Li Tian’s Uncle Liang

     A middle aged woman dressed in a maid’s uniform has been watching Sara and Li Shaoting in an inconspicuous hiding place by the winding staircase. Unable to hear the conversation because she is too far away, she can only listen to their laughter and watch the intimate behavior between them. After they leave she hurries to her room and makes a call. This should be worth a bonus…the Young Master has never brought a woman to the villa.

   When Li Shaoting’s mother, Wei Minnie receives the phone call she doesn’t know whether to be happy or worried. When she quizzes the maid she isn’t satisfied with her vague responses. She puts down the scissors in her hand and looks for her husband. He is watching television in the living room and she sits down next to him on the couch. “Honey, Shaoting has a woman living in his villa in Bashu City!”

   He raises his thick eyebrows and mutes the television, “Who is she? One of those cheap women in the Circle?”

  Wei Minnie lovingly pushes some messy hair from his forehead, “I don’t know. The idiot I planted in his house only said the woman is young and very beautiful. She told me Shaoting had a pampering look on his face but couldn’t hear the conversation between them.”

   Li Liang tightens his grip on the glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in his hand, “Stinky brat! She must be one of those women looking to use Shaoting to climb up. Despicable!”

  “We don’t know that for sure but what decent girl moves into a man’s home? I don’t know…the maid didn’t have much information. “ I don’t want him to get scammed. He isn’t like his cousin Tian, cold and calculating, Shaoting is too gentle and kind.” She takes a piece of apple from a   plate on the coffee table. “Honey, what should we do?”

  “Tell the brat to bring the woman home so we can meet the girl.”

  She playfully slaps his arm, “Then he will know we have a spy in his villa…that won’t work.”

  “Minnie, you have spoiled that boy his entire life. When I refused to let him enter the Entertainment Circle you convinced me he would get bored and come back. That was two years ago.”

   “Liang, is it so wrong that he is doing what he loves? Shaoting is an excellent actor, look at the awards he has received and he is extremely popular.”

   “Pfft! He is my son Li Shaoting! Heir of the Li family! Yet he is known as Film Emperor Tang Wu. Do you know how much flack I need to listen to from my friends whose sons have followed them into business! They love to tell me how Shaoting is popular now because of his pretty face! PRETTY FACE!”

   Wei Minnie caresses her husband’s cheek, “Well my handsome husband… he has good genes..of course he is the most handsome. Do you remember in High School and University how the girls chased after you because you were the handsome School Prince? I had so many rivals I never thought I would capture you.” She leans over and kisses his lips, “Since when did you care what those stupid friends of yours think?They are just jealous that your family is so good looking.”

  He flips the beautiful woman over and presses her down on the couch. Li Liang has a twinkle in his deep eyes as he nibbles on her creamy white earlobe, “Still flattering me for that boy huh?” He traps her with his muscular thighs and leans over her, brushing several strands of lush dark brown hair off her face that is still as flawless as the day they met at the opening ceremony in High School. Li Liang’s voice is low and slightly hoarse “My love, how will you convince me not to drag that boy back home by the scruff of his neck.”

   Wei Minnie giggles as he puts his hand under her blouse.”You are so bad.”

   They are making out on the couch like a couple of love starved teenagers when a handsome young boy wearing a high school uniform enters the room. He chokes on the juicy red plum he is chewing, “GROSS! Take it upstairs! You two you are hurting my eyes!”

  Since his fun has been interrupted Li Liang sits up and puts his wife on his lap, “Stinky brat! Aren’t you supposed to be at school?”

  Wei Minnie straightens her blue silk blouse that has come untucked from her beige wool pants, “Baby, why are you home?”

  “Do you pay any attention to me at all? It is the beginning of Winter Break. We had a half day…I told you yesterday when I said I wanted to go to Bashu City, Shaoting is there for the week.”

  Wei Minnie’s eyes light up, “You are going to visit your brother?”

  Li Feng rolls his eyes and impatiently raises his voice, “I just said that!”

 Li Liang’s forehead is full of black lines, “Don’t use that tone with your mother or I will beat you with the board!”

 Wei Minnie tugs on her husband’s loosened collar and presses her lips on his ear softly saying, “This is our chance to find out about the young woman at Shaoting’s villa.”

   Li Liang agrees,“En. It is a good opportunity.”

  Taking another bite of the plum he steps closer to the couch, “What are you two whispering about?”

 They both say in unison, “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!”

 “Well, can I go?”

  “Yes. I will arrange for James to drive you. Get ready, you can leave as soon as you are packed.”

  “…” Those two act like lovestruck idiots, they want the house to themselves so they can.. He shakes his head, eeekkk…what are you gross!

 After he leaves the living room Wei Minnie gazes into Li Liang’s eyes with a lustful look, “That means we will have the house to ourselves this week!”

  Li Liang tightens his arms around her curvaceous body and raises his thin lips in a mischievous smile.  “I will work from home…very hard.” He kisses his wife passionately then puts her slender hand on his crotch. She giggles, “So big.”

  The handsome man’s voice is raspy, “Isn’t that why you married me?” When his warm breath sprays on her ear she feels like she is melting in his strong embrace, “Honey, let’s go upstairs.”

  Picking her up he carries her out of the living room and the phone in his pocket rings as they reach their bedroom door. He grimaces, Who the hell is calling!

   Wei Minnie reaches into his pocket for his ringing phone. When she sees the caller she raises an eyebrow and hands him the phone. He mutters, “Fuck!” He lays his disheveled wife on the luxurious bed then answers, “Really bad timing Brother, what is it?” 

  “You need to come to the company.”


  “Yeah now.”

   He looks down at the tent in his pants and the alluring woman on the bed. “I’m in the middle of something I can be there in… hour or so.”


     Li Liang hurriedly sheds his clothes and smiles as he presses his fit body on his beautiful wife. He unbuttons her blouse then slips off her skirt.

  After he tosses his wife on the bed he takes a shower and gets dressed. When he is leaving the bedroom he glances back at Wei Minnie who is sitting up clutching the quilt. “I don’t know how long I will be at the office. Hong didn’t say what it is about.”

   She has a satisfied smile on her face as she pats the bed, “Well…I will wait for you.”

   He walks back to the bed and bends down and kisses her forehead, “It might take awhile. Make sure you eat dinner.”

   “Hmm..” She wraps her arms around his neck and coquettishly pouts, “Tell brother in law I am not happy with him taking you away from me”,then kisses him.

  Li Liang has an amused expression looking at her messy hair and smeared red lipstick, “I have to go.”

  Downstairs he sees his son lounging on the couch with his feet on the glass coffee table. He takes a few long strides over and kicks Li Feng’s feet off the table. “I am going to go to the company. Don’t disturb your mother, she is tired. James will drive you to Shaoting’s villa.”

  Li Feng stands up and scratches his head, “Dad…Can you put more money on my card? I spent this month’s allowance.”

  Li Liang looks at his lanky son who is almost as tall as him now. “Feng, you need to curb your spending. It’s not about the money but your frivolous attitude. What your mother and I give you is more than sufficient for a boy your age. I will… but when you get back from Bashu City we need to have a serious discussion about you coming to the company. You can work part time after school. You are a Senior and need to learn some responsibility.”

  “Okay.” Li Feng doesn’t want to tell him that he has been investing in a small recording studio. He knows how his father feels about his brother’s career.

  Li Liang rubs his son’s head. “Very good.” He takes out his wallet and hands him a card, “Use this for your trip. We will sort out your allowance later.”

  “Thanks Dad.”

   Li Liang enters  the garage and looks at the numerous cars, then walks over to a Bentley Mulsanne. As he opens the door he thinks about his two sons, seems like just the other day I was pursuing their beautiful mother…Ahh… Minnie…I need to hurry and get back.

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      1. Ooh I can guess…And I bet he’s brought some ideas for the baby’s suite 🤣👏🏽. I think what would really have me rolling on the ground, is if her brother showed shorty after.


      1. Omg if it’s a girl she’s gonna be spoiled as hell!!! Any man who dares to have a crush on her will suffer an unimaginable fate 😂🤣👏🏽


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