On The Bed

This chapter is for readers 18+ enjoy!

     She sits up and surprises Rui by unbuttoning his shirt. LiMei gazes into his eyes, “Rui…I want you to make love to me…” 

    LiMei’s soft fingers brush across his bare chest as she removes his black silk shirt. Rui’s body trembles from her warm touch and seductive appearance.The cold aura surrounding him disappears as he gazes at her sweet flirtatious expression. LiMei’s small mouth is slightly puckered and her bewitching smile distracts him from the dark thoughts swirling around in his mind. He only wants to kiss those tempting lips and bully her underneath him.

    Rui’s pitch black eyes flicker revealing his overwhelming emotions when LiMei starts clumsily unbuckling his belt.  Rui’s heart is thumping hard because LiMei has never initiated their lovemaking. Rui’s turbulent emotions calm down knowing she wants him.

Desire makes him instantly harden as her small hands fiddle with the zipper. He kisses her madly, entangling their tongues then breathlessly whispers, “Baby…”

   Unable to control the raging beast in his body, he tears her white blouse and bra then greedily puts her snow white breast into his mouth. Tasting her sweetness he twirls his tongue around her erect bud then licks and nibbles, sending an electric current through LiMei’s body.

She reflexively shudders then moans while arching her slender back, “Ahh..Ruiii..” He slips the pale yellow skirt down her thighs, hooking his fingers into her soaked white lace thong with a slight tug rips them away. LiMei’s soft voice sounds like a kitten purring as he caresses her thigh then spreads her slender legs.

   Rui’s lips curl up into a mischievous smile gazing  at her beautiful face stained with lust. LiMei’s eyes are a smokey deep green and she is fluttering her long black eyelashes. Messily spread on the white pillow is her long black hair; a few strands dampened by her sweat are stuck to her cheeks. He has a pampering expression on his handsome face as he gently brushes the hair back behind her ear. Rui’s hot breath sprays on her neck as he licks and sucks, possessively leaving red love bites on her tender skin. LiMei’s shivers from the pleasurable feeling of his hot wet tongue.

    Rui rubs his thumb across her sensitive nub and LiMei’s body twitches uncontrollably from excitement.

He continues teasing her with his fingers thrusting in and out of her tiny flower hole. Unable to stand the itchy feeling she puts her hand on his huge c*ck. She coquettishly bites her red and swollen bottom lip, this torture…I need Rui inside of me..LiMei’s voice is full of lust as she softly begs, “Don’t tease…Give..give it to me..”

   Rui licks his long fingers dripping with her honey then seductively whispers in LiMei’s ear, “Ask properly.”

   LiMei rubs her legs together and wraps her arms around his neck. She looks into his eyes and pleads , “Hubby…please. So uncomfortable.”

  He has a devilish grin then bites her earlobe, “ My wife…wants me to feed her hungry little pussy? ”

   “Umm.” She writhes under him as she places her small hand around his throbbing erection. Rui’s experienced teasing drives LiMei to the edge of madness.“Husband…Fuck me…Pleaseee…I beg you… fuck me.”

   Rui kisses her lips as he places his large hand on top of hers moving her hand up and down his throbbing shaft. “Baby, you have been a naughty girl…first… you need to show your sincerity.”

   LiMei can feel the scorching heat as his erection grows larger. She stares longingly at the hard and tempting sight… What should I do to show him..hmm.. Making a decision, she surprises Rui by putting her soft lips on the tip of his enlarged c*ck that is oozing a small amount of liquid.

Rui’s eyes are glued on LiMei’s small pink tongue licking him and lapping up the juice. He trembles in ecstasy as she moves his throbbing cock in and out of her tight small mouth. He can’t help but thrust further into the moistness feeling an indescribable sensation as his hardness fills her mouth. He pants heavily while her fluffy head bobs up and down . He has his fingers entwined in her soft tangled hair and groans, “Urghh..ahh… Baby…you are so fucking good…”

  When LiMei hears him she is encouraged and works harder to please him. Rui’s heart is pounding, barely able to restrain himself from shooting into her mouth he unexpectedly pulls out.

He presses LiMei under him and spreads her legs. Rui’s voice is raspy while he breathlessly teases, “My wife I feel your sincerity. Now I will show you mine.”

   Rui has one thought in his mind… I need to make sure I am the only man in her eyes.  He lovingly calls LiMei ‘wife’  then tenderly kisses her face. Trails of fire ignite her passion as he caresses her delicate body then spreads her legs. He lifts her legs onto his shoulder so he can see her small wet pussy open as he penetrates her tight tunnel. A stream of nectar flows down onto the sheets as her body willingly gives way to him. He has a satisfied smile as he slides inside, the walls of her pussy tightening around his thick shaft. “Baby your little hole is so greedy.”  He removes his c*ck then rubs against the pink folds with the tip. 

   LiMei pouts and whimpers, “Rui..Husband… so mean…”

   “Baby, you need to be patient.”

   “I..I am so itchy..so empty..Husband…Fill me up.”

   Rui touches her wet mound then holds up his dripping finger, “ Fill you up with what? Wifey, I need you to say.”

   LiMei’s face turns crimson red at his shameless request. She clutches the sheets. “I want.. I want…” She blinks her eyes then in a low voice says, “I want your…your big thick c*ck inside of me.”

  He chuckles at her exasperated expression, “Okay Mrs. Qiao as you wish.” 

   Rui thrusts deep inside of LiMei and she gasps for breath as he hits her sensitive spot over and over. “AHHHH…UUMMM..” He knows her body well and spares no effort to completely send LiMei to the heavens. Indulging his dark desires He whispers in her ear, “Little demoness, your little pussy is devouring my c*ck.”

   Indulging his dark desires they change positions several times, the sheets are soaked with her honey from the intense stimulation. LiMei’s mind is muddled and she feels dizzy. She has lost the ability to form words and can only moan as Rui controls her body using sexual techniques he learned from the Snake Woman. He hated the fact his Master forced him at the time not understanding the purpose. He said one day I would understand. He looks at LiMei’s befuddled expression and has a faint smile.

Although I hate the poisonous bitch, she did teach me how to manipulate a woman’s body so she can experience extremely intense sexual ectasy. I never thought I would want to please a woman until I fell in love with LiMei. A dark glimmer appears in his eyes recalling the scene in Lu Chang’s office, My little wife…your beautiful body can only belong to me. 

   He buries himself deeply inside of LiMei one more time then releases his essence. As he hits her core the intensity is too strong and LiMei passes out. Rui growls in satisfaction, sweat dripping down his chest onto LiMei as he leans down and kisses her lips.

He stays inside of her warm tunnel and hugs LiMei’s limp body to his chest. He plays with her wet hair and inhales her sweet fragrance. Have my baby… We will be a happy family…I will give you everything… He lightly kisses her forehead, you are my precious woman. I love you LiMei…with all my heart and soul.

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