Flip Of A Coin

   When Li Liang arrives at the Li Group’s headquarters he goes directly to Li Hong’s office. When he enters he sees Li Tian pacing around the room. He looks around, “Where is your father?”

  “Uncle Liang talk to him! I can’t go to Bashu City right now! I am too fucking busy!”

  He stares at his nephew’s distraught appearance, What is wrong with him? He has stubble on his chin and it looks like he hasn’t slept in days. The usually emotionless boy’s aura is chaotic, his eyes are bloodshot and he has dark circles under his eyes. “Tian, I don’t know what the situation is until I talk to your father. He only told me to come to the Company, not why.”

  Li Hong enters the room followed by three of the top lawyers from the Long and Fenxi Law Firm. He nods to his brother, “Good you are here.”

   A middle aged woman comes into the room carrying a teapot and teacups on a tray. She sets the tray on a rosewood table, her knees are shaking as she bows towards the three intimidating  men. 

  Agitated Li Tian looks at the three stiff looking men following his father. He angrily growls, “Incompetant morons! If you did your job properly this wouldn’t have happened!”

  Li Tian’s father sternly admonishes him, “Tian, now is not the time to point fingers we need to resolve this matter. That is why I called you both here. We need to rectify the situation before it snowballs and affects the stock prices of Li Enterprises.”

    Li Liang has a concerned look on his face as he looks at his brother who under most circumstances is as steady as Mt. Tai, “Explain clearly.”


  The two brothers sit down and Li Tian remains standing, “I won’t be here that long.”

  Li Tian’s father seldom raises his voice but commands him, “I SAID SIT!”

  He reluctantly sits at the table and his father says to the lawyer standing closest to him. “Give me the documents.”

  “This was an oversight on our end. The only way  Old Man Guo will agree to our terms is if father brings him the set of daggers then kneels and apologizes. Father is too old to kowtow so one of us needs to deal with that. I have to stay here and keep the company afloat, make sure no rumors leak. So it is up to one of you.”

   “Sorry I am too busy, Uncle Liang will have to go.”

  “I can’t, I have important plans this week. This is the first time Minnie and I will be alone in the house in over a year! I’m not going!”

   Li Hong would vomit blood if he knew these two men didn’t want to go because of their women.

  The corner of his mouth twitches, “You are members of this family…I guess you two don’t grasp the gravity of the situation because you branched off developing your own companies forgetting your background.”  He points to the amount of money Li Group will lose if the project doesn’t get finished. “Do you think this is a fucking joke? We have expended countless hours of manpower and money to complete the construction of the new airport outside Bashu City. It took over a year of negotiation to get the contract.

The construction has been ongoing for the past three years, it is due to be opened in the Spring. If the Old Man blocks the use of the airspace in the surrounding area, the new airport will be deserted, the towers… terminals—unusable garbage.  Besides the loss of money our credibility will be destroyed and our noble family will be reduced to a laughingstock. Is that what you want for your ancestors’ legacy, an empty shell of a family?”

  Li Tian’s face turns darker, he scoffs, “No one owns the fucking air…. that is ridiculous.”

 Li Hong explains the situation as his fingers tap the gold rimmed porcelain teacup, “Typically that is the case but you forget the bastard’s identity as a former Commander of the Armed Forces. The area surrounding the airport belongs to him and he must have had the area designated by the government as restricted airspace. The reason he was able to do this is unclear, but this is a letter we received yesterday from his attorneys.”

   A tall man wearing an expensive black pinstriped suit hands him the letter. “In addition to this letter we received this official document from Beijiing.” He pushes up his gold framed glasses, “As per your request we filed papers in the court for further more in depth proof.”

   Li Hong’s body stiffens looking at the top document’s dated stamp. “He planned this..the old sly fox meticulously planned his revenge. Instead of preventing us from being outbid he sat back and has been enjoying watching us sink our time and money into this project. All the while knowing our painstaking efforts were going to be fruitless without his consent.”

  Li Tian’s veins bulge on his forehead and the aura surrounding him becomes like an ice cellar. Unable to control his rage he slams his hand down and the teacups shake spilling tea on the polished wood table. He angrily glares at the lawyer standing by the table holding a briefcase and throws the stack of papers at him. “Why does Li Group pay you an exorbitant retainer? Do your fucking job! File the goddamn papers and take the old motherf***er to court. He sold us the land knowing full well an airport was to be built. That is fraud isn’t it?”

  Li Tian’s father holds his head, “You and that temper!” He apologizes, “Don’t mind my son, I know this isn’t your firm’s fault. I don’t think anyone could have anticipated this turn of events. Now we need to solve it so we can proceed.”

   He turns to Li Tian, “Filing complaints and lawsuits take time and our gaffe would be exposed. Yes, we probably would win but is it worth the effort? It would become public knowledge once it is in the courts. Use your brain!  I spelled out the situation: loss of money…loss of prestige…turmoil with the Board of Directors and the price of our stock would plummet. All of which even with a judgment in our favor won’t change the fact it is fait accompli. Li Group will be in shambles.”

  Li Liang is sitting with his legs crossed listening to his brother.“I knew father and him were sworn enemies but after so many years I thought age had weakened the desire for revenge on Old Guo’s’ part. Who could have foreseen that the old fart would sit like a patient snake in the grass waiting for the perfect moment to strike.”

  “It is imperative we take care of this immediately before any news leaks to the press. So which one of you will go with father?”

  Li Tian and Li Liang lock eyes neither one immediately agreeing to go. Li Hong takes a deep breath to calm himself. “State your reasons why you can’t go. I will decide.”

  Both men hesitate then they both spit out at the same time, “Personal.”

  Li Hong’s face darkens and he takes a coin from his pocket, “Let fate decide. Brother what do you call.”


  Li Hong flips the coin and the three men watch as it turns in the air then spins on the table. When it finally lands Li Liang breathes a sigh of relief and pats Li Tian on the shoulder “Have a good trip nephew.”

   Li Tain is unwilling…very unwilling.. he balks, “Two out of three…two out of three.”

  Li Hong shakes his head, “Are you even my son? Accept you lost and go pack your bags.”

   Li Liang looks at his watch. “Feng is going to visit Shaoting, you can ride with him and stay at Shaoting’s villa.”

   “Hell no!” He storms towards the door muttering under his breath, “Why not do two out of three… I didn’t get to choose.”

   Li Hong stands up, “WAIT!”

   Li Tian turns around he sounds annoyed, “What?”

   “I don’t want anyone to know you are in Bashu City. Liang had a good idea.  It would be best if you rode with Little Feng and stayed at your cousin Shaoting’s villa. The property is nicely located in an exclusive community outside the city with top of the line security. If anyone inquires, you are vacationing with your cousins.”

  “Dammit!” He clenches his jaw and turns to the man with a satisfied smile on his handsome face,  “Uncle Liang! I will remember this!”

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