Dinner Party At The Bai Estate

   When Bai Cai wakes up he touches his face recalling being semi-conscious after Emmi expelled some of the poison. The nerve of that damn girl comparing me to that bastard Zhen Sihao and saying I fall short of him..is she blind? He flexes his muscles and looks at his tight abdomen…does she know how many women throw themselves at me…Wait..so she and Zhen Sihao are lovers? She has seen his body. He said not to mess with the little girl and his name is Wang Hao… hmm..tonight I need to check out their relationship. She can not reveal I have been poisoned to him! 

   He rolls out of bed and stands up, stepping over the comforter covered in the black blood, he has a disgusted expression. Didn’t the stupid girl see the hamper when she went into the bathroom. leaving this disgusting cover on the floor, what?Am I supposed to pick up the soiled cover?

   Bending over he reluctantly grabs the dirty comforter, Fuck! I can’t have the maid see this.He walks into the bathroom then tosses it in the trash. Disgusting!

He walks over to the bathtub and turns on the faucet, as the water is filling the spacious marble bath, he sees the note with the package of medicinal bath powder. He raises an eyebrow, she carries quite a few things in that little backpack of hers. Bai Cai smells the refreshing scent as he pours the powder into the bath. Hmm..not bad. He takes off his pants and lowers himself into the custom built tub.

   He leans his head back and for the first time all day he feels his head isn’t clouded with pain. The soothing scent of the medicinal bath relaxes his body and mind. Little Mei’s friend has some skills…if she can cure me I will definitely reward the little girl. Bai Cai stretches out his long legs and his tight muscles loosen. He flexes his toes which had been cramping earlier and closes his eyes. What is in this bath powder? All my aches and pains are disappearing. Very comfortable.

   In the garden Bai Meilin dismisses the gardener then anxiously asks Emmi, “How is my elder brother? Were you able to help him with his headache?”

  “En. He should be fine for a while, I can come once a week to give him acupuncture to relieve the pain until the doctor can find a way to treatment his migraines.”

   Bai Meilin hugs Emmi, “You are the best! Cai works so hard and never complains but I have seen him rubbing his temples then taking pills. It is hard for him to run the company and worry about me and Chenxi.”

   “Yeah, Well it can’t be easy to be in charge of a large company like Bai Enterprises. But.” Emmi brushes Bai Meilin’s windblown hair behind her ear. “I’m sure you bring him a lot of joy so he is happy to take care of you. He will love the suits you are designing for him.” Emmi looks at the beautiful colorful garden, “How did you find so many flowers that bloom in Winter?”

   “The garden is very special to me. My mother loved gardening so I guess you could say I inherited her passion for flowers. When I look at the blooming flowers I feel very peaceful and calm.”

   “I can feel that. Are these the Blue Crystal Ice Flowers, the colors are so brilliant, I expected them to be blue haha..but they are red and orange, purple. I have a small garden but it can’t compare to yours.”

  “I would like to see your garden. It has medicinal plants and herbs?”

   “Mostly, but also flowers that my Grandfather and I planted by a gazebo.”

  She touches a Blue Crystal Ice Flower, “The reason they are called Blue Crystal Ice Flowers is because they germinate in crevices at the peak of Mt. Washnu in Blue Ice. A friend of my elder brother’s, who lives in Pushong City sent them to me for my birthday. He deals in exotic plants.”


  Bai Meilin looks at her watch, “Do you want to get ready for the dinner party?”

  “Sure. Thanks again for inviting me! I am very excited to meet Henri Armand. I wonder who else will be there? From the looks of the tables those men are carrying in the Pavillion there must be quite a few people coming.

   The two girls go to Bai Meilin’s bedroom to get ready and she tells Emmi, “I am a little nervous. I thought my elder brother was only inviting a few people but it turns out he invited a few designers in addition to Henri Armand. Also, some business associates.” She sits on her bed and plays with a plushie, “He doesn’t like parties, and he doesn’t feel well today.”

  Emmi sits on the bed next to Bai Meilin, “You are worried about him?”

  “I know he is doing this for me, and yes I am worried.”

  “Meilin, your brother loves you so much..haha..I’m a little jealous. But from what I can see of his personality he wouldn’t do anything he doesn’t want to do. You shouldn’t worry, also the acupuncture seemed to work. He said his headache went away.”

  “That’s great!” She twists the ears on the bright yellow Pikachu. “ I know everyone thinks my brother is cold and unfeeling but that is not true.” Bai Meilin’s voice reveals her deep love of her elder brother, “Cai is a very warm person, people misunderstand him because he doesn’t reveal his emotions.”

   Emmi wants to laugh, she is too naive..but I am not going to burst her bubble. I felt his murderous aura more than once today. “Well, he needs to be strong, it is good he has you that he can show his softer side.” Changing the subject Emmi asks, “I got a little sweaty would it be alright if I took a shower?”

  “Oh of course!” She takes her hand, and opens a side door. “You can use this bedroom to get ready. There is a shower and a bath with everything you should need.” My cousin used this room until we had a falling out in Middle School.  After she stabbed me in the back, their family was forced out of Bashu City by my elder brother. If they weren’t related on our mother’s side they would have met a worse fate..

   Emmi takes a leisurely bath and plays with the bubbles in the bathtub. What a strange family. All three of them are so different. Meilin is sweet and timid, her brother Chenxi is flamboyant and gregarious and her elder brother is a cold man but dotes on his sister.

   She finishes her bath and dries her hair then puts on the dress she brought for the dinner party. Emmi looks at herself in the mirror, should I wear a little makeup? 

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