LiMei’s Mind is Unstable

   LiMei is lying on the thick white carpet of the bedroom curled into a ball dreaming of her experiences at Xinghi’s Compound. The nightmare engulfs her mind tormenting her with images of her confinement and the horrific experiments performed on her in Xinghi’s pursuit of creating a Super Soldier. She is strapped to a cold metal table and connected to numerous machines recording brain activity and her body’s reactions to different experimental drugs.

     The nightmare is very realistic, LiMei feels the bone chilling cold stainless steel against her skin as she is in a semi conscious state racked with unbearable pain. I want to escape…I need to get away…they will kill me.. Why did Kuang Bo leave me here. I thought he cared about me… Tears form in her closed eyes and leak from the corners rolling down her cheek. Kuang Bo… 

   She is in a sterile room that is brightly lit and the heavy smell of disinfectant assaults her heightened senses. Unfortunately this is the only result of their endless experiments. The light is blinding…she is overwhelmed by smells and she is sensitive to the slightest sound. LiMei’s eyes are slightly open but she can barely focus as several men dressed in white suits enter…she heard them coming as they entered the hallway. Knowing only pain is awaiting her when they arrive she closes her eyes listening to the sound of their footsteps getting closer.

The doctors walk to the table and hover over her discussing Subject 456. A bespectacled middle aged man emotionlessly inserts a sharp instrument into her upper arm. When the jolt of pain hits her eyes reflexively open to see blood running down her thin arm, but she is weak and unable to scream. She hears a man’s concerned voice, “ Stop. It won’t work… as you can see the blood isn’t coagulating.” He points to a machine next to the bed. “Look at her neural activity. The girl is in extreme pain.” He takes a cloth and gently wipes the blood from her arm. “When you increased the dosage Subject 455 never regained consciousness and after three days his organs completely shut down. What makes you think this frail girl will survive? At least wait until she is stronger. Why are you rushing?” 

   “Qin Gao shut up! I don’t need you second guessing my judgment nor do I want to hear your pathetic concern for this lab rat. Do you think she has the capacity to be a Super Soldier? She is expendable. We only want to see why the the enhancement and regenerative experiments previously failed. This girl’s blood for some reason has been able to absorb the second phase of drugs.

     Lab rat?  LiMei is helpless as she tries to move the straps on her wrists and legs are too tight. She wants to scream but when she opens her mouth nothing comes out. I don’t want to die here.. LiMei struggles to speak, she recognizes the man’s voice, he was the only one who would give her water when she was thirsty. Maybe this man will help me after all we have the same surname.

 The head researcher scratches his ear and continues, “Whether she lives or dies… she is barely human after the first round of experiments, you shouldn’t care. Remember who sent you here, if you want to have a life when you leave the Compound, do as I say.”

   After the group of doctors leaves only Qin Gao is left in the room charting her brain activity. LiMei musters all her strength and begs him, “Please! Help me! I don’t want to die.”

   Rui hears her scream and rushes into the bedroom to see LiMei on the floor. The color is drained from her face making her look deathly pale and she is shivering. Tears are rolling down her cheeks and her lips are trembling.

   Leng Shuai is behind him and shocked by the sight. “What the hell!” 

   Rui turns to him, “Get out.”

  “I’m not going anywhere. What is wrong with Feng LiMei?”

  Rui sits on the floor and hugs LiMei into his arms, his voice full of panic, “Baby, wake up.”

  Both Rui and Leng Shuai realize she must have heard them and it triggered a memory. Rui glares at Leng Shuai and in a low threatening tone growls, “This is your fault. You better fucking leave now or no one will save your grandmother.” Rui strokes LiMei’s hair, “ What I told you is true, Xinghi can’t help you and if you don’t leave I will make another call. He doesn’t want to come to China, he will be relieved.” 

  Thinking about his grandmother’s dire situation Leng Shuai has no choice but to acquiesce, “I’m leaving.” He looks at LiMei’s fragile appearance as she shivers in Rui’s arms. “But, Qiao Rui, Feng LiMei needs treatment to recover her memories. This proves how dangerous her current state of mind is to her well being.”

  “Don’t worry about my wife.” Rui feels a twinge of guilt, his heart is in a knot knowing what Leng Shuai said is true. The nightmare LiMei had just now was worse than the last one. She is trembling and her forehead is covered in a thin layer of cold sweat.

  After Leng Shuai leaves, Rui carries LiMei to the bed. When he tries to lay her down she clings onto him, “You are so warm…I’m cold.”

   He holds her tightly and licks the salty tears from her cheek, “LiMei…wake up.”

   She snuggles into his comforting embrace, “I knew you would save me from them.”

   He flinches hearing her words, when LiMei presses her face on his chest he is overcome by a strange feeling. Rui touches her head, “Who am I?”

    LiMei flutters her eyelashes and doesn’t answer. You are the handsome and kind man who saved me.

   Rui’s voice is hoarse, “What is my name?”

    She looks like a little kitten as she rubs her face against his chest. He can smell her unique sweet fragrance and imagines another man holding LiMei in his arms. The murderous beast rages inside of him wanting to kill. The killing intent emitting from him intensifies as she purrs, “Hmm…Don’t know. But you helped me survive in that hellish place…you are my savior.”

    Rui’s scorching gaze is riveted on LiMei’s flawless face. You are so incredibly beautiful..Any man would be willing rescue you to make you his own. Did he touch you? Kiss your sweet lips? He runs his finger across her cherry red lips because of his strong paranoia, dark thoughts swirl in his mind. He wants to swallow LiMei, hide her away where only he can see her beautiful smile and hold her in his embrace.

Leng Shuai, that fucking bastard..this mystery man..they all want to take you away from me.. You are my woman…I won’t let anyone take you from me. He is consumed with an intense desire to possess LiMei completely and lock her away. He impulsively kisses LiMei, prying her lips open and rushing into her mouth with his tongue. After he fiercely kisses her he licks and sucks on her lips then bites her tender bottom lip to vent his frustration. Baby, I can be the only man you think about! He buries his head in the crook of her neck and he plays with her silky hair . You are mine…my wife. 

   LiMei slowly opens her eyes, “Rui.. Leng Shuai left?”

   He nods, “Baby, when I came into the room, you seemed to be having a nightmare. What were you dreaming about?”

    She has a bewildered expression, “A nightmare?” She yawns, “ I was waiting for you and I guess I fell asleep… but I don’t remember any dream. Why?”

   He caresses her face, “Are you hungry?”

    She rubs her temples, “No. I have a headache. Do you have any pain reliever in your medicine bag?”

   He walks over and takes a bottle of pills out, when he does he sees his silver needles. He is tempted…No I can’t tamper any more with her memories. It is obvious when she is triggered she has flashes of memory. I don’t want her to suffer because of my selfishness.When we meet Master maybe he can find a way. I need to strengthen our relationship so if she does regain her memory she will choose a life with me.

   Rui picks up a bottle of water and walks over to LiMei, she notices his gloomy expression. “Is something wrong? Did Leng Shuai upset you?” She gently touches his cheek, “Does your injury hurt?”

   “No. I’m fine. I’m going to order some light dishes.You should eat something. It isn’t good to take medicine on an empty stomach.”

    She wraps her arms around his neck and looks at him adoringly, “Rui, I love you.” She smiles brightly and her green eyes bend into crescent shapes. “You always take such good care of me.”

     Rui’s heart races gazing into her sparkling eyes that only have him reflected in them. He nibbles on her ear and his warm breath tickles her neck as he whispers, “You are my wife…I will always treasure you.” You are everything to me… 

    He wants to press LiMei down on the bed but he stops himself, as he is about to call room service LiMei says, “Rui instead of ordering room service, let’s go to the rooftop restaurant. I think the fresh air might make me feel better. We were on the plane then in this hotel room…maybe I just need to breathe some fresh air.”

   “If you want.”

  “I do. I will wash my face then we can go.”

  Rui sits on the edge of the bed and he smiles watching LiMei walk into the bathroom. She loves me. I won’t lose her if she regains her memories, she was Qin Daiyu when we met and she fell in love with me.

  LiMei washes her face and takes a towel and wipes the water away. When she looks in the mirror a voice in her mind says, “What right do you have to love an excellent man like Qiao Rui? Look at you…you aren’t worthy…if he knew about the real you..” LiMei grips onto the sink and shakes her head, “He loves me. I am his wife.”

   She feels as though her soul flies away when a woman’s laughter taunts her, “Hahahaha… he loves Feng LiMei…are you really Feng LiMei? No, because there is no woman named Feng LiMei… hahaha..Loser..Lab rat…Are you even human Little Miss Subject 456” LiMei feels dizzy, as she is about to fall Rui rushes into the bathroom. He heard LiMei talking to herself but couldn’t make out what she was saying so he was worried. 

   Rui catches LiMei before she falls onto the marble floor and gently pats her face, “LiMei…LiMei…Baby.” He kisses her face then desperately hugs her into his embrace, this is bad.. She was obviously talking to herself and now she fainted again. What the hell is going on! LiMei was fine when she walked into the bathroom! Dammit! What the fuck should I do? Take her to the hospital? But what can they do? I can’t let a strange doctor hypnotize LiMei. She has too many secrets that can’t be revealed. I need to stabilize her mental condition…yes… get her stable… once we get to the Island I am sure Master will know what to do.

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