Qiao Rui Is Married?

    After Rui places LiMei on the bed, he takes out his silver needles. He couldn’t bear the tormented expression on her delicate face as he entered the bathroom.  I am only going to stabilize her mind…she needs to feel safe.  Once we are on the Island I will explain the situation to Master, he will be able to treat her memory loss. Confident he is doing what is best for LiMei he carefully inserts a thin silver needle into her Zedhu point. She remains motionless as he slowly twists the needle. Rui then leans down and in a hypnotic tone he whispers in her ear, “You are Feng LiMei, Qiao Rui’s beloved wife. He adores you and you love him very much. LiMei,you are very happy to go to a beautiful Island on your honeymoon. You  are excited to learn how to swim…lay on the beach and eat delicious food with your husband.”

He notices the color is returning to her face and she has a pink blush on her cheeks. Relieved that she no longer has a pained expression he decides that should be enough to calm her mind without erasing any memories of being Qin Daiyu.

    Rui removes the needle and tenderly kisses LiMei on the forehead. LiMei’s curled black eyelashes flutter and a faint smile appears on her face. Rui lovingly stares at her angelic appearance. Have a sweet dream my beautiful wife and when you wake up we will have lunch then leave for the Island.

   He covers LiMei then walks out to the living room of the spacious suite. He pours a glass of wine then sits on the couch. He sips the red wine then rubs the space between his eyebrows  thinking about what she must have endured as Subject 456. It is obvious from her nightmare she was tortured by Xinghi in his pursuit of creating a Super Soldier. He gulps down the wine and his pitch black eyes narrow dangerously thinking about LiMei screaming in her sleep. Bastard! I won’t let you go for what you did and you are still targeting LiMei. I should kill you. He pours another glass of wine and his emotions are turbulent picturing her sweet expression thinking she was in the arms of her ‘Savior’. He has a strong urge to find the man and wipe his existence from the world. Who was the man LiMei called her savior?

   Rui sips the wine then sets the glass down on the coffee table. He looks at his email and sees Leng Shuai sent him the information about his grandmother. He forwards it to Qin Gao. Done.

    Qin Gao, is cursing Rui as he packs his bags. Dammit! Going back to China is going to be fucking hell! If that motherf****er Xinghi gets wind I’m back that’s a problem…if the poisonous woman finds out I am in Hirachi City that is a bigger problem and if …I need a drink! QIAO RUI!

  Rui leans back on the couch and closes his eyes. He drifts off to sleep and is awakened by LiMei kissing his cheek. She has a mischievous gleam in her green eyes as she teases,“My husband is so handsome when he is asleep.”

   He smiles and pulls LiMei onto his lap. Rui wraps his arms around her waist then kisses LiMei, “My wife is the most beautiful.”

   She giggles, “Rui, I’m starving. Let’s go to the Sea Dragon Restaurant to eat.”

  He looks at his watch, “Okay.” He takes out his phone and calls Yang Chenxi, “Is the plane ready?”

  “Yeah. Are you coming to the airport?”

 “We are going to eat. Get clearance for four thirty.”

  “Will do. I tried to call you. I was worried when we got here they said we wouldn’t be able to get clearance to take off today. There were several men dressed in black on the tarmac sent by Leng Shuai. Did you deal with him? They dispersed a half hour ago.”

  “Yeah.” He hangs up and kisses LiMei, “Are you sure you don’t want room service? We could eat and then…” LiMei pats his chest, “Haha..You are so bad!” then gets off his lap. She pulls on his hand, “Rui! I want to see the view from the rooftop.”

   They leave the suite and walk down the hallway to the elevator. LiMei looks up at him with an infatuated gaze, “Husband…”

   Rui responds, “Wife.”

   LiMei’s eyes are twinkling as she repeats, “Husband…”

   He leans down and whispers in her ear, “Wife…Something?”

  LiMei hugs him, “Hmm..No. I just like hearing you call me Wife.”

  Rui effortlessly picks up her petite body up into his arms, “My beautiful wife, I will say it as many times as you want..” He kisses LiMei as the door of the elevator opens and a woman gasps, “Qiao Rui?”

  He grimaces, “Lau An.”

   Lau An has a complicated expression looking at him holding a beautiful young woman in his arms. 

   LiMei’s face turns red, she recognizes Lau An as the owner of the Morning Glory and Rui’s ex girlfriend according to Chen Jianyu. She squirms trying to get out of Rui’s arms but he tightens his grip. He wrinkles his eyebrows together then nibbles on her ear, he whispers, “Behave.”

   Lau An can’t believe the scene in front of her, Qiao Rui has a gentle expression and is affectionate. When they were dating he never held her in his arms or showed such a tender side. The young girl looks familiar. Where have I seen her before?

   She regains her composure and asks,“Qiao Rui, aren’t you going to introduce us?

   He kisses LiMei on the forehead, “She is my wife, Feng LiMei.”

   Lau An has a shocked expression, “You..you are married?”

   Rui brushes some loose strands of hair behind LiMei’s ear, “Very happily married.”

  LiMei blushes and is speechless, is Rui taunting his ex girlfriend..

   There is an awkward silence in the elevator when the door opens and Chen Jianyu enters followed by three men. He stares at Rui, “What are you doing in Hirachi City?” LiMei’s head is buried in Rui’s chest so he can’t see her face. “Who is she?”

  Lau An answers, “HIs wife, Feng LiMei.”

  He laughs, “Haha..Qiao Rui you married the little plain mouse?”

  Before Rui can respond to Chen Jianyu’s jab LiMei lifts her head and has an indignant expression. Puffing out her cheeks she snaps, “Who are you calling a little mouse?”

   The three men are mesmerized by her fairy-like appearance…plain mouse? 

    Rui starts laughing at her cute appearance and Chen Jianyu’s mouth drops open when he sees her beautiful flawless face, “You..you are Kang Mei.”

   “…”  Both Lau An and Rui remember him looking for a mystery girl named Kang Mei. They stare at LiMei and she quickly denies it, “CEO Chen, did you take the wrong medicine today?  I’m your secretary, Feng LiMei…not Kang Mei.”

  Chen Jianyu steps closer and reaches towards LiMei, Rui pushes him, “Jianyu, what are you doing? Don’t touch my wife.”

   Chen Jianyu shakes his head and mutters, “No..no…she is Kang Mei.”

 The elevator opens and they all exit. LiMei pulls Rui’s tie and in a barely audible voice pleads, “Rui, let me down..please.”

   He reluctantly puts her down and turns to Chen Jianyu and Lau An who are following behind them, “What are you doing?”

  Chen Jianyu hasn’t recovered from the shock that Kang Mei, the woman he dreams about nightly and has spent thousands searching the city for was right under his nose in disguise. “What? We are going to eat at the Sea Dragon Restaurant. Let’s get a table together I want to know why you didn’t tell me, your best friend, that you were getting married to..to my secretary.”

  Rui doesn’t like the way Chen Jianyu eyes have not left LiMei and replies, “Forget it. I don’t want to eat with you.”

  “…” LiMei nudges him, “Rui..he is still my Boss.”

 “Oh and Jianyu, my wife quits.” Rui has a pampering expression as he touches LiMei’s stomach then shamelessly adds, “My wife is going to be busy raising our children.”

 LiMei’s face turns bright red and Lau An can barely hide her jealousy. Although she always had a crush on Chen Jianyu, Rui  was her boyfriend and never showed any desire to get married let alone have children. What kind of ecstasy soup did the little slut feed him? And I finally found an opportunity to spend time with Chen Jianyu but his scorching gaze hasn’t left her fox face since he first saw her in the elevator.

   LiMei wants to dig a hole and crawl into it. Rui’s subtle action makes it look like I am already pregnant! Lau An is giving me a death glare and CEO Chen…well.. what is with that expression…this is too wierd!

  “Chen Jianyu clenches his fist in his pocket as the four of them enter the restaurant together. He tells the hostess, “Table for four with a view.”


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