Under The Stars

  When Rui and LiMei reach the upper deck LiMei gasps, “Hurry Rui put the wine down, let’s take a picture!” She hurries over to the railing, “The sunset is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be.”

  He sets down the wine bottle and glasses in a special table by two lounge chairs bolted to the deck. She waves to him and Rui thinks her smile is more dazzling than the vibrant sky. He lazily walks over and she grabs his sleeve. LiMei’s green eyes are sparkling, “I want a selfie with you and then a couple pictures of the sunset.”

  Rui takes his phone from his pocket and LiMei hugs him, turning her face towards the camera. He snaps the picture and she looks at the phone, “ Husband…you look so handsome… but smile this time okay?”

   “Give me the phone.” She holds out the phone and stands on her tiptoes then suddenly kisses his cheek.” Happy with the picture she shows him, “See…I like this one. Your smile is really sexy.”

  He chuckles, “Let me take one of you.”

  LiMei hands him the phone and leans on the railing then says,”Wait.” She takes her hair out of the ponytail then leans over and straightens up while fluffing her hair. He takes a deep breath, she is so fucking beautiful. LiMei’s ink black hair is blowing from the ocean breeze and her flowered knee length dress is fluttering. He is mesmerized by her beauty for a moment and LiMei frowns, “Rui! Hurry! I want to take one of you!”

   He took the picture as she was frowning and his lips curl up, LiMei looks adorable with that expression. He takes another, capturing her eyes bent in a crescent shape and smiling brightly revealing her cute dimples.

LiMei rushes over to look at the photos and slips. Flustered because she is dangerously close to the short railing Rui quickly catches her and nervously pulls her into his arms. “Little fool! Be careful.” Rui’s heart races as he embraces her tightly and his voice is trembling, “Don’t run on the deck, especially at night! The deck gets very slippery.” He anxiously kisses all over her face then LiMei feels her waist will break from his iron grip. “Baby…don’t scare me like that.”

LiMei stammers, “No more running.”

  Rui’s mood lightens, he holds her hand as they walk to the railing and gaze at the sunset. LiMei squeezes his hand, “So romantic.”

   He stands behind LiMei and wraps his arms around her willow thin waist. Suddenly he removes his hands and runs his fingers through her silky hair. Rui grips the hair in his hands and inhales her unique fragrance. He lets go of the hair and watches as it cascades down her slender back. Rui rests his head on her shoulder. “Since you haven’t got seasick why don’t I buy a sailboat? After I take care of some business at Qiao Group we can go on an extended honeymoon.” He licks on her tiny earlobe and she can feel his warm breath on her neck, “ Sail wherever you want.”

   LiMei looks out at the water and the sun sinking into the horizon, “What about the hospital?”

   “The Director can take over for me.” He turns LiMei around by her shoulders and greedily kisses her soft lips. Prying her lips open and twirling his tongue around hers he savors every sweet part of the inside of her mouth. Rui presses LiMei’s body into his chest and she has her small hands resting on his rapidly beating heart. He kisses LiMei until they are gasping for breath then licks her glistening lips, “Are you cold?”

  “No.” She giggles, “I’m actually a little hot.”

   He has a pampering tone, “Should we go to the cabin?”

   LiMei shakes her head, “Let’s drink the wine and watch the stars for awhile… they should be out soon.”

   They lazily walk to the lounge chairs. Rui pours the wine and hands her a glass then sits on the lounge chair and pats his lap. LiMei smiles then sits, “Rui do you think your friend will like me?”

   He plays with her snow white fingers, “Of course he will.”

   LiMei sips the sweet wine, “l want to see the photos you took.”

   Rui takes out his phone from his light gray trousers then hands it to LiMei. She smiles then says, “You took a picture of me frowning!” She is about to hit delete when he grabs the phone back, “I especially like that one.”

   She hits his chest with her small fists, “Delete!”

  He starts laughing, “No.” He kisses her puffed out cheek, “Only for me. I won’t show anyone.”

  LiMei pouts, “Promise?”

   Rui’s eyes are full of indulgence as he kisses LiMei, “Promise.”

   She leans on his chest and softly says, ‘Rui…Husband… I am very happy. So happy.”

    Listening to her sweet voice Rui buries his head in her neck, “Wife, so am I. The happiest I have ever been in my entire life.” 

   “What is your friend like? He lives on the Island by himself?”

   A crease forms between his sword-like eyebrows, “Wong Hu is a complicated man. When I was young he was my Master. And no he doesn’t live there by himself.”

   LiMei swallows her wine, “That isn’t much of a description. I just want him to like me.”

  “ He will.”

  LiMei wrinkles her nose, “I hope I can make a good impression. Who else lives there.”

 “A woman.”

  “Mr. Wong’s wife?”

  Rui chokes on his wine, “No. She is his disciple… Su Wanqing was orphaned when she was young and he took pity on her.”

  “What is she like?”

  Rui plays with her hair twirling the soft strands around his finger.  He remembers she is afraid of snakes. “LiMei…Baby…I think it would be best if you stayed away from the woman.”

  LiMei holds out her empty glass, “You don’t like Miss Su?”

  Rui pours the wine, “Well…I know you don’t like snakes and she raises them.”

  LiMei’s face turns pale and her hand holding the wine shakes, “Wha..what? She raises snakes?” The hair on the back of her neck bristles and she shivers. “Scary!”

   He embraces her tighter in his arms. “Don’t worry her compound is a good distance from the main house.”

   LiMei feels like her skin is crawling and she gulps down the glass of wine. “Why? Why does she raise snakes?”

   “She sells some of the snakes but mainly extracts the venom for scientific research.” The Snake Woman’s main business is  selling on black market to assassins looking for untraceable poisons. She is a poison expert. Not only snakes but she grows poisonous plants.

  “Oh…she is a scientist?”


  He caresses her cheek, “Just stay away from the woman. We are going there to visit Master Wong not Su Wenqing.”


    LiMei lays on his chest staring at the sky, “Look…Rui  a full moon and so many stars.”

   He kisses the top of her fluffy head then points to a constellation of stars that is shining very brightly, “ That is the Orion constellation.”

  “Wow! So pretty.” LiMei laughs, “The only one I can recognize is the Big Dipper haha.”

   He has his hands resting on her stomach LiMei has her empty hand on his. “”Rui, you remember you said you will teach me to swim.”

   “I remember. There is a small lake by the edge of the mountain. It will be easier to teach you there than in the ocean.’

   “ I am so excited!”

    He takes her empty wine glass and sets it on the table then rolls LiMei over on the wide lounge chair. He kisses LiMei then teases “I like it when you are excited.” Rui slips his hand under her dress and LiMei pushes his chest, “What if Mr. Yang or Big Gu came up here?”

   “They won’t.” He kisses her neck and LiMei’s body arches towards him. She anxiously whispers, “We should go to the cabin.”

   Rui’s Adam’s apple rolls, “Baby, this is more exciting, having you under the stars.” He moves his hand upwards and LiMei softly moans. She blushes as honey flows out of her tiny flower hole… this is a bit exciting… 

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