On The Plane

    By midflight LiMei is sleeping soundly in the cabin and Rui and Yang Chenxi are drinking. They are blood brothers and Yang Chenxi is one of the very few people Rui wholeheartedly trusts. They bonded when they were both disciples of Master Wong. Yang Chenxi also comes from a fucked up family so they share an extremely cynical attitude towards life. 

   Yang Chenxi asks the question that has been bothering him, “Why did you bring Feng LiMei with you? I think you know in your heart you can trust her, she obviously is head over heels in love with you. If you were worried you could have asked Old Woo to keep an eye on your wife.”

   Rui is slightly drunk and confides in Yang Chenxi. “I know you think I am overreacting. It isn’t just because of the fucking flies buzzing around Feng LiMei. There is a more serious threat.” He gulps down the whisky. “LiMei doesn’t have her memories…it is a long story. You know that lunatic Xinghi was trying to create a Super Soldier.”

   “What does that have to do with anything? What is he trying to get you on board to help his research? I heard all of the test subjects rejected the Phoenix Serum. Is the bastard threatening you by targeting your wife. Is that it?”

   Rui hesitates, “What I am going to tell you, it goes without saying you can’t repeat it.”

  Yang Chenxi reaches for the bottle of whiskey, “You peaked my curiosity now…you know you can trust me.”

  “Feng LiMei was once a member of the Black Sky Organization…”

    Before he continues Yang Chenxi spits out a mouthful of whisky. “Hahahaha..the little fairy worked for Kuang Fu? Hahaha..that is fucking hilarious. I don’t believe it…Hahaha.”

   Rui’s face darkens, “I wish it wasn’t true. That isn’t the worst part, she..she is the only test subject that didn’t reject the second phase of the drug protocol.”

  Yang Chenxi’s jaw drops, “That little slip of a girl is a fu..fuckkkkking Super Soldier…I’m sorry but that is hard to fathom.”

  “She has no idea..even when LiMei’s memory was completely intact according to Xinghi she wasn’t aware that she is Subject 456.  the only survivor of that maniac’s experiments.It is a long story but I think he wants to trigger LiMei…for some unknown.. most certainly an extremely dangerous mission.”

   Yang Chenxi runs his hand through his hair, “Fuck man…”

   “Not only that, but the fact she is Subject 456 puts her in constant danger. LiMei’s blood has incredible regenerative properties. That bastard Gunnar Hedwig knows this and used despicable means to obtain her blood. Now do you see why I brought her along and risked being exposed. I need to keep LiMei by my side until I can eliminate the threats. I was working on a plan when Wong Chao forced me to retrieve whatever the hell this treasure is Master won’t give him back.”

  “Damn! Feng LiMei doesn’t remember anything..any skills… anything that might protect her while she is on the Island? I’m telling you that you can’t underestimate the Snake Woman.”

  Rui has a deep crease between his sword like eyebrows, becoming increasingly unsure of his decision to block LiMei from recovering her memories. He knows what he did was selfish but didn’t think it would cause a rippling effect in her mind. Trusting Yang Chenxi’s judgment he wants to tell him he blocked her memories only leaving those which reinforced her identity as Feng Limei but is reluctant, fearing he will validate what Rui has been thinking..she needs to recover her memories in order to protect herself. “I don’t think so. She created the identity of Feng LiMei when she escaped from the Black Sky. Now she throughly believes she is Feng LiMei, an ordinary girl who came to Pushong City to work after graduating University. But she has been having nightmares and fainting spells which I think are related to her memories conflicting with her sense of self.”

  Yang Chenxi pours another glass of whiskey for Rui, “Brother, now I understand more of why you are overly protective of the little girl. Seriously, I thought you were fucking with me. She looks like an easily breakable fragile little doll…hard to imagine she was one of Kuang Fu’s people.”

   Rui’s eyes redden with rage recalling how she ended up in the Black Sky. He growls,“LiMei was only in High School when she was sold to that bastard Kuang Fu by her own fucking father!” 

  Yang Chenxi glances back at the sleeping cabin, “What a scumbag! Did you deal with him?”

  Rui swirls the whisky in his glass, “I want to seek revenge for LiMei, but he is still her father so I haven’t figured out the best course of action.”

  “Seeing the little girl is so pitiful are you going to ask Master Wong to help her recover her memories while you are on the Island?”

  “I have considered but haven’t decided.” He feels his heart tighten and confesses, “Chenxi, I am afraid…afraid if she fully recovers her memories she will leave me…” He doesn’t tell him she refused to marry him when she was Qin Daiyu and would occasionally distance herself from him.

  “Qiao Rui afraid? I never thought I would hear those words from you in this life or the next.”

 “ After my mother died I never had anything or anyone that I cared about as much as LiMei. I was never afraid because I had nothing to lose. My only goal was to seek revenge on those fuckers who plotted against me and take control of Qiao Corporation because of my mother. It was unexpected when I met LiMei. She is not only incredibly beautiful but very kind and sweet, she has brought light into my dark life from the moment I met her. She makes me happy…her smile… the way she finds pleasure in the smallest things.” Rui’s eyes reflect his possessive obsession with LiMei, “I won’t lose her…she is my wife and I won’t let anyone take her away from me.” 

   Yang Chenxi listens intently, shocked by his cold and aloof friend’s confession he responds, “You know the most vulnerable opponent is one who has a weakness. I get that you love your little wife but Brother…now I realize how that insignificant little prick Wong Chao got you to do his bidding…he threatened you with Feng LiMei didn’t he? I knew you wouldn’t go up against Master for his bastard son without a good reason.  If a little punk like him can do it who is next? Your list of  stronger enemies is growing from what I hear you have pissed off people in both the Business world and the Underworld since you returned to Pushong City. 

   “I have my ways to deal with them. I will admit that cockroach Wong Chao caught me off guard.”

  “ I’m warning you as your brother, Your little wife… will be your downfall.”

  Rui tighten his grip on the glass, he narrows his eyes dangerously and he is surrounded by a demonic aura “I will never…NEVER  give up LiMei even if I have to kill everyone!”

  They see LiMei lazily walking out of the sleeping cabin rubbing her messy hair and immediately stop talking. She yawns and stretches her thin arms over her head then rubs her stomach. She sighs as she approaches the couch, I am so hungry.. Rui’s murderous aura disappears as he pulls her onto his lap. He smooths her hair that looks like a bird’s nest. Gazing at LiMei his eyes are filled with gentleness and warmth, his low voice has a pampering tone, “Is my Baby hungry?”

   She snuggles into his warm chest, “Hmm.”

   Yang Chenxi has a complicated expression watching the scene. He shakes his head, this isn’t good. 

   Rui tells Big Gu who is asleep leaning on the window not far away, “Get..” LiMei interrupts Rui, she heard Big Gu snoring as she passed by his seat.“Shh..don’t wake him up. I will go get something in a minute.”

  Yang Chenxi pipes in, “I’m hungry too I will go fix some food.”

  LiMei flutters her eyelashes and smiles, “Thank you Mr. Yang.”

  He asks, “Any foods you can’t eat?”

  LiMei chuckles, “Not picky…I can eat anything!”

  Rui motions to Yang Chenxi with an annoyed look and he walks towards the back of the plane.

  LiMei plays with a button on Rui’s shirt, “I woke up and when you weren’t in the bed I was a little panicked haha..I didn’t know where I was for a moment.”

  He runs his finger down her cheek, “Did you have a nightmare?”

  “No. I just woke up disoriented. How long was I asleep?”

  “A few hours. How do you feel? Do you need me to apply more medicine?”

  LiMei’s ears turn red thinking about him applying medicine to her earlier, “No…No.. I’m better..I’m good.. just a little sore. The herbal medicine really worked.” After you tossed me on the bed I felt like I was run over by a truck! It is a miracle I can walk, the medicine is amazing! AMAZING!

  He lifts her chin and kisses her lips that are still a bit red then teases, “All better? After you eat we can continue.”

  LiMei blushes when she feels his hardness under her, “RUI!” and tries to move off his lap onto the couch.

  He tightens his arms around her thin body and chuckles, “Stop wiggling your little butt on me if you don’t want me to carry you back to the bed.”

  Rui hugs LiMei and whispers in her ear, “Baby, when we get to the Island…”,he stops midsentence and LiMei says, “What?”

  He plays with a strand of her hair and puts it to his nose inhaling her sweet scent, “Nothing.”

  Yang Chenxi comes back with two bowls of steaming noodles topped with vegetables, “It isn’t good to eat meat at this time, so I made Vegetarian noodles.”

  LiMei’s eyes light up, Mr. Yang, the food smells delicious.”

  Rui glares at him, “Where is my bowl.”

 ?!? You didn’t say you were hungry..and since when do you like my cooking? You always say it tastes like shit! 

  LiMei picks up the chopsticks and feeds Rui. “We can share.”

  After he swallows he smiles, “You eat.”

  LiMei takes a bite, “Yummy. Really tasty!”

  Yang Chenxi watches them as he slurps up his noodles, I know that two faced bastard is only eating the noodles without his usual complaints because the little fairy is feeding him.


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