My Little Bunny

   When they land at the airport, Rui rubs sunscreen on LiMei and puts a large floppy hat on her head. He hands her a pair of  designer sunglasses. “The sun is very strong here.”

  She tilts the black hat back, “Rui..haha..I can’t see.” She looks in the mirror, “I feel like a celebrity hiding from the paparazzi.”

   He hugs LiMei from behind, “With your delicate skin you will be red as a cooked lobster if you don’t protect yourself.”

  “Is it going to be hot on the Island?”

 “Not quite as hot, there are a lot of large trees and vegetation.”

 “I am really excited. I have never been on a sailboat.”

 He turns her around and kisses her then fixes the hat, “It won’t be enjoyable if you have a sunburn so wear the hat properly.”

  “Are we going to be in in the City long?”

 “No. Yang Chenxi said he needs to take care of some business then we will leave. I want to get to the Island before dark. It takes a while to get to my friend’s house and it will be hard to travel through the forest in the dark.”

  LiMei can barely hide her excitement. She wraps her arms around his neck and stands on her tiptoes. LiMei’s eyes are sparkling and she smiles brightly, “Husband, I just thought about it..we are officially on our honeymoon when we get to Serenity Island!”

  Lovingly staring into LiMei’s beautiful green eyes that are full of only him he bends down, passionately kisses LiMei until she can’t breathe. He taps the end of her small nose with his finger and his voice sounds seductive, “My silly wife, our honeymoon began on the bed in the hotel room yesterday.”

  LiMei’s face is flushed red and Rui laughs. He holds her hand, “Do you want to go to the scenic bridge? It has a spectacular view of the city and ocean.”

  “That sounds like fun.”

   They walk out of the plane and LiMei puts on the sunglasses, “Goodness, it is super hot.”

   A car that Yang Chenxi arranged is waiting for them, he tells Rui, “The driver’s name is Martin. He is from my team so he will also be your bodyguard along with Big Gu. I will be finished in two hours then we can set sail.”

   “No later. We need to arrive before dark.”


  Martin opens the back door for them staring at LiMei as she takes off her hat to fix the brim. I know the woman but from where? How? Yang Chenxi said they are his friends from Pushong and I have never been there. Once they are in the car Big Gu gets into the passenger seat. Martin is bothered by the inexplicable feeling of familiarity so he can’t help but look in the rear view mirror trying to remember.

   After they drive out onto the highway, Rui puts up the privacy partition. He didn’t like the way the driver kept sneaking looks at them in the rear view mirror. 

  LiMei also notices the driver, she wrinkles her forehead then pulls on Rui’s sleeve, “The driver…he seems familiar.”

  Rui looks at LiMei sitting on his lap, he nervously replies, “What?”

  LiMei takes off the uncomfortable hat, “I feel like I know him.” She laughs, “But how could that be possible?”

  Rui takes the hat from her and puts it back on her head, “These windows, although they are tinted the sun’s rays can penetrate them.”

  LiMei has a confused look, “Really?” 


  “Okay I don’t want a sunburn. Maybe we could stop and get a different hat though this one is too big, I can’t see .”

  “We can go shopping if you want.”

  “I just want a different hat. You bought me too many clothes for this trip already.”

   LiMei reaches into her purse for her phone to find a store, “Rui, where is my phone? I want to find a shopping mall.”

  “You must have left it at the hotel.”  I took it away from you when that lunatic Xinghi was trying to reach you. I threw it away. You don’t need a phone.

  “Give me yours.”

  He presses the button for the intercom, “Drive to a shopping mall.” He wonders if he should be worried, the driver had a strange expression staring at LiMei and she has a sense of familiarity..coincidence or what? He is one of Chenxi’s men so I don’t think he is a threat Chenxi only associates with men he has thoroughly investigated and vetted. 

   When they arrive at the shopping mall Rui tells Martin to remain in the car and for Big Gu to follow them.

   They attract attention because of Rui’s outstanding good looks and the way LiMei’s face is completely hidden from view.  Rui ignores the greedy stares of the women and pulls LiMei into the nearest store. She walks over to the area with hats and picks up a cute one with pink rabbit ears. Rui watches as she puts it on and his eyes darken with desire thinking about the pink lingerie with the bunny tail. She giggles as she plays with the ears hanging down, “I know I need a sun hat but I want this one too.”

  Rui hugs LiMei, “Baby, get whatever you want.” He feels his body reacting as images of that wild night appear in his mind.

  The salesgirl can’t take her eyes off Rui, we get quite a few Chinese tourists but he is exceptionally handsome. She unconsciously licks her lips, he has cold facial features, his pitch black eyes are like a bottomless abyss that could suck you in. The designer suit he is wearing shows off his broad shoulders and hugs his strong looking chest. The man must be at least six feet tall with long legs, not to mention he must be extremely wealthy, on his wrist is  a limited edition black diamond Patek Phillipe watch worth at least a couple million. So sexy with that cold aura surrounding him. 

   She straightens her short red Chanel skirt and sways her full hips as she approaches. She smiles not at LiMei but at Rui, “Can I help you find something?”

  He scoffs, the woman is so obvious. Rui dryly responds, “Ask my wife.”

  LiMei pretends not to notice the woman’s disdainful expression and smiles, “Umm..I only need a hat I don’t want to trouble you.”

   “If you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.”

  “Thank you.”

   Rui shakes his head, the little idiot didn’t even notice the woman flirting with me.

   After she leaves LiMei pulls Rui’s tie so he bends down and she coquettishly teases, “Husband, why are you so handsome? She wanted to eat you up… but you are only mine remember!”

   He gazes at LiMei wearing the pink bunny hat and the corner of his lip forms an arc. He pulls on one of the bunny ears, “Is my little bunny jealous?”

LiMei has a mischievous smile exposing her cute dimples, ‘Well.. I would have been if I hadn’t seen your signature frosty look and heard, “Ask my wife..haha.”

  Rui can’t resist and pokes her cheek. “My wife is so cute, how could I look at another woman.” He picks up a suitable sun hat, “This will do. I want to look in a different shop.”

  LiMei thinks he wants to buy something for himself, “Okay, I saw a men’s store on the way into the mall.”

   He raises his eyebrow, my little bunny, not what I had in mind.

   After the saleswoman swipes his black card she watches them leave. What a  stupid girl. He has a black card and all she bought was two hats.

   As they walk through the mall several girls whisper, “Look at the cute Asian girl in the bunny hat.” One girl takes LiMei’s picture Rui nods at Big Gu. He immediately steps over to the group, “You need to delete that picture you just took.”

  The teenage girl looks up at the intimidating Chinese man in a black suit towering over her. Is this the handsome guys’s bodyguard? So cool! I feel like I am in an idol drama..haha..“Ahh..why? Is she a celebrity? I just thought she looked so adorable. Is she a kpop star?”

 “…” Big Gu pulls out a wad of cash from his wallet, “Delete.”

   The girl gasps and swallows her saliva staring at the money in his large palm. The young girl greedily takes the money and presses delete. She smiles knowing it is still in trash, “See. Done.”

   He takes her phone and empties the trash then hands back the phone. 

   The girl frowns watching his broad back as he leaves, then waves the money in her hand in front of her friends. She pulls her friend’s arm, “ WooHoo..let’s go to the food court.”

  After walking past a group of young boys pointing at LiMei. Rui yanks the hat off her head and throws it into the bag.

 Startled by his sudden action LiMei puffs out her cheeks exclaiming, “Hey! Why did you take my hat? It is so cute!”

  He ignores LiMei and keeps walking. Too cute… 

  Rui stops in front of a store and opens the door. LiMei was distracted by him suddenly removing her new ‘favorite’ hat and not paying attention. LiMei’s eyes widen and the tips of her ears turn bright red. Victoria’s Secret!?!? No way..uh uh.noooo.She quickly tries to close it.“Noooo..I can’t go in there with you.”

   He laughs, “Isn’t this where you bought the pink neg..” LiMei covers his mouth with her small hand. “Shh.”

   Rui hugs her into the store, “A husband shopping with his wife is only natural. Don’t be so shy.” He kisses her forehead, “We are on our honeymoon after all.”

   He  grips her hand and walks over to a red lace bustier and matching thong. Rui’s throat gets dry and his Adam’s apple rolls imagining the red lace against her snow white skin. When he sees her embarrassed expression he has an idea. “Baby, go to the dressing room. I will be there in a minute.”

  She figures that is better than walking around the store surrounded by people. “Okay.”

  LiMei walks to the back of the store and Rui calls over the manager. After handing the eager woman his black card he walks back to the dressing room. LiMei is sitting on a white leather couch with her hands folded on her lap muttering to herself.

   He pats her head and lifts her up into his arms, “We can comfortably shop now.”

  She doesn’t understand until she walks out into the store which was crowded a moment ago. There isn’t a person in the store… not even a saleswoman. “Rui?”

   He caresses her cheek, “My Baby is shy so I got rid of them…”

   She shakes her head when she notices Big Gu standing outside the door. The corner of her mouth twitches, “My husband is so thoughtful.” and crazy..haha..

   He places her on the glass countertop then walks over to the sexy red lace bustier and matching tiny red lace thong. LiMei giggles, “Rui! Pick something else, I will feel like I am prostitute in that!” 

   Rui looks in a glass case containing sex toys behind LiMei and his eyes light up. He licks her ear then nibbles on her ear, “Hmm..that might be interesting.”

    She pushes his chest and points to a white satin shortie nightgown, “That one is pretty.”

   He nods, “First, you can be my little demoness… then my naughty little fairy..very good.”

   LiMei bites her lower lip glancing around. She gets excited when she sees the pink lingerie with the bunny tail,”Ohhh..ohhh look..over there is the pink bunny outfit.”

   Rui can feel his lower half reacting, “Try that one on now.”

   LiMei blushes, “Rui, ahhh…Let’s just buy these and get going. Did..didn’t Mr. Yang say that he will be at the boat. We should set sail.”

   “We will leave after you go to the dressing room and try that one on…” He threatens her, “Unless you would like for me to put it on you here.”

   LiMei panics staring at the people passing by the floor to ceiling windows of the store. She tugs on the lapel of his tan suit coat.“RUI! DON”T BE CRAZY!”

   He teases, “Your choice.”

“Dressing room! Dressing room.”

   He has his hand on her slender thigh as he licks and sucks on her soft lips. Rui’s voice sounds raspy, “Good bunny.” He puts the pink bunny hat on her again then carries her to the dressing room.

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