Good Sister!

   Li Tian’s uncle, Ping Qinghe has a gloomy expression on his face after he hangs up the phone. He slams his fat hand on his desk, his eyes are bulging and the veins on his forehead are popping out. “MORONS! FUCKING GET IN HERE NOW!”

   After Li Tian leaves the warehouse he has a faint smile, little thing, it won’t be long until I have you back in my arms...and bed. He is in an optimistic mood and as he strides towards the car he suddenly has an idea, “I should call Clear Sky to decorate the baby’s room.”

   Kang Mingshun’s corner of his mouth twitches, Boss, you haven’t found Song Sara yet! You are pinning your hopes on the little girl answering her phone when that woman calls. I didn’t want to say anything inside but obviously she ditched her phone! You aren’t thinking clearly or you would realize that! I should say something… “But Boss..”

   Li Tian stops and glares at Kang Mingshun with a murderous gleam in his obsidian like eyes, “You have an opinion?”

   Kang Mingshun breaks out into a cold sweat, “No..of course not.”

   “Good.” He narrows his Phoenix eyes and his voice is dangerously low as he pokes him in the chest. “You should pray to Buddha I find the woman carrying my baby soon.” He twirls the black jade ring on his finger, “Or everyone… including you… who let my woman slip away will find out the true meaning of hell on earth.”

   Kang Mingshun’s chest constricts from the oppressive aura surrounding Li Tian. He gasps for breath and his body feels weak. He instantly bows down and kowtows to LiTian. After banging his head on the concrete, with blood mixed with sweat dripping down his forehead he looks up at Li Tian “Boss, whatever it takes…I will find Song Sara.”

   Li Tian nods, “That is the sincere attitude you should have. Get up. Go to the company.”

   Kang Mingshun hurriedly stands up and wipes his throbbing forehead with a handkerchief. He opens the back door for Li Tian and rushes to the driver’s seat. He glances in the rear view mirror, Li Tian is opening his laptop. How the fuck are we going to find the little woman. We have no clues I can’t think that way…When he says it will rain hellfire he definitely will make it happen. 

   Li Tian is on Clear Sky Archetectural Firm’s website looking at several of their designs for a baby’s room. He has a serious expression looking at several color schemes. He furrows his brow, a boy or a girl…pink or blue..I think neutral since I don’t know the baby’s sex. We can always change later. He picks up the phone and calls Leng Shuai, the owner and chief designer. 

     The privacy partition between the seats is down and Kang Mingshun can clearly hear the conversation, he gulps down his saliva, Boss is terrifyingly delusional… On the verge of tears he tightens his hand on the steering wheel SONG SARA! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU! THE BOSS IS LOSING HIS FUCKIN MIND!

    Ironically, Sara is in Li Tian’s cousin’s villa. If Li Tian and Kang Mingshun had listened carefully to the fortune teller describing the man by Sara’s side they would be one step closer to finding her. She is in Li Shaoting’s guest room comfortably sleeping on the soft and luxurious bed. She stirs and awakens when there is a knock at the bedroom door. Lazily stretching out her arms then rubbing her eyes she sits up, “Yes?”

  She hears Li Shaoting’s voice, “Awake?”

  Sara’s voice is soft and tinged with a hint of sleepiness “Hmm..just woke up.” Sara gets up and puts on a fluffy pink bathrobe then walks to the door. 

   Li Shaoting chuckles inwardly when he sees the red crease on Sara’s cheek from sleeping and her messy hair, “You did just wake up.”

  Noticing his amused expression she blushes. “Don’t laugh!” She puffs out her cheeks as she runs her fingers through her long tangled hair.

  “You look cute.”

   She teases, “Hmmph…I know you were laughing at me.”

   He wants to pinch her cheek but stops his hand midway, “I wanted to see if you would like to walk in the gardens before dark. Exercise is good for the baby.”

  Sara’s eyes light up, “Yes. I would really like that.”

  “Get dressed then, I will wait downstairs.”


   Sara bends her waist and stretches then touches her stomach.  Baby you are my lucky charm. Meeting Tang Wu was a godsend..with no money I would have had to borrow from we have a place to live and a job. She mumbles, “Bi right.. I should call her… she must wonder where I am.” I will call after walking through the garden. I need to think of what to say.

  After changing into a black sweater with a white cat embroidered on the front and jeans she brought. She grabs her Bomber jacket and goes downstairs.

  Li Shaoting is lazily sitting on the couch with his long legs crossed brushing Weibo. He frowns,  making trouble again I see. Why the company let’s her post this shit… I have no fucking idea. I will never be involved with a self centered bitch like Jiang Wenli. He smiles, now if it was Fan Mi I wouldn’t mind at all. But unfortunately she likes that pretty boy Kang Jin. If he wasn’t my good friend I would step between them for sure..haha.

   He is engrossed in the Entertainment gossip when Sara sits down beside him, “What put a frown on that handsome face of yours?”

    Li Shaoting’s face turns red he was using his trumpet to post shit on Jiang Wenli’s profile. He puts his phone to his chest, “Nothing.”

   She unintentionally saw him typing when she was standing by the couch. Sara laughs, “Sorry, but I couldn’t help but see. You don’t like Jiang Wenli? That’s good… she is not a good thing…not at all.”

   He has a surprised look on his handsome face, “You know Jiang Wenli?”

  “Unfortunately, yes. She is a very close friend of my sister and well she pats her stomach, “I recently discovered…nevermind.” The despicable woman drugged my drink that is why I spent the night with the unknown wild beast. The father of my child.

  Li Shaoting is curious, “Discovered what?”

  “Well, since I have known her since childhood, where do I begin? The grievances are endless hahaha… She and my sister appear to be gentle and innocent but are your typical White Lotuses. You can’t underestimate their capacity to do harm. I discovered…well… that she could be more despicable than I ever imagined. We can leave it at that. Just…stay away from Jiang Wenli if you can. Bad endings are her specialty.”

   He leans his head back laughing, “Song Sara…I knew we were kindred spirits! Why can’t other people see through her duplicity! Since she and I appeared together in a drama a few months ago they are trying to match us. Jiang Wenli‘s fans support the CP to boost her popularity and are constantly bombarding my Weibo. My fans are split, some approve, some hate the match because they don’t want to share me. Haha…”

  Li Shaoting hands her a bottle of water, “I thought you would think I was an asshole for using my trumpet to throw dirty water on her.”

   Sara ruffles his short black hair affectionately, “ Good job! The dirtier the water the better! Hahaha. “ She takes a sip of water then has a serious expression, “I am sure navigating your way through the Entertainment Circle is very difficult. You have an image to uphold but it must be hard to swallow people making personal decisions for you. It is one thing if you like the girl you are matched with but it must be frustrating to be forced into a fake relationship. Who wouldn’t feel angry and resentful.”

  Li Shaoting impulsively hugs Sara, “Good Sister… you understand!”

  Sara wrinkles her nose then starts laughing, “Good Sister?”

   He looks at her with his trademark dazzling smile, “Yes. Call me Brother Sha..Brother Wu!”

  She pushes him away, “Childish! You call yourself an idol? Haha..if your fans saw you with this puppy dog face what would they think?” Sara puts on her jacket, “Coming?”

  He jumps off the couch and follows Sara to the door. He grabs a heavier coat, “Wear this, the jacket you have isn’t warm enough.” He helps Sara put it on then fixes her scarf, “I told the Butler to bring tea to the Pavillion so we can walk through the garden then rest there.”

  She gazes up at the tall young man, “Tang Wu,thank you. If I hadn’t met you..” He notices her eyes are watering and he puts his long slender finger on her lips, “Shh. I told you we are kindred spirits… it was our fate to meet.”

   A middle aged woman dressed in a maid’s uniform has been watching them by the stairs in an inconspicuous hiding place. Unable to hear the conversation because she was too far away she can only listen to their laughter and watch the intimate behavior between them. After they leave she walks to her room and makes a call. This should be worth a bonus…the Young Master has never brought a woman to the villa.

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      1. Haha I feel like for Kang Mingshun, hearing Li Tian’s conversation on colour schemes was more terrifying than anything he’s experienced 😂


      2. So true..haha..Sara is finally relaxed and feels safe but for how long? KM is motivated to find her so he doesn’t get fried to a crisp by hellfire lolol


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