LiMei Meets Baobei

Baobei finishes lunch then runs out to the Courtyard. He forgot he was angry with Jack and tosses the Black Hawk a saucy chicken wing.  He wipes the excess sauce on his short sleeved plaid shirt then while waving around the soft sword he glances around the area. When he doesn’t see Yang Chenxi, Baobei purses his full cherry red lips in disappointment whining, “Jack, when is Uncle Chenxi coming!”

   Jack chews the fragrant chicken wing and after he swallows he looks at Baobei with a pleading look.Only one? The little guy always gives me at least four! He must be angry!

   Baobei frowns, recalling Jack’s betrayal earlier, “ you think you deserve more chicken wings? You abandoned our friendship without blinking.”

   Jack flies closer apologetically softening his sound..keeeee..arrrr..keeee arr… while patting Baobei lightly with his feathery wing, Young Master, do you think I had a choice? Master Wong is not a person to trifle with when he is angry! 

   “I get it… Grandpa can be scary.” He pulls three plump chicken wings out of his shorts pocket, “I was saving these for Uncle Chenxi but you can have them.”

   “…”Obviously they were intended for me!  Before Baobei can change his mind Jack grabs the messy chicken wings in his talons and flies to a high branch on the imposing Banyan tree.

  Baobei looks up at him with an aggrieved expression, “I wasn’t done talking to you!”

   Jack ignores him because he is savoring the juicy chicken wings, No one can beat Auntie’s cooking! The sauce is savory with just the right amount of spicy goodness.The chicken is crispy on outside and the meat is tender.

    Baobei slashes the sword in the air,“Hmmph! That ungrateful bird has no manners thank you Baobei you are so awesome… nothing!

  The little boy is playing happily when Yang Chenxi enters the spacious Courtyard accompanied by Rui and LiMei. Rui awakened her before they arrived and she insisted on walking. He is holding her hand and she squeezes tighter when she sees Baobei standing on a stone table swinging the eye catching sword. “OH MY GOD, WHAT A CUTIE!”

  Baobei is startled by her exclamation and as he is about to fall off the table Yang Chenxi reaches out to catch him. Baobei’s eyes light up, “Uncle! You finally got here! I have been waiting all morning!”

   Yang Chenxi affectionately ruffles his hair, “You almost cracked your head on the ground. Didn’t I teach you that a warrior is always on alert?”

  Baobei’s chubby cheeks turn red, “I..I..WHO IS THAT WOMAN YELLING!”

  LiMei and Rui walk over to him and LiMei apologizes then praises him, “I’m sorry handsome. I didn’t expect to see such a good looking swordsman. Your moves are so awesome!”

  The tips of Baobei’s ears turn crimson red as he gazes at LiMei. Stars fill his sparkling ink black eyes, she looks like a fairy in one of my books. He puts his chubby hand on his mouth and coughs then in a milky sweet voice he stammers, “ Sister, it is me that is sorry.” He whispers in Yang Chenxi’s ear , “Uncle let me down, I’m not a baby.”

   Yang Chenxi’s lips curl up in a knowing smile as he puts the chubby youngster on the ground. Baobei wants to impress the little fairy so he rests his hand on the hilt of the sword stuck in the ground and straightens his back. I think this is a handsome pose.Yang Chenxi can barely hold back his laughter watching the little guy posturing. He is attempting to look manly but is wearing denim shorts with suspenders that accentuates his short fat legs. The tennis shoes he is wearing have a bright yellow Pikachu on the side of the high tops.

 LiMei has a dazzling smile that captivates the little fat man, “My name is Feng LiMei, what is your name?”

   “Wong Baochuan, but you can call me Baobei.”

   “Baobei, your sword is beautiful.”

  “Ahh..thank you but it is my Grandpa’s..he loaned it to me so I could defeat Uncle Chenxi.”


  Rui’s pupils constrict and he has a frosty expression observing  the two interact. He curtly asks,”Wong Hu is your Grandfather?”

  Baobei suddenly snaps out of his infatuated daze and notices the cold looking man holding the beautiful fairy’s little hand. He has a displeased expression as he turns to Yang Chenxi, “Uncle, who is this man?” He points the Jian at Rui, “Strangers aren’t allowed.”

  Yang Chenxi wants to laugh seeing the sparks fly in the air between the two, “Brother Rui..” He looks up at Jack who is chewing a chicken bone and ignoring them. “I wrote in the message that he would be coming. Where is Master?”

  “Grandpa? He is in the meditation cave and won’t return until tonight. Beautiful Sister, can I touch the bunny ears?” They must feel good to touch. He is itching to see if the pink ears are as fluffy as they look. 

   She lets go of Rui’s hand then kneels down, “Sure.” She brushes the wet strands of hair from his forehead the takes a handkerchief from her pocket. LiMei tenderly wipes the beads of sweat off his small face.

   Rui’s eyebrows crease together watching the scene of them laughing as Baobei tugs on the ears. He impatiently pulls LiMei up, “I think we should go rest in our room until Wong Hu returns. Go tell the Housekeeper that we have arrived.”

   LiMei takes off her bunny hat and puts it on Baobei’s head, “A meeting gift. I didn’t prepare anything for you.”

   Baobei’s heart flutters in excitement as his pudgy fingers caress the soft fluffy ears. He impulsively hugs LiMei’s thin legs, “Thank you! Thank you!”

   Rui’s face darkens and he impatiently pries the chubby little dumpling off LiMei’s slender legs, “Go.” 

    Relieved that Su Wanqing is nowhere in sight he wants to avoid her until Wong Hu comes back. 

   LiMei sweetly says in a gentle voice, “Baobei,I am a little tired and would like to rest until your grandfather returns. Maybe you can show me your sword skills later.”

   “ You are tired? Okay..I will hurry and bring Old Lin!” He scurries to the front door of the Main House and after he leaves LiMei pulls on Rui’s sleeve, “Baobei is so adorable don’t scare him.”

   He takes her into his arms and lowers his head to kiss her tempting soft lips. When she is breathless he nibbles on her ear and in a hoarse voice says, “His hands were dirty.”

   She looks down at her jeans that are torn at the knee and dirty from hiking through the forest. LiMei laughs, “I need to take a bath and change out of these clothes anyway.”

  Baobei returns, dragging an elderly man by the hand. The old Housekeeper has a shocked look on his wrinkled face. He pulls on his braided white beard, the boy said a beautiful fairy was with that brat Yang Chenxi. Regaining his composure he greets them, “The rooms are prepared but I wasn’t informed a woman was accompanying you. I will prepare another room.”

  Rui replies, “No need, Feng LiMei is my wife.”

  “…” Did the Sun rise in the West today? 

 Yang Chenxi pats Housekeeper Lin on the back, “It is true… she is Brother Rui’s little wife.”

  Baobei has a stunned expression gazing at the two of them, the little fairy is married to the bad tempered man? I must rescue her… she must have been forced to marry the bad man.

  Housekeeper Lin awkwardly smiles, “Congratulations Qiao Rui. The Master will be pleased you found such a beautiful wife.” He will be as shocked as Baobei and me…the little girl ‘s aura is pure and she has a golden glow around her body.What does she see in a cold and heartless man like you? Although your aura is not as pitch black as when you lived with Master it is still a dark gray.

  “Which way to our rooms?”

   LiMei smiles prettily at Housekeeper Lin and bows towards him, “Thank you for your trouble.”

    He is momentarily entralled by her dazzling smile and sincere expression, “No trouble..this way.”

   LiMei holds Rui’s hand as they walk down a curved path through a small bamboo forest. Housekeeper points to a small Courtyard on the left, “Yang Chenxi..for you.”

  Yang Chenxi nods, “Thanks.” He opens the gate and walks into the familiar yard.

  Rui and LiMei follow him to a larger Courtyard. Rui has a complicated expression on his face looking at his old residence. Housekeeper Lin stops at the gate, “If you need anything use the phone in the living room. You can’t make outside calls but can call anywhere in the Compound.”

  He turns to leave and notices Baobei is following LiMei like a little tail. “Baobei, it is time for your lesson, come to the study.”

  Baobei’s round black eyes show his unwillingness and he scrunches up his small face, “Uncle Lin, I don’t want to study today I want to stay with Feng LiMei.”

  Rui sneers, “Scram.”

  LiMei shakes her head and gives Rui a disapproving look. She softly reminds the disappointed little boy, “Baobei, remember I said I need to rest? I will come find you when you are finished studying.”

  He scratches his fluffy head, “Oh…you did say that…but you will come find me afterwards?”

  She bends down and takes his fleshy soft hand curling his soft little finger around hers, “Promise.”

   Baobei’s tips of his ears redden and his small cherry lips form a childish smile, “Okay.” He looks over her shoulder at Rui glaring at him and narrows his eyes, Bad man..I will help the little fairy get away from you!

   When Rui and LiMei enter the Courtyard LiMei gasps looking at the ancient style building surrounded by lush green grass and beautiful flowers, “Really beautiful!” She touches the water in the stone fountain, “Rui, can we go to the lake this afternoon?”

   He hugs her from behind and rests his head on her shoulder then licks her earlobe, “Baby, you are that anxious to have a swimming lesson?”

   “Hmmm…I want to be able to swim in the ocean before we have to leave to go home.”

   Rui’s voice is low and seductive as his warm breath sprays on her neck. “Wife, how are you going to compensate me?”

   Rui leans his taut body onto her slender back and wraps a hand around her tiny waist. He plays with her silky hair with his other hand, looping the strands through his fingers inhaling her unique sweet fragrance.

LiMei can feel his hardness pressing on her body and she has a mischievous gleam in her deep green eyes. She turns around then stands on her tiptoes, wrapping her thin arms around his neck she bites her bottom lip then teases,”Hmm..I will make you a bowl of the noodles that you like.”


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