Sara Meets Li Feng

   After Li Tian storms out of the office Li Liang calls his son, “Have you left?”

   “Leaving now.”

   “ Well, you need to delay for an hour. James will need to pick up your cousin Tian, he will be going with you to Bashu City.”

   “ way.”

   “You don’t have a say.”

   Li Feng throws down his luggage and whines,  “Dad..come on…I will suffocate in the car riding with that stiff. Why can’t he take one of his cars?”

   “Are you questioning me? That wouldn’t be in your best interest. And Feng..don’t annoy your cousin with your nonsense.”

   Li Feng jumps up and down stomping his brand new MJ’s on the marble floor then kicks the wall in frustration. “Dad..” Suddenly he hears his mother at the top of the stairs, if Dad knows I woke up Mom it’s all over. He moves to the kitchen, “Okay Dad. Will do. Gotta go tell James.” He quickly hangs up and gets a bottle of water from the refrigerator as his mother enters.

  Wei Minnie rubs her eyes and takes a glass from the cupboard, “Baby, what was all that noise? I thought you were leaving.”

   He blinks a few times, “I dropped my luggage when Dad called.”

  She opens a bottle of energy drink,“Your Dad called? Is he coming home soon?”

  “Ahh I don’t know. He told me that Cousin Tian is going to ride with me to Bashu City.”

  She has an incredulous expression and spills the drink. Wei Minnie’s beautiful dark brown eyes widen in shock, “Why in the world would your cousin go with you?”

  “Dad didn’t say.”

  She wipes up the spill, “That is really weird. Your cousin..well…”  My poor Baby, that sounds like hell being in the car for three hours with that iceberg. She shivers thinking about her nephew’s cold and terrifying aura. She smoothes her son’s messy hair then strokes his arm, “Feng’er, don’t annoy him okay?”

   “MOM! HE WILL ANNOY ME!” He tosses the empty bottle into the trash, “Every time I am close to that guy I can’t breathe! I feel like my soul is getting sucked out when he looks at me with those pitch black demonic eyes. He scares the shit out of me… more than Grandfather!”

   Wei Minnie laughs, “ Baby, don’t use vulgar language.” She sips the cranberry flavored drink and squints her eyes, “Eww. I don’t like this flavor.” She sets down the glass, “ Well… don’t provoke will be fine.” She shakes her head, “I just don’t understand why he would..why your father would..well just do as he says.”

  “I have no choice… but if I die from lack of oxygen on the way to Bashu City I hope Dad regrets his unilateral decision.”

  She hugs him then kisses his cheek,“So melodramatic.”

  Li Feng’s phone rings, “Why aren’t you here?” Li Tian packed quickly, thinking the sooner he goes to Bashu City the sooner he can return and continue his search for Sara.

   Li Feng’s eyelashes tremble and the phone in his hand drops on the kitchen floor. Rattled, he picks it up and stutters, “I’m..I’m on my way.”

   Li Tian abruptly hangs up leaving Li Feng staring at his phone. Beads of sweat form on his forehead, “Mom. I gotta go.” He scrambles out of the kitchen and grabs his luggage.


   After the driver picks up Li Tian they head for Bashu City. The Li cousins seem to have a tacit understanding…don’t engage..don’t disturb…stay in your own space. Neither one is interested in making the three hour trip more uncomfortable. Li Tan is on his laptop reading the background information about the Old Man and Li Feng has his headphones on listening to Kang Jin while playing a video game on his phone. Although the temperature in the vehicle is lowered from Li Tian’s aura, the ride goes smoothly.

   Disregarding the fact Li Hong told him to stay at Shaoting’s villa Li Tian instructs the driver as they enter the exclusive community, “Drop me off at the villa down to the left of Shaoting’s property.”

  Li Feng has taken off his headphones and when he hears Li Tian, he can’t hide the excitement in his voice, “Cousin, you aren’t staying at Shaoting’s?”

  Li Tian narrows his eyes and stares at Li Feng. “Did I ever say I was staying there?”

  “ my Dad..” He feels a suffocating pressure in his chest, “Haha..Forget it..none of my business.”

  “Good you know.”

   Li Tian puts away his laptop, Damn that old fox…I need to wrap this up quickly and continue the search for Song Sara. Well, since I am here I can talk to Weisheng and see if he can get me any intel on the little girl’s whereabouts.

    When the driver pulls up  to the tall iron gate a formidable looking security guard approaches the Silver Rolls Royce Phantom.

 Li Tian rolls down the window and the guard asks, “Name?”

   “Li Tian.”

  The guard was informed he would be arriving, “Identification.”

  He hands him his ID. The guard only has authorization for him and not the teenager. “You can come in but not the boy.”

   Li Tian turns to Li Feng. “Walk to your brother’s house. I’m going to need the car.”

   The teenager grumbles,  “But it is snowing..”  When he sees the indifferent and cold look on his cousin’s face he begrudgingly opens the door.  The driver,James, is already opening the trunk. He used to work for Li Hong and knows Li Tian’s domineering attitude;so he can only quietly sympathize with Young Master Li Feng.

  The guard opens the gate as James gets into the driver’s seat. Li Feng angrily turns around watching as the Rolls Royce Phantom goes up the steep driveway to the beautiful mountain top villa.  When the car is out of sight he raises his fist and shakes it in the cold mountain air, “Someday… Cousin..You Big Devil! You just wait…!!!”

   Li Feng pulls up his collar and lowers his face, the biting icy wind is bone chilling. He kicks the snow as he curses Li Tian for forcing him out of the heated car.

   Li Tian sneezes then tells James, “Wait in the car. I need to go into the City.” He looks at his watch then steps out of the car.  

   After trudging through the snow Li Feng’s boyish face is frostbitten and a bright red. He is covered in snow from head to foot and breathing heavily by the time he reaches his brother’s villa. 

   Ringing the doorbell he stomps his expensive wet MJ’s that are ruined from trekking through the deep snow. Damn that bastard! 

   The butler answers the door, “Young Master, hurry inside.”

   Li Feng takes off the wet shoes and his socks that are soaked and puts on a pair of slippers. He sniffles, “Butler Chen where is my brother?”

   “He is in the kitchen.”

   Li Feng is livid as he storms into the kitchen ready to vent his anger about Li Tian but he stops in his tracks. There is a beautiful woman standing by the stove holding a spoon to his brother’s mouth.

   They both look up and Shaoting asks, “Why is your face so red?”

   He can’t hold back his frustration and annoyance. “WHY? WHY?” He clenches his jaw and in an aggrieved tone blurts out, “Because our cousin is a completely selfish basta…man… devoid of any human feelings! I had to walk in the snow because he needed the car. I mean seriously he could have dropped me off here first!”

   Sara looks at his sorry appearance with worry, “Sit. I will make you a cup of Ginger Tea.”

   Shaoting grimaces, “Mom said James was driving you, she didn’t mention he was coming.” He realizes he should introduce Sara, “Feng, this is my friend Song Sara. Sara, this is my brother.”

   Sara smiles brightly, “It is my pleasure to meet you Tang Feng.” She notices him shivering. ” I don’t mean to overstep but you should take a hot bath to take the chill away or you will get sick. Tang Wu could bring you the tea.”


  Before Li Feng says my name is Li Feng, his brother grabs his arm and pulls him away, “Yeah. That is a good idea.”

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