On The Sailboat

    After Rui bullies LiMei in the dressing room of the store, he carries LiMei out of Victoria’s Secret.They are followed by an unwilling Big Gu holding several bags emblazoned with the Victoria Secret logo. 

   Rui smiles at LiMei with her eyes closed laying weakly in his arms, Baby, I can never get enough of your sweet body.

    He hurries through the Mall and once they are outside Martin pulls up in the Rolls Royce Phantom. Big Gu puts the bags in the trunk then gets into the car. Rui bends down and places LiMei on the seat then enters. Martin closes the door and walks to the driver’s side. Rui frowns while checking the time, he calls Yang Chenxi, “We were delayed. Are you on the boat?”

  “Loading the supplies now. When will you be here?”

   “Twenty minutes.”

  “If the winds are with us we should get there before dark.If not you can stay on the boat until the morning. I stocked the galley and there are two extra cabins for sleeping.”

  “Okay.” Rui hangs up and deep in thought looks out the window. He comes back to reality when LiMei’s body suddenly shudders and she tightly grips his clothes. She opens her eyes wide and touches his face, “Rui..Rui..”

   Rui’s eyebrows twist into a line, with a worried expression he reassures LiMei, “It’s me. I’m here.”

   Tears moisten her cheeks as she hugs him, in a faint voice she whimpers, “Don’t leave me.”

   He lifts her chin and licks her tears then tenderly kisses her cheek, “Baby, I will never leave you. Did you have a bad dream?”

    She blinks her misty green eyes trying to focus on his face. She mutters incoherently, “Dream…no.. you….he..he..so much blood.” She starts crying and touching his head. “Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?”She shrinks her shoulders whimpering, “My fault… all my fault.”

   He holds her head in his hands and LiMei has a blank look in her eyes. Frightened, his voice trembles, “Wake up LiMei..you are dreaming…wake up.” 

   Rui desperately kisses her over and over again holding her delicate face, “Baby..Wife..wake up.”

   LiMei slowly regains her consciousness, “Thirsty.”

   He quickly grabs a bottle of water and unscrews the top then puts it to her lips. LiMei gulps the water. When she sees his pale complexion she worriedly says, “What’s wrong?”

   He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He brushes her hair back behind her ears with his fingers. He tries to control his turbulent emotions,“Baby, when you woke up..well..what were you dreaming about?

   LiMei rubs her temples, “Umm..I don’t know.” 

   Rui’s heart is racing as he hugs her thin waist tighter, I can’t let her suffer like this anymore…when we get to the Island I will ask Master what I should do. 

   LiMei leans on his chest and closes her eyes, “Rui, let’s have lots of children.”


   Martin pulls into a parking spot and Rui holds LiMei in his arms to carry her to the boat. She giggles and tries to loosen his arms,” “I can walk.”

   “Be good. I like to hold you.” He takes long strides to a beautiful sailboat and LiMei’s eyes widen, “Is that Mr. Yang’s boat? Wow!”

   Yang Chenxi walks across the deck holding a rope, “Watch your step.”

   Rui carries LiMei onto the luxurious sailboat followed by Big Gu with their luggage. When Yang Chenxi sees the Victoria Secret bags he teases, “Looks like you are late because you went shopping.”

  LiMei blushes and Rui pushes past him, “Which cabin is ours?”

   “The second on the left. Change into boat shoes and come up on deck.”

   When they go down below and Rui opens the door to their cabin, LiMei exclaims, “Wow! This is like a five star hotel room. I thought a sailboat would have small rooms.. Little compartments with just a bed.”

   Rui puts her on his lap on the bright orange leather couch. He pinches her cheek, “This is custom designed by Yang Chenxi, he lives on it most of the time when he isn’t working.”

  “Oh that is so cool.”

   “ I can have a sailboat built for us. We can dock it in Bashu City. Would you like that?”

    LiMei laughs,”Well let’s see if I get seasick first.”

   “I brought medicine if you get motion sickness.” 

   She hugs him, “Having a doctor for a husband is really great! You always take such good care of me.”

   He plays with a strand of her silky black hair and smiles, “Then I’m glad I became a doctor.”

   LiMei sighs, Rui is so outstanding, he is a genius doctor and the CEO of his family’s business. She looks up at him in a small voice says, “Husband you could have any beautiful talented woman. I.. I don’t have much to offer but I promise I will be a really good wife to you.”

She lays her head on his chest, she keeps having this strange feeling that something is not right. 

   Rui tightens his arms around her soft slender body. He looks into her eyes with warmth and tenderness “Baby, you are perfect. I love everything about you. You are very beautiful and sweet… you make me very happy. There isn’t a woman who is better than you. Wife, I only want you…to share my life with you…have as many children as you want and grow old with you.”

   There is a knock on the door, “We are setting sail soon. You don’t want to miss the view as we leave the Marina.”

   LiMei feels better after listening to Rui and regains her cheerfulness. “Let’s change our shoes and go up on deck.”

   Rui kisses LiMei, “Okay.” He holds her small foot in his hand. LiMei giggles, “That tickles, stop playing with my toes.” He smiles and reluctantly puts on a pair of white socks then the canvas shoes. After he ties them tightly he puts on his boat shoes. Holding hands they walk up the narrow stairs to the deck.

   Yang Chenxi is at the helm of the boat.  He waves at them to come forward. LiMei asks Rui, “Why isn’t the sail up?

  “He is going to wait until he maneuvers out of the Marina to raise the mainsail.”


   When they approach Yang Chenxi points to the left, “When we are leaving the Harbor over there you can see a statue of one of the indigenous people’s gods. They believe it guides boats through the treacherous waters past the Harbor. There are many hidden reefs.”

   LiMei looks the direction he is pointing then jumps into Rui’s arms, “Ahh…”

   Rui laughs as he hugs LiMei, “Baby that is Jack, Yang Chenxi’s Black Hawk. Don’t be afraid.”

   “He.. he snuck up on me…was staring like he wanted to eat me!”

   Rui kisses her neck then whispers in her ear  “I am the only one who is going to eat you. Haha..Jack only eats fish.”

    LiMei’s eyes flicker as she glances at the bird then Rui, “Really?”

   He leans down and kisses her half parted lips, “Really.”

    Yang Chenxi whistles and the bird flies off. LiMei watches as the bird dips into the water and emerges with a big fish in its talons. “Miss Feng, sorry if Jack frightened you..he was just curious. You are the first woman who has been on my sailboat.”

    LiMei shyly smiles and flutters her eyelashes, What can I say… he was looking at me like he wanted to peck me to death. “No worries..he just startled me… his golden eyes are very beautiful.” 

   “I will tell him you said so..Jack is quite vain.”

   “Yes do…and tell him the way he flew through the air was absolutely majestic. He is the most powerful bird that I have ever seen..that fish he caught must have weighed fifty catties. It looks delicious. He is sooo awesome.” Jack can you hear me…”So incredibly handsome!!”

   Rui is standing behind and wraps his arms around her waist. He starts laughing, “Baby, you are too funny..haha..it isn’t like the bird knows you are complimenting him.”

   Jack is not far away and flies down laying the fish at LiMei’s feet. Then takes off again into the air.

   The three of them look at the huge fish flopping by LiMei.


    Yang Chenxi is dumbfounded that damn bird would never catch a fish for me! “Miss Feng, Jack likes you.”

    LiMei stares at the fish still jumping around at her feet, she waves to Jack perched up above then cups her hands by her mouth, as loud as she can she screams, “THANKS JACK!” 

     Jack flaps his large black wings and screeches in acknowledgment. Rui narrows his eyes staring menacingly at the cocky bird on the edge of the Mainsail. Yang Chenxi scratches his head, the crazy bastard isn’t jealous..hahaha..

    Rui motions to Big Gu who is leaning on the railing not far away, When he walks over Rui points to the fish “Take to the galley.”

    LiMei stands on her tiptoes and wraps her arms around his neck and in a low voice teases, “ Husband, I need to make friends with the Big Guy. I feel like he could easily snatch me up with those claws of his when you aren’t looking.”

    Rui pats her head, “Stupid.”

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