On Way To Airport

   Lu Chang is leaving the Dangfu Hotel when he sees his cousin Leng Shuai in the hotel lobby. He walks over to him, “Shuai, you know Chen Jianyu, do you know Feng LiMei.”

  Leng Shuai is looking at blueprints for the renovation of the hotel. He has a surprised look on his face, “Why?”

  “She fainted in my restaurant.”

  Leng Shuai tightens his eyebrows together and pushes the blueprints into his assistant’s hand. “Is she okay?”

  “Yes. well… I think so. Her husband is a doctor so she should be. He burst into my office like a madman and whisked her away before Dr. Bartlett arrived to examined her.”

  “So why did she faint? Is your restaurant liable? Is that why you are concerned?” That should be the only reason my cold ass cousin is concerned.

  “No. I don’t know why she fainted. I found her on the floor of the women’s restroom after a suspicious looking woman came out and passed me in the hallway.”

  “Suspicious woman?” Did Feng LiMei encounter a woman from the Black Sky Organization?

 I wasn’t paying attention to her name, she came to the office with Chen Jianyu and that arrogant bastard Qiao.”

  “Lau An?”

  “That was her name, you know her?”

  “Not well. She is Qiao Rui’s ex girlfriend.”

  “Qiao Rui was having lunch with his wife and ex girlfriend? What an asshole!”

  “I don’t know what the situation is between the four of them. Chen Jianyu has a resort on Shingu Island, Lau An might be on her way there with him.”

  Lu Chang has a complicated expression and Leng Shuai notices his unusual behavior , “Wait. This isn’t like you…are you interested in Feng LiMei?”


    Leng Shuai taunts him, “Young Master Lu, your face says otherwise.”

   Lu Chang clenches his jaw, “Shuai, I don’t get what a sweet girl like Feng LiMei sees in that arrogant son of a bitch. He barged into my office…Feng LiMei looked frightened when he appeared. He had a murderous aura that shouldn’t surround a doctor…I am worried for her safety being with a duplicitous man like him that’s all. I am afraid he will abuse the little girl. It is also fairly obvious that his ex girlfriend had something to do with Feng LiMei fainting…she had a guilty look on her face.”

   Leng Shuai pats his younger cousin on the shoulder and laughs, “Join the Club..haha…I hate the bastard…he does a good job of hiding his true self from the little girl. She thinks he is a kind and gentle doctor… which I guess on one hand he is a genius doctor who has saved many patients on the brink of death… but he has a very dark side too. He is possessive of Feng LiMei to the point of obsession and I do think he would kill any man who tried to take the little fairy from him. My advice is forget about what happened and Feng LiMei.”

  “ That is fucked up…If you are friends with Feng LiMei why don’t you tell her the truth about him?”

  “Chang, it is complicated. We all have our secrets and weak points. He is very good at using them to his advantage to protect his relationship with Feng LiMei. He is manipulative and has no bottom line when he makes up his mind. He was able to take over Qiao Corporation in a tyrannical fashion which no one in Pushong City could believe he had the power to do. I am rather sure he was involved in…well… forget it. The point is she is his wife. Like I said a moment ago…the man is possessive and jealous when it comes to Feng LiMei. I suggest you get any thoughts you have about the little girl out of your head.”

  Lu Chang hears a woman’s melodious laughter behind him and turns around to see LiMei and Rui coming out of the elevator.  As they walk closer to him he is mesmerized by her twinkling green eyes and her pure and innocent smile as she gazes at Rui. He is surrounded by beautiful women vying for his attention because of his family and also his outstanding appearance but no one has caught his eye until he saw LiMei. He felt it was a case of love at first sight when he picked her up and carried her to his office. Holding her fragile body in his arms and gazing at her delicate face his heart skipped a beat.

He stares at LiMei, she looks beautiful without any makeup, her jade like skin is flawless and her heart shaped lips are tinged with a pink gloss. The loose fitting white dress is embroidered with delicate multicolored butterflies. She is wearing strappy pink sandals with a small heel so she looks very petite standing next to Rui who is 190– tall.  Her long black hair is casually tied up in a ponytail secured by a white jade hairpin The breezy style makes her look like a fairy. He is upset after listening to Leng Shuai and distressed because Rui and LiMei seem to be in their own world. He is holding her around thin waist and LiMei is giggling at something Rui said. As they pass by Rui protectively pulls her into his chest while walking towards the exit of the hotel.

   Lu Chang inhales the light fragrance of jasmine coming from her body as they float past and he clenches his fist in his pocket. Convinced he should save LiMei from Rui he has a determined expression as he steps in their direction. Leng Shuai can see by the resolute look in his cousin’s eyes he will confront Rui. The doctor hasn’t arrived yet to save their grandmother and her life is in Rui’s hands. If he is angered he could call Dr. Qin and cancel the surgery. Leng Shuai roughly grabs his arm and harshly tells him,“Don’t. She won’t listen.”

  He glares at Leng Shuai, “After what you just said I at least have to try.”

  Leng Shuai tightens his grip on his cousin. “Now is not the time. They are on their honeymoon. Dammit! Look at her face, do you think Feng LiMei will believe a complete stranger? You can practically see the pink bubbles around the little fool’s head! She is completely blind…fuck… she married the scheming bastard! I don’t know what he did to Feng LiMei but she seems different…docile…not the feisty little assassin I first met on the way to Shingu Island.

   As Rui pushes the door to exit the hotel he turns, narrowing his eyes Rui glares at Lu Chang then lifts his lips into a demonic smile. He kisses the top of LiMei’s head and tightens his embrace. He was aware of Lu Chang and Leng Shuai’s eyes on them as soon as he and LiMei got out of the elevator. He intentionally blocked LiMei’s view of Leng Shuai so she wouldn’t stop and say hello.

  Angered by Rui’s provocative smile, Lu Chang’s hair stands up on the back of his neck. Motherf****er! He breaks free of Leng Shuai and dashes towards the door. He stands on the sidewalk looking for Rui and LiMei; they are getting into a black Bentley on the right. Lu Chang quickens his pace but before he can reach the car a pretty girl stops him , “Chang, where are you rushing? I came to have lunch with you.”

   He can’t push her out of his way because she is the daughter of his mentor.  Watching the car pull away he furrows his eyebrows. Qiao Rui… Bastard! I will find a way to show Feng LiMei your true colors.

   Yang Chenxi drives towards the airport. He informs Rui, “When you didn’t show up I got the clearance changed but we need to change the route.”

   Rui replies, “En.” then presses the button to put up the privacy window. LiMei is sitting on his lap leaning on his chest. He plays with her ponytail and she giggles, “Stop. Haha.. your cold fingers are tickling my neck.”

   He wraps her hair around his finger, “LiMei…I want you to cut your hair.”

  She has a startled expression, “What? I thought you liked my long hair.”

  “Nevermind.” He slightly frowns thinking about the look on Lu Chang’s face as they walked past. LiMei’s beauty is too eye catching.

   LiMei yawns then rubs her head on his chest, “How long will it take to get to Serenity Island?”

   Rui lifts her chin with his finger and kisses her tempting lips, “Well, with the change it will take eight hours by plane then we will take a boat to the Island.”

  LiMei snuggles into his warm embrace and closes her eyes. He wraps his arms around her soft body and buries his head in her neck. My little wifeYou are too beautiful…I’m fucking sick of the way men covet you.”

  When they arrive at the airport, Yang Chenxi opens the back door and Rui carries LiMei to the plane. Once on board he takes her directly to the sleeping cabin. He lays her on the bed and covers her with a quilt then walks out to talk to Yang Chenxi.

  “Do you know a man named Lu Chang?”

  “He owns the Sea Dragon Restaurant. The third son of the Lu Family. Why?”

  “I don’t like him.”

   Yang Chenxi raises an eyebrow, “When did you meet him?”


   Yang Chenxi has an amused expression, “Let me guess he looked at your wife.”

   Rui’s face darkens and the temperature drops in the cabin. “He has thoughts he shouldn’t have.”

   “Brother, unless you lock the little beauty in a golden cage and keep her as a canary…face it..men are going to look at the little stunner. She possesses the kind of innocent and pure beauty that is hard to resist.”

 “Shut up!” Rui loses his temper and kicks towards his chest and he adeptly dodges.

  Yang Chenxi pats his shoulder, “Bro, you should be more worried about the Snake Woman. Do you think she will accept that her favorite disciple has a wife? She is going to get wet the moment she lays her greedy eyes on you and want to fuck. She will think of a way to get rid of your little fairy.”

   “I will never touch that disgusting woman. I will cut out her tongue if she says anything to LiMei.”

   “The venomous bitch isn’t stupid, mark my words she will find a way to come between the two of you. Every time I visit Master she asks if I have seen you, if you will come to the Island. If she wasn’t a wanted criminal in China the crazy bitch would chase after you.”

   He opens a duffel bag on the seat. “I tell her you will never return. I would pay to see her face when you go there…accompanied by a beautiful young wife.”

   The pilot announces they will be taking off soon and Rui says, “I will need you to keep her away from LiMei.”

  Yang Chenxi tears open a bag of pork rinds,  “Sorry bro, you need to figure it out yourself. I am taking you to the Island on my boat then leaving. I have a mission. I will be back to pick you up in a week.” Yang Chenxi knows Rui hates junk food and reaches out with a pork rind, “Try one, they are spicy.” Rui knocks it out of his hand, “Fuck off!”

Yang Chenxi sits down and buckles his seatbelt, “Better wake up, your little woman there will be turbulence when we take off.” He smirks looking out the window as he pops a pork rind into his mouth.

   Rui heads back to the sleeping cabin and sits on the edge of the bed. He has a pensive expression thinking about the possibility of his relationship with the Snake Woman being exposed and his life in the Underworld. The thought of his well maintained image being shattered in front of LiMei worries him. He has a murderous gleam in his dark eyes, it is all because of that bastard Wong Chao! I am going to kill that fucking prick after I retrieve his goddam treasure. 

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