seldom smiles.

  Rui lies, “Master said to return immediately to the Compound.”

  One of the men puffs out his chest as he struts over to the two men, “Who the hell are you?”

  Lu Cai pushes the man, “Show some respect. This is our Senior Brother, Qiao Rui.”

  “You are Qiao Rui?” The man has only heard stories about the elusive disciple who is like Master Wong’s son. 

  Rui has an indifferent expression, “En.”

  “Why did he want us to return? We haven’t finished training.”

 “Don’t ask questions, go.”

   Lu Cai picks up a shirt and asks, “Will you be staying long?” He wants to talk to Rui about reaching the next level, he has been at a bottleneck, but Rui walks towards the orange grove ignoring him. 


While Rui is at the training grounds, LiMei is jumping up and trying unsuccessfully to reach an orange on a low hanging branch. A beautiful woman gallops towards the tree riding a brown and white horse. The woman extends her arm easily snatching an orange from a branch. Effortlessly dismounting the horse she hands LiMei the orange. “I can get you more if you want.”

  LiMei’s eyes light up looking at the large orange in her hand, “Thank you. One is good, Rui can get more when he returns.”

  Su Wanqing hides her turbulent emotions and sweetly smiles, “I am Qiao Rui’s friend, Su Wanqing and you are?”

     “My name is Feng LiMei.”

   Su Wanqing glances at Diablo standing patiently under the tree, “Where is Brother Rui?”

   LiMei points to the left, “Rui, went to talk to those men. He should be back soon.”

   Su Wanqing stares at LiMei, her fox like eyes filled with tiny flames, who is this fairy-like little girl to Qiao Rui? I have never seen such beautiful and unusual deep green eyes flecked with gold…highlighted by her thick black curled eyelashes…mesmerizing. I have to admit even as a woman I am a bit captivated by her pure and innocent face…haha… I would like to bully the little fairy underneath me.. She touches the tiny pink snake wrapped around her wrist like a bracelet. I can’t be hasty, I need to find out their relationship first...then make a fool proof plan so if the stupid girl dies…well…I won’t be implicated.

   LiMei walks closer, “Your bracelet is beautiful.”

   Su Wanqing chuckles, “Well yes… Diamond is beautiful.” She strokes his head and the snake hisses in pleasure, startling LiMei. 

   LiMei quickly moves backwards distancing herself from Su Wanqing. She feels a chill to her bones and her legs are weak, “Ahhh…your bracelet…I mean that snake… ” 

   “Diamond? He is harmless.”

   The snake hisses again…harmless? I am extremely poisonous!

   Su Wanqing holds the glimmering pink snake towards LiMei who is visibly shaken, “You can pet Diamond if you want.”

   LiMei’s face is contorted in fear and her beautiful eyes are covered in a layer of mist but doesn’t want to insult Rui’s friend, “No…no…that’s okay.” Su Wanqing is amused by LiMei’s terrified expression, there are beads of sweat on her forehead and her face is deathly pale while she is attempting appear unfazed. Out of the corner of her eye she sees Rui approaching and tosses Diamond away. The snake lands in a bush and shakes his head, that woman! She can be such an ungrateful bitch! Didn’t I just help her scare the little girl?

   Rui narrows his eyes dangerously as he rapidly approaches the two women. He immediately holds LiMei’s sweaty hand and his voice is full of worry, “Baby, is everything alright?”

  “Yes.” She smiles, exposing her cute dimples then waves the orange that Su Wanqing gave her. “I couldn’t reach the oranges and Miss Su grabbed one for me.”

  He hugs LiMei into his embrace, ignoring Su Wanqing. Brushing LiMei’s hair back he kisses her forehead then lifts her onto Diablo and then steps into the stirrup and swings his long legs straddling Diablo’s back. He wraps his arm around LiMei’s tiny waist then gives Su Wanqing a warning look as he turns Diablo towards the Lake.

  After they leave Su Wanqing stomps her feet then kicks the tree trunk, “Damn the little slut!” She bewitched Brother Rui…I want to gouge those seductive eyes out!” She clenches her fists at her side. I won‘t let the little slut take him away from me…tears form in the corner of her eyes…I won’t… he is the only man for me. We are destined! I helped him ascend…if it weren’t for me he never…Calm yourself…that little girl is no match for you. She wipes her eyes with her hand then sees Diamond slithering towards her feet. She bends down and picks him up and lets him wrap his body around her wrist. She sniffles then pets Diamond, “I will get him into my bed then he will be mine.” She has a malicious smile, I wonder how the innocent and naive girl would feel if she witnesses Brother Rui and me rolling on the bed?

  Su Wanqing’s mood brightens as she mounts Chestnut and rides down the hill. I was just surprised..haha..that little bitch is no match for me and my tricks. No man can resist me once I get him into my bed. A clueless little girl like Feng LiMei couldn’t possibly hold Qiao Rui’s interest…

    Rui and LiMei are in a gazebo by the lake. He watches as LiMei takes off her blouse and slips the baggy shorts down her slender snow white legs. Sitting on a cushioned couch he says, “Come here. I need to apply more sunscreen.”

   “I put some on before we left the Compound.”

   “You need more although it is cloudy the sun’s rays are strong. It is easy to get a sunburn on a hazy day.”

   He gently rubs the cream on her thin arms, “Baby, what did Su Wanqing say to you?”

   “Nothing, she barely arrived when you returned.”

   “Why were you nervous?’

   LiMei bites her bottom lip and confesses, “Well..I was frightened by her pet snake Diamond.” She laughs, “But it was a little embarrassing…haha..she said the snake is harmless.”

  He wants to kill Su Wanqing..Diamond is a highly poisonous hybrid snake. “LiMei, stay away from the woman.”

  Li Mei looks behind Rui and sees Su Wanqing riding up on Chestnut, “Well…she is here. Rui…she didn’t know I am afraid of snakes… please don’t say anything, okay. It would make our visit uncomfortable. She does live here and I don’t want to cause any problems.”

   Rui decides when they go back he will take care of Su Wanqing without LiMei knowing.

   Su Wanqing walks into the gazebo and with a friendly smile plastered on her face and compliments LiMei. “Feng LiMei, your swimsuit is very girlish and cute.”

   LiMei isn’t aware of Rui’s piercing gaze as he stares at Su Wanqing, her eyes bend into a crescent shape, “Thanks.”

   Rui rubs the sunscreen on LiMei’s legs and tries to suppress the surging killing intent as his eyes sweep over the poisonous woman.

    Su Wanqing seductively lifts her short blouse revealing her red bikini then bends over in front of Rui. The top barely covers her large breasts and at this angle they are spilling out. She touches Rui’s hand and acts interested in the sunscreen. “Is this made by your company? Could I use some…my skin burns easily.”

   Rui restrains the urge to break the presumptuous woman’s hand and throw her out of the gazebo. He doesn’t want to frighten LiMei by exposing his dark side so he gives the sunscreen to Su Wanqing without speaking. She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together because Rui didn’t react at all when her creamy white breasts were in his face, not a glimmer of lust or desire. She stands in front of them and unzips her shorts. When they fall to the floor she pulls up the red bikini bottom exposing the edges of her shaved pussy. She runs her hand across her hips and ties the red strings into a bow. “I usually come by myself it will be fun to have someone to play with in the water.  I miss the days when Brother Rui and I would come to the lake to relax after training. Feng LiMei do you like to swim? ”

  LiMei isn’t paying attention to Su Wanqing’s performance and looks at Rui with an affectionate gaze, “Rui is going to teach me, I don’t know how to swim.”

   Su Wanqing’s eyes light up, drowning the little bitch is an option. She coquettishly smiles at Rui as she rubs the sunscreen on her chest. Recalling frolicking naked with him in the lake then in this very gazebo she flutters her eyelashes teasing, “Brother Rui is quite capable in the water…” She has undisguised lust in her eyes when her eyes roam over his muscular body lingering where they shouldn’t, “Very strong legs.” 

    Rui doesn’t notice any change in LiMei’s expression but has reached his limit of tolerance. He says, “LiMei, go feed Diablo an apple. I will be right there.”

  “Sure.” She reaches into her backpack and pulls out a bright red apple. I thought Rui said Diablo shouldn’t have an apple...

   After he sees LiMei happily feeding Diablo he quickly snatches the pink snake coiled around Su Wanqing’s wrist by the neck and squeezes. Rui’s eyes are red and the rage inside of him bursts out surrounding Su Wanqing in a suffocating haze. Diamond’s eyes bulge and his forked tongue is hanging from his mouth as he is dying. She widens her eyes in disbelief at his cruelty, not expecting Rui to retaliate for her little bit of teasing in such a drastic manner. Diamond is her favorite snake and ‘confidant’ She is shivering and her eyes are watery as she begs, “I was wrong…Don’t…don’t kill him.”

   Rui has a demonic look in his eyes as he growls in a low tone, “Bitch, if you fucking try to stir up trouble between my wife and me again, I will kill you.” He tosses the lifeless snake at Su Wanqing, “This is your only warning.” 

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