Rui Is Very Angry

  Lau An runs out of the bathroom onto the patio, “Qiao Rui, come quickly..Feng LiMei..she..she fainted.”

  Rui jumps up and runs towards the bathroom followed by a worried Chen Jianyu.

    He rushes into the bathroom then grabs Lau An’s arm. Rui’s body emits a strong killing intent as he dangerously narrows his pitch black eyes, “Lau An! Where the hell is LiMei!”  Lau An’s almond eyes fill with fear and her voice trembles,“Feng LiMei…she.. was right there.”  She points to the floor by the second sink.

  Rui has a menacing aura as he angrily squeezes her chin forcing her to meet his pitch black eyes, “LAU AN! If LiMei is hurt in any way I will exact my revenge on your family which I should have done five years ago!”

  Lau An’s eyes water and she is shivering as she glances in Chen Jianyu’s direction with a pleading look. “I didn’t do anything! Jianyu make him let me go!” When she notices he also has an ugly accusatory expression she begins to cry to gain his sympathy.

  Although he suspects Lau An, Chen Jianyu thinks this interrogation is wasting time, “Let her go. Maybe Feng LiMei went back to the table.”

  LiMei is propped up supported by two pillows  on a luxurious couch in the restaurant owner’s office. When Lu Chang was coming down the hallway he saw Lau An exiting the restroom hysterically mumbling something about a woman fainting. He opened the door to see a beautiful young woman sprawled on the marble floor. He immediately picked her up and carried her to his office then called the hotel doctor.

   She had a heavy smell of alcohol on her breath so he assumed she drank too much and then fainted in the bathroom. He ordered the kitchen to bring a bowl of the Seafood congee he came earlier to make for his grandmother.

The waiter just arrived so he gently touches her bare arm, “Miss..Miss.”

  LiMei slowly opens her eyes and flutters her dense black eyelashes looking around the strange room. “Where am I? Ahh…” She looks at the handsome man sitting on the edge of the couch,  “Who are you?”

  He smiles at her cute appearance, she is wrinkling her delicate eyebrows together and has a puzzled expression , “You fainted in the bathroom, I am the owner and you are in my office.”

  LiMei’s face turns red and she tries to stand up but is dizzy. She stumbles and he grabs her around her slim waist before she falls into the coffee table. “You should sit and eat something. Your stomach was rumbling and I assume you drank on an empty stomach.”He wonders who would allow such a young girl to drink in the daytime without even eating.  I had the kitchen bring you some congee. Who are you having lunch with? I can alert them that you are here.”

  “NO!” She blushes, “I mean thank you… but I should go find them.”Oh my God! Rui is probably freaking out looking for me! What happened? Why would I faint? Is it because I mixed the wine and tequila?

  She tries to stand up again and she feels lightheaded. Lu Chang chuckles, “You don’t seem to have the strength to walk. Eat.”

  He glances at his secretary who is watching with his mouth open.He was shocked when his cold and abstinent boss carried LiMei into his office.  “Yes CEO Lu.” Since when did the Young Master care about a customer? His typical reaction is well.. no reaction…

     Lu Chang turns to LiMei, “This is the best solution. Secretary Jin will bring them to my office.”

LiMei’s mouth is watering from the congee’s fragrant aroma. “Then I will trouble you.” She takes a spoonful of the steaming congee and blows on it.

  Lu Chang watches LiMei as she tastes the food and smiles when she exclaims, “ delicious! I have never tasted such a light and flavorful Seafood Congee!” She eagerly takes another spoonful and forgets to blow on it to cool the heat. She waves her small hand in front of her mouth, “HOT!..HOT!”

   He laughs and hands her a glass of water, “Eat slower..” This girl is quite cute.

  LiMei gulps down the water, “Ahh..the congee tastes so delicious I forgot it was hot haha..” She eats more then smiles brightly at him. LiMei’s sparkling green eyes bend in a crescent shape, “The chef is amazing! What is the subtle flavor..did he add Ghurha? Is this a medicinal soup? Grurha is good for the heart.”

  Lu Chang gazes at LiMei with an astonished look, “ Yes. How did you know?” He created this dish especially for his grandmother. She doesn’t like taking medicine and she has persistent heart problems.Gruha only grows in the Washu Mountains so is seldom used in this coastal city.

  LiMei has a perplexed expression, “Umm..haha..I don’t know.”


She takes another bite and as the creamy white soup dribbles down her chin Lu Chang takes the napkin and wipes her mouth.

  Suddenly the door opens and Rui rushes into the office followed by Chen Jianyu and Lau An. LIMei quickly moves away from Lu Chang and guiltily stammers, “Rui..I..I..”

  Rui sees a strange man dapping LiMei’s chin with an infatuated look on his face as he enters the room and he is filled with jealousy. The man’s Secretary explained the situation but Rui can’t help but be angry that LiMei didn’t immediately come find him when she woke up. Witnessing this scene his blood boils. He has the overwhelming urge to lock LiMei up where only he can see her…my seductive little bunny attracts too many hungry wolves. I know that lustful look in the motherf***er’s eyes he wants to fuck LiMei!

A rush of anger makes his eyes turn red. The little woman seems quite comfortable happily eating and talking with this bastard. He possessively hugs LiMei’s petite body to his chest and kisses her forehead. “Baby, I was so worried about you.” 

  Lu Chang doesn’t like seeing LiMei in Rui’s embrace and sneers, “Maybe you shouldn’t have let her drink alcohol on an empty stomach.”

   Rui looks over at him, ignoring his sarcastic comment he politely says, “Thank you for helping my wife.” He picks LiMei up in one swift motion into his arms and she helplessly stares at Lu Chang with an embarrassed expression. If I say anything now Rui will be angry. But, he was so kind to have the kitchen bring me delicious food. “Well..I..”

 Rui doesn’t want her to look at or say another word to Lu Chang so he fiercely kisses her lips. He domineeringly pries open her mouth and entagles their tongues. Only feeling her heart racing as her body melts into his will subdue the beast inside him.

It took all his willpower not to attack Lu Chang for touching LiMei. Rui had to force himself to be polite to Lu Chang so LiMei wouldn’t see his dark side. He strides out the door and decides to go to the hotel room. Rui’s eyes rolling with small flames reveal his jealousy and inner rage. My little wife, I need to punish you underneath me for smiling so happily at another man. He tightens his embrace as he strides down the hallway…Baby, why didn’t you come find me? I am your are mine…

 Lu Chang stops Chen Jianyu as he is about to leave, “What is his name?”

 “Qiao Rui.” He reluctantly adds, “Feng LiMei is his wife.” 

   He walks to the door and Lau An follows him, Hmmph..from the look on his face the little fox demon has bewitched another man. She smiles thinking about the dark look on Rui’s face when they walked into the room, then she remembers his warning in the bathroom. I need to stop her from telling Rui I caused her to faint. With his twisted thinking he will blame me for  putting the little slut together with that man!

   After they leave the office office Lu Chang instructs his secretary, “Find out all the information on Qiao Rui and Feng LiMei.”

  “Young Master, if I can be so bold, I could see you have an interest in the girl but since she is married… your grandfather..” 

  Lu Chang towers over Secretary Jin and in an oppressive posture looks down at him. He interrupts with a terrifyingly icy tone , “Do you work for me or my grandfather?”

 Secretary Jin breaks out into a cold sweat.“ of course I work for you Young Master.”

 “Then do what I tell you to do without adding your unwanted opinion.” 

  “I will have the information within the hour.”


  Lu Chang lays on the couch with his hands behind his head. He can still smell the girl’s intoxicating jasmine fragrance on the couch pillow. He closes his eyes. Such a delicate and beautiful girl shouldn’t be with such an arrogant bastard. 

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      1. Who can resist our girl haha..but she is oblivious. Rui needs to ‘punish’ her now..😰 Lu Chang is not a simple ‘chef’


      2. Ooh when anyone gets involved with LiMei, they’re never simple. Gosh Rui enjoys punishing her too much, but if he keeps it up, he’ll no longer need to shamelessly say she’s pregnant before she actually is 😂


      3. Haha…true! Lu Chang is Leng Shuai’s cousin. Rui definitely wishes she had a bun in the oven. Spoiler#2 LiMei’s body has some issues but they can be solved.


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