LiMei feels refreshed after she bathes and puts on a swimsuit eager to go to the lake. She happily looks in the full length mirror, satisfied with her reflection she grins, Rui will love this swimsuit…I know it! Good choice LiMei! When she skips out of the bathroom Rui looks up and his eyes darken. The low cut pink and black swimsuit is hugging her perky breasts barely covered by a ruffle. A cutout exposes her flat stomach and cute little belly button while her willow thin waist looks like it could be grasped in one hand. Any man who saw LiMei in this swimsuit would want to bully the little girl and make her his..Dammit! The lake is located by the training ground and it is midday…there would be at least a few disciples training there.

Rolling flames of deep desire flicker in his pitch black eyes as he is overwhelmed by the urge to lock LiMei away where only he could see her beautiful face and perfect body. Fuck! The high cut bottom almost exposes her sweet little pussy…He clenches his fists his body is filled with a murderous rage thinking about any man coveting his delicious little Baby.

   She smiles brightly revealing her cute dimples as she twirls around expecting a compliment, “Husband, do you like this swimsuit?”

    Restraining the urge to rip the swimsuit off her alluring body and fuck the little girl senseless, he crooks his finger, “Come here.”

    LiMei has no idea she has awakened the possessive beast in Rui again and expectantly hurries over to him.

    Rui pulls her into his lap and his voice is tinged with danger. “This…this isn’t the swimsuit Giselle sent to the villa.”

   She giggles and has a mischievous smile, “I got this and a pretty little bikini too…hahaha… when you bought me the floppy hat. You were talking to the rude saleswoman when I saw the rack of swimsuits.” She pokes him on the tip of his nose., “I was so sneaky haha..I wanted to surprise you…are you surprised?”

  The corner of his lip twitches and he brushes a few loose strands of hair off her face, “Hmmm…Very surprised.”

   She affectionately hugs him and places a feathery kiss on his lips, “I knew my husband would like it.”

   “Go change.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen in disbelief, “Huh? Ch..change..why?”

  “The lake is by the practice grounds, Wong Hu has a few disciples they might be training.”

   Pouting, she refuses, “NO!” LiMei’s eyes are full of determination, “Hubby, I don’t want to wear that ugly swimsuit. I like this one.”

    He gazes at her snow white thighs and her nipples that are pressing against the thin material,  “Be obedient. Go change.” 

    “People wear less than this on the beach..much less…”

    “I guess you don’t want me to teach you to swim.”

    “That isn’t fair… this swimsuit looks so good on me.”

    Unable to control his temper he turns her over and spanks her round bottom, I don’t want any other man staring at your body. You are mine…only mine..I am the only one who can look at you!


      LiMei wiggling around on his lap is arousing him. But, when he turns her over and sees her eyelashes trembling with crystal tears hanging off them he feels his heart tighten. He kisses her eyes and then licks the salty tears dripping down her cheeks. Rui has his hands in her hair, “I’m sorry Baby. You can wear it.”

    She puts her head on his chest and sniffles, “I thought you would like this swimsuit, I didn’t want to make you angry.”

   He softly replies with his chin resting on her head, “I’m not angry.  I  like…I like very much.” You look too beautiful and sexy…I want to hide you away so only I can see your tempting body.

   She looks up at him, “So I can wear it…and you will teach me to swim?”

   He has a helpless expression as he wipes her tears with his finger, “En.”

   LiMei’s face brightens then she slides off his lap. Smiling, she kisses him on the cheek then pushes him , “Go change so we can go. I promised Baobei to play with him but he should still be studying.”


  After he walks into the bathroom LiMei rubs her bottom, why does Rui always overreact!

  Rui comes out of the bathroom wearing a pair of blue and black swim trunks and a black tshirt that emphasizes his broad chest and narrow waist. LiMei bites her bottom lip as she gazes at his long muscular legs, “Husband is so handsome.” She hurries over to Rui and grabs his hand, “I am so excited. Let’s go.”

  He can’t help but smile at her adorable expression. He is happy she was sensible enough to put on a pair of baggy denim shorts and loose fitting pink stripped blouse. 

   They walk out the courtyard as Yang Chenxi is walking in their direction. He sees them and asks, “Where are you two going?”

   LiMei’s eyes sparkle with anticipation, “Rui is taking me to the lake to teach me to swim. Do you want to come?”

  Yang Chenxi looks at Rui whose face is as dark as the bottom of a pot. He knows if he says yes he will incur Rui’s wrath. “I have to talk to Housekeeper Lin so I can’t join you. “

  Rui tightens his grip on LiMei’s hand, good..good answer. 

  LiMei smiles, “See you later then…” LiMei’s ankle is still a little sore so she asks, “Rui how far is the Lake?”

  “I thought we would ride there.”


  They walk a short distance to the stable and LiMei looks at Rui, “Ride…a horse?”


  “But, I don’t know how to ride.”

   He lowers his head and kisses LiMei, “We will ride together.”

  LiMei notices a beautiful black horse and casually walks towards the stall. 

   The cold and aloof horse neighs and angrily stomps his hoofs as he glares at Rui, “Bastard! What are you doing back? Who is the woman?

   Rui puts his arm around LiMei’s thin shoulder while using his internal energy to suppress the defiant horse that is raging in the stall.  Rui gives the horse a murderous look and the furious horse begrudgingly calms down, best not to anger the lunatic. The terrifying bastard was always threatening to rip out my heart if I disobeyed.

    LiMei turns to Rui, “What is his name?”


     LiMei wrinkles her delicate eyebrows staring at Diablo’s beautiful face and silky black mane,  “He is too pretty to be called  Devil.”


     Oblivious to the dangerous aura surrounding the horse, she pets his face, then reaches in her backpack for one of the apples she was bringing to the lake to feed him. Rui holds her hand and takes a bite of the juicy ripe apple, “Don’t spoil him.” 

   “Rui! I want to make Diablo happy…haha.”

   After he swallows the bite of the sweet apple he teases, “What about me?”

  LiMei giggles and stands on her tiptoes, wrapping her slender arms around his neck as she licks the apple juice from his lips. Rui responds by opening his mouth and entangling their tongues. They kiss passionately until they hear the sound of something crashing onto the ground behind them. LiMei pushes Rui away and blushes when she sees an embarrassed looking teenager with short blond hair watching them with his mouth agape. The freckled faced boy’s face is red from the tips of his ears all the way down his neck as he picks up the bucket. “Sor..sorry!”

  LiMei flutters her eyelashes and looks up at Rui who is frowning from the teenager’s intrusion. He recognizes Wong Hu’s disciple who is in charge of cleaning the stables. “Little Ming, we are going to ride Diablo to the lake, put on a saddle.”

  “But..” He stares apprehensively at the petite fragile looking girl next to Rui, “Brother Rui..Diablo? Why not take Bonnie?” Brother Rui’s little fairy wife looks too delicate…a more gentle horse would be better. Diablo is unpredictable.

  “Diablo. We will wait outside.”

  “Umm..okay.” He scratches his head and his knees are shaking from Rui’s oppressive aura as he walks towards the stall. Brother Rui is my senior… I need to listen to him. He will protect his wife.

  Rui is sitting on a stone bench under a flowering Canary tree with LiMei on his lap. He has one arm wrapped around her tiny waist while playing with her hair. He lifts the ink black strands looped between his fingers and inhales the refreshing jasmine scent. LiMei leans forward to catch a falling bright yellow flower then plays with it in her hand, twirling the vibrant flower around by the short stem.

 The picturesque scene  is witnessed by Su Wanqing who is hiding not far away. When Yang Chenxi told her that Rui was going to the lake she assumed he would want to ride Diablo. She hurriedly changed into a sexy pair of white shorts that barely cover her round ass and red crop top, underneath she is wearing a skimpy red bikini. When she approached the stables she was frozen in place and the joy of being reunited with Rui shattered.

  Su Wanqing’s eyes turn red and she digs her fingernails into the palms of her hand. She sees Rui smile and put the flower behind the girl’s ear then kiss her lips. Jealousy consumes her mind and she can barely control the impulse to rush over and throw the girl off his lap and out of his arms. Who the hell is the little slut with my Rui! I will kill the little bitch for seducing him. 

   Little Ming strides out of the stable holding onto the reins of the tall muscular horse. Rui lifts LiMei up into his arms and carries her over to the shiny black horse. He walks in front of Diablo and silently warns him not to cause trouble. He carefully puts LiMei on the horse then quickly jumps up onto Diablo’s back  with one hand holding the reins the other resting on her stomach. LiMei suddenly squirms, “Rui, I’m afraid. Let’s walk.”

   Rui presses his handsome face next to her ear and his voice is low and comforting, “You have me. Don’t be afraid.”

   LiMei has beads of sweat on her forehead, “I trust you but Diablo..why did you eat the apple I was going to feed him.”

   Rui chuckles, “Baby, He is my horse. He won’t hurt you.”

  “Diablo is your horse?”


   “I thought you two seemed to have the same personality.”


   Rui kicks Diablo and the agitated horse gallops through a stretch of green grass surrounded by lush towering trees. LiMei’s face contorts in fear as she squeals, “Not so fast! Slow down..RUIIIIII!”

  He chuckles and presses his chest on her back, so cute!

  Su Wanqing storms over to the stable and kicks the door startling Little Ming.

 She rushes over to him and pushes his chest, “THE WOMAN WITH QIAO RUI? WHO IS SHE?”

  The teenager trembles deathly afraid of Su Wanqing and her snakes, “Miss Su…calm down.”

  Holding him by the collar she squints her eyes and grits her teeth. She spits out, “One more chance before I send one of my snakes to warm your bed. Who is the woman?”

   He shivers from the bone chilling thought but doesn’t waver, “I..I don’t know…really I don’t know.” Between Miss Su and Brother Rui I am more afraid of Brother Rui. “Ask Master Wong.”

   She points to a beautiful brown and white horse eating hay in the third stall, “Saddle Chestnut.” I will find out myself and get rid of the little eyesore. QIAO RUI Is MINE!

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