Danger In The Forest

   Su Wanqing anxiously quickens her pace through the winding pathways to her compound to clean the dress that she carefully chose to wear for her reunion with Rui. She curses Baobei as she removes the exquisite dress and carefully lays it on a counter. Stinky spoiled brat!

Furious that her expensive Chegonsam might be ruined she gets a cloth to wipe the dirt. Wearing only her bra and underwear she daps at the brown handprints, damn little nuisance!  When she finishes cleaning the silk Cheongsam she hangs it up to dry then walks to her full length mirror.

A rare male Sytra snake is lazily curled on the soft and luxurious bed sleeping until a mosquito bothers him. He instantly captures the pesky mosquito with his forked tongue as he watches Su Wanqing.

   After admiring her curvaceous body in the mirror, Su Wanqing walks over to the bed and sits down next to the snake. She affectionately picks up the glimmering pink snake and smiles brightly. “ Diamond, am I not the most beautiful and seductive woman in the world?”

The snake’s eyes flicker seeming to understand and nods his flat head covered in diamond shaped markings in agreement. She kisses the snake then puts it on her lap. Lovingly running her long slender finger down its back she sighs, “Soon my love will be lying in this bed with me again.” She glances at a metal incense burner on the nightstand then raises her red lips in an arc “I will coax him with my irresistible charm and my even harder to resist  aphrodisiac.”

She lies on the bed as the snake glides up her stomach then nestles in the valley between her breasts comfortably resting his head on the soft mounds. She strokes his back as the beautiful snake hisses enjoying her petting.

  Unbeknownst to the delusional woman Rui is in the forest below the Compound with his beautiful young wife adoringly gazing at her adorable expression.

LiMei is sitting on a large rock wrinkling her small nose, taking a deep breath while fanning herself with the bunny hat as the three of them take a break. Rui wipes the sweat off LiMei’s forehead with his handkerchief and hands her a bottle of water. He has a worried expression because her face is flushed red from exhaustion. ”Baby, let me carry you.”

   “Rui, you have the heavy backpack. I’m fine.” She gulps the water,” Ahh..I needed that.” She smiles, “I’m just a little hot.” She rolls up her jeans and scratches her itchy ankle dotted with red marks. He wrinkles his eyebrows as he kneels down then holds her foot checking her ankle. She frowns when he touches her inflamed skin, “Hurts.”

   “It looks like you were scratched by the thorns on a Shuri bush. He picks a few from her pant leg then says, “Chenxi, give me the black bag in the backpack you are carrying.”

   After Chenxi hands him his medical bag Rui takes out a pair of tweezers and tube of ointment,  “This will sting for a minute.” He dabs the area with disinfectant then gently pulls out the tiny end of one of the thorns with the tweezers. LiMei quivers from the stinging sensation and bites her bottom lip, Rui sees her pained expression, “If the thorns stay under your skin they will irritate your nerve endings and the pain will get worse. Bear with it okay Baby.”

  LiMei puts her hand on his shoulder and fights back tears, why does a little thorn hurt so much! Ahhhh… 

   He finishes and applies the soothing ointment and gently puts a white bandage on her thin ankle. He smiles because LiMei has her eyes closed and she is still digging her small fingernails into his shoulder. He holds her hand, “Done.”

   She opens her  watery green eyes that are clouded with a thin mist , “Wh..why did a few thorns hurt so much?”

   “The insects that live in the bush secrete a nerve irritant on the thorns as a protective measure. It isn’t toxic but if any small animals try to get into the bush they are deterred by the stinging effect.” He pulls her white sock up, “No arguments I’m carrying you.”

   LiMei flexes her ankle and chuckles, “Well I guess you need to because my ankle is numb. How much further?”

    He heard her stomach grumble, “Hungry?”

    She blushes, “Umm..a little.”

   Rui hands her a plum then drinks some water, “We should be there in a half hour.” He walks over to Yang Chenxi, “Has Master changed the formations surrounding the perimeter? I detect a dark mist to the right.”

   “Yes, but I am familiar. You will need to follow my steps after we pass the grove of orange trees.”

     Rui glances over at LiMei, “I am going to put LiMei to sleep. I think she would be frightened by the creatures that live by the Black Swamp.”

   “Probably a good idea. If she were to become frightened and scream the beasts would be aware of our presence and that could cause them to attack.”

   LiMei eats the juicy plum while watching Rui and Yang Chenxi with their heads together talking in hushed tones. She puts on her bunny hat and limps over to them. “Rui, is everything okay?”

   He hugs her into his arms, “We were discussing the best trail to take.” He plays with one of the bunny ears while gazing at her upturned face. He grins as he wipes the purple juice from her mouth then licks his finger. Rui holds her hand up then takes a bite of the plum, feeding her with his mouth. He sucks on her glistening lips stained from the juice, “Little Bunny…so sweet.” 

   LiMei pulls him down by his shirt and presses her lips to his mouth. He embraces her tighter as her small tongue enters his mouth. They kiss until they hear Yang Chenxi coughing, he scratches his short beard, “Ahh..We should go.”

  Rui gives him an icy look then lifts LiMei up into his arms. She looks up at him and smiles as she holds onto his shoulders. Resting her head on his chest she inhales his unique fragrance and softly says, “Husband…I love you.”

   He kisses her on the top of her head and teases, “Wife, what did you say? I couldn’t quite hear you.”

   LiMei blushes and buries her head in his chest, “Nothing..I didn’t say anything”

   Rui’s lips turn up in an arc because she seldom says those sweet words to him. Yang Chenxi points to the orange grove and Rui presses on LiMei’s shoulder at the base of her neck. She instantly falls into a deep sleep.

   Both Rui and Yang Chenxi lighten their footsteps as they reach the dangerous area around the Black Swamp. They condense their breath and meticulously avoid the  protective formations set up by Wong Hu. 

   Although their steps are light as they carefully avoid the traps their movements catch the attention of a sleeping Bejii, a massive beast with black and red fur. 

   The hungry Bejii immediately begins to drool from the enticing aroma of the three people on the edge of the formation. The last time it tasted human organs was over two months ago. Behind the swaying reeds it peeks its huge head out to see what  a delectable feast it is about to devour. The ravenous animal is unable to control the flow of saliva and Yang Chenxi can smell the beast from the foul stench. 

   He motions to Rui then with lightning speed flies to where the unsuspecting Bejii is lying in wait.  When Yang Chenxi suddenly appears the ferocious beast quickly reacts. Rearing its massive head exposing razor sharp teeth, sticking out a thick purple tongue the Bejii agilely lunges towards him. Surprised by the speed of the monstrous beast Yang Chenxi leaps up a nearby tree to avoid the toxic slime.While hanging in midair he throws a dagger aimed between the beast’s bulging red eyes.

   Struck by the long sharp dagger the  beast lets out an angry growl. Shaking its furry head and using its paw the dagger is embedded too deep and can’t be dislodged. Blood is getting matted in the thick fur and clouding the beast’s vision. Undaunted with the dagger stuck between its eyes the injured Bejii springs towards the tree.

   Rui sees Yang Chenxi is in danger and reluctantly lays LiMei down in a patch of soft grass. He rushes towards the howling beast as it stands on its hind legs with its claws in the trunk of the tree.

Rui gathers his internal energy and waves his palms in a circular motion. The powerful energy condenses into a ball hovering in the air. Rui waves his palms and the glowing energy speeds towards the enraged beast’s heart. Struck in the chest its massive body falls to the ground with a gaping hole where its heart should be. The tree sways from the force and Yang Chenxi jumps down.

   He wipes the sweat from his forehead then pats Rui on the shoulder. “Fuck Bro..You really did ascend.” Yang Chenxi’s eyes are full of admiration, “ I have heard of the heart dissolving technique but have never seen that move implemented.”

  Rui knocks off Yang Chenxi’s clammy hand, “Keep this to yourself. Don’t tell Master and…” He looks to where LiMei is laying in the grass, “Never..NEVER..reveal my abilities to my wife.” Rui has a hint of a teasing smile but his tone is threatening, “Or I might have to use this technique on you.”

   He gently picks up LiMei into his embrace then kisses her on the forehead, my sweet wife can never know how  cruel and merciless I am…or what I have done with Snake Woman to achieve this level.

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