I’m Sorry

    Rui has LiMei’s hand in an iron grip as he silently drags LiMei down the hallway. She timidly glances up at his face. He has a cold expression, his lips are pursed and his pitch black eyes are staring straight ahead. Rui looks like a storm is brewing inside of him and LiMei can feel his jealous rage. I should have gone immediately to look for him, he is so angry…what should I do?

   LiMei is tongue tied from panic and unable to speak as he roughly pulls her into the elevator. No one is inside and he pushes LiMei against the wall. He fiercely kisses her lips, licking and biting to erase the disturbing image of Lu Chang touching her face. Rui’s body is pressed against LiMei and both their hearts are pounding as he deepens the kiss. Baby, why do you torment me by smiling at other men you should only smile at me. You don’t know how my heart ached when I saw that bastard’s finger brush across your lips…your lips that belong to me. I wanted to break his fingers and cause his internal organs to explode! He possessively embraces LiMei tighter with his arm encircling her willow thin waist. He nibbles on her earlobe then whispers in a low and desperate tone, “I’m your husband…Why didn’t you come to me?”

   She gazes at the gloomy expression on his incredibly handsome face. LiMei’s emerald green eyes are covered with a layer of mist knowing she hurt him. While fluttering her moist eyelashes, LiMei’s voice trembles,  “When…when I woke up…I… I wanted to come find you but I was light headed… so dizzy that I couldn’t stand. Mr. Lu said he would send his secretary to find you.” She buries her head in his chest and tears flow down her cheeks, “Don’t be angry…please…I’m sorry.”

   Rui smooths her hair, in a soft tone he coaxes, “Don’t cry…I’m not angry with you.” He wipes her tears from her flushed cheeks with his long slender finger. His eyes are full of tenderness and his tone is gentle, “Baby, I was worried and overreacted.”

   The door of the elevator opens and he lifts LiMei into his strong embrace. She wraps her arms around his neck and tenderly presses her soft lips onto his to soothe the beast inside of him. When she does he feels his heart melting and the fire burning inside of him dies down. 

   He feels guilty that he let his jealousy get out of control and frightened LiMei. “ How do you feel now?”

   “I have a headache but it’s not too bad.”

   When they enter the room he lays LiMei on the bed, “I am going to examine you. What happened before you fainted?”  Rui sits down next to LiMei, putting his fingers on her delicate wrist he checks her pulse.

  LiMei knits her eyebrows together, “Ahh…Miss Lau said something to me…I don’t remember what she said… suddenly everything went dark.”

   Suspicious because Lau An anxiously followed LiMei to the restroom he narrows his eyes, “Did she upset you?”

  “No…no…honestly I don’t know what happened. It wasn’t her fault.’ LiMei’s throat is dry, ” Could you hand me a bottle of water?

  Rui walks over to the table and returns with a bottle of water. He opens the water and LiMei takes a sip.”I drank the wine and tequila on an empty stomach…that was probably the cause.” 

    “Hmmm..” If that was true then why did Lau An have such a frightened and guilty look on her face?

   LiMei drinks the water and Rui touches her forehead, “You don’t recall anything?”

  “No.” I don’t think I should tell Rui Lau An accused me of seducing Chen Jianyu, it will only add fuel to the fire. What she said was ridiculous. But I don’t remember the entire conversation. Why would I faint? I normally have a good tolerance for alcohol.

  Rui looks at his watch, “Do you feel well enough to go to the airport? We could say overnight and leave in the morning.”

  She sits up and hugs Rui, “Really, I am okay now. I don’t want to delay our trip. I am looking forward to meeting your friend and enjoying the Island.”

  “Well, your pulse is normal and you don’t have a fever.”

  There is a knock at the door and Rui walks out of the bedroom to the door. A beautiful woman is holding a dress and a bag. She is taken aback when she sees Rui…what a handsome man! She stares at him for a moment then quickly regains her composure, “Miss Lau sent these clothes and hopes your wife is feeling better.”

   Rui emotionlessly replies, “Send them back.” He shuts the door in the woman’s face leaving her dumbfounded. He clenches his fist in his pocket. That confirms my suspicion. Lau An definitely caused LiMei to faint or she wouldn’t be sending clothes. 

   LiMei asks, “Who was at the door?”

  “The cleaners, I said we would be checking out soon.”


    Rui walks out to the balcony and calls Yang Yi, “I want the Lau Group to lose the deal they have been working on in Bashu City with Dong Electronics. Of course do it through the dummy Corporation I don’t want anything to point to me. But, make it clear that his daughter offended someone she shouldn’t have.”

   Yang Yi lights a cigarette, “I thought you wanted to wait on dismantling Lau Group.”

  “This won’t destroy them, they will only lose a couple billion on the project. I want Old Man Lau to rein in Lau An, she has become too presumptuous.”

  Yang Yi flicks the cigarette into the parking lot by the hospital, “Will do. I was going to call you because I know you won’t be available for the next ten days. Sun Woo contacted me, I don’t know who the fuck is helping Wang Rebecca but she slipped through the net. Whereabouts unknown.”

  “Sun Woo is an incompetent bastard. Contact Rene, have him put his men on it. The fucking psycho bitch shouldn’t be a threat for the time being. I want her located before my wife and I return to Pushong City.”

   Yang Yi walks toward his BMW, “Okay. I don’t know if I should mention this but taking your new wife to the Island?…Aren’t you worried about what the little girl will find out?”

  “ Fuck! Unless the Snake Woman wants to die a horrible death she will keep her mouth shut. Master won’t reveal anything. My only worry is that Master won’t want to give up whatever the fuck this treasure is. His ungrateful bastard of a son told me I will know the treasure when I meet with Master. I don’t like being kept in the dark.”

    “Well, she didn’t get the name Snake Woman for nothing…your little fairy wife doesn’t seem to be her match.”

   “I will protect LiMei.” Rui hangs up and walks into the bedroom. LiMei has fallen asleep, he sits on the edge of the bed and holds her small hand. Rui’s eyebrows are knitted together, I won’t let anyone harm you or reveal my sordid past. He kisses her forehead and brushes her hair off her cheek, my wife, you are so beautiful.

   LiMei stirs and drowsily opens her eyes, “Rui…is it time to leave?”

  He caresses her cheek, ‘Almost” He wants to press her body under him but restrains the urge because LiMei looks very weak.

   She sits up and surprises Rui by unbuttoning his shirt. LiMei coquettishly bites her bottom lip and gazes into his eyes, “Rui…I want you to make love to me…” 

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