Leng Shuai Part 2

    Leng Shuai steps towards LiMei with his hand outstretched, Rui slaps his hand away and growls in a menacing tone, “What are you doing! Don’t even think about touching my wife!”

   “…” Leng Shuai has a complicated expression, wife? When did they get married? I didn’t hear anything about it.

    LiMei quickly is pulled into Rui’s possessive embrace. He uses too much strength and she bangs her nose on his hard chest. LiMei’s eyes water and she gazes up at him with a look full of grievances as she rubs her nose. “Rui!” Why is he so hostile to his friend?

   Rui narrows his eyes dangerously as he glares at Leng Shuai. Unnerved by the situation Rui takes LiMei’s hand and drags her in the direction of the Rolls Royce Phantom.

   Leng Shuai chuckles and shakes his head as he follows them. “Qiao Rui, I don’t think your car is drivable. It will take a while if you call for another car.” The corner of his mouth twitches, “ I can give you…and your wife a ride.”

     LiMei pulls on his sleeve, “Rui, we should take him up on his offer.”

   Rui doesn’t want LiMei to spend any more time with Leng Shuai but is conflicted. He is curious how much LiMei remembers. While he is hesitating LiMei smiles brightly, “Thanks. Do you want to have lunch with us?” 

   Leng Shuai’s lips curl up into a smile, “I don’t have plans.” From his dark expression it appears Qiao Rui is still jealous of my relationship with the little girl.

   “…” Rui creases his eyebrows together, what the fuck! Well… if she has recovered her memory she might be suspicious if I refuse.

  Leng Shuai starts walking towards a black Bentley as they follow.  As they walk past the Rolls Royce Phantom Rui tells Yang Chenxi, “Call to have the car towed.You and Gu can meet us at the plane.”

  Yang Chenxi tosses the cigarette in his hand onto the ground. “Brother, you…you are familiar with Leng Shuai?”


  Yang Chenxi puts his hand on Rui’s shoulder and leans close to his ear. “Be careful.” He doesn’t think it is a coincidence that Leng Shuai conveniently appeared at the accident scene. 

  Rui brushes off his hand and looks at his watch. “Don’t be late.”

   Rui continues towards the black Bentley behind Leng Shuai. Don’t worry I will be on guard against this motherf****er. 

    Holding LiMei’s hand Rui lazily strides past a group of people and notices one of the men intensely staring at them. He tightens his grip on LiMei’s hand thinking about Wong Chao, Bastard! Do you think I am stupid! There is no way I will let you find the Master.

  Once they are seated in Leng Shuai’s car he leans down and kisses LiMei who is sitting on his lap. Leng Shuai watches their intimate behavior in the rear view mirror. Feng LiMei seems strange… very docile…she doesn’t have the fiery aura I remember. 

   Rui pushes the button to lift the privacy screen when he sees Leng Shuai’s questioning gaze. He brushes a few loose strands of hair behind LiMei’s ear and asks, “Are you sure you want to have lunch with Leng Shuai? We don’t have much time in Hirachi City.”

  She blinks her eyes a few times, not sure why she wanted to have Leng Shuai join them for lunch. A feeling came over her when she saw him that she wanted to ask him something… a white jade necklace…

  LiMei  smiles,My memory is a little vague…I know he is your friend…but…forget it.”  I can’t say I think your friend took a white jade necklace from me…I think it was a gift from you… I want to ask him about it.

  “What do you mean your memory is unclear?” Maybe I am worrying for nothing… She thinks that the fucking bastard and I are friends? 

  LiMei wants to avoid the subject so she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. Rui responds and tightens his arms around her thin waist as he deepens the kiss. He knows she is doing this to avoid answering but can’t help indulging. Whenever she takes the initiative to kiss his lips he can’t stop the surge of dark desire that engulfs him. Rui savors her sweet taste then breathlessly whispers in her ear, “Wife, I think we should go to a hotel and order room service.”

  She blushes, “What will your friend think? I invited him to lunch.”

  He frowns as he sarcastically responds, “He is not that good of a friend.”


   The sultry mood is broken when Leng Shuai stops the car and puts down the privacy partition,”We are here.” 

   When they get out of the car Leng Shuai casts a taunting look at Rui, “I think this restaurant will suit your taste Feng LiMei.”

  She wonders why he would know her preferences, she only met him a few times with Rui. LiMei’s thoughts are interrupted when she notices Rui’s eyes darken and the flames rolling in their depths. She regrets inviting Leng Shuai to accompany them for lunch. She holds Rui’s hand tighter and ignores Leng Shuai as they walk into the hotel.

  Rui can’t help but flinch, her preferences? He vividly remembers Leng Shuai’s blatant pursuit of LiMei and clenches his jaw, “I think we will pass on going to the restaurant. LiMei is tired.” He walks towards the desk to get a room as LiMei glances up at him with a bewildered expression. I thought he was joking!

  Leng Shuai casually strides behind them and waits.

 When Rui has the room card he turns to Leng Shuai with an incredulous expression. “Still here?”

  “I don’t mind room service.”

  “…” LiMei doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What is up with these two!

   As they walk to the elevator Rui sneers, “Get lost.”

   Leng Shuai looks at four men dressed in black suits heading through the luxurious lobby in their direction. He speaks in a low voice that only Rui can hear. “Are you sure you want me to leave?” 

   Rui recognizes the faces of the rough looking men from the site of the accident. He regrets leaving the two bodyguards behind. Now, in order to protect LiMei he has no choice but to accept Leng Shuai’s help. He presses on LiMei’s shoulder and as she falls asleep he lifts her into his embrace. 

   Leng Shuai motions to his hidden guards to intercept the four men. He has a cocky expression as he enters the elevator. “Done. Now that the little beauty is asleep, you and I need to talk.”

  Rui can barely contain his anger, “Did you plan this you fucking prick?”

  Leng Shuai laughs, “No, but it did work out to my advantage. You owe me.”

 “Why do I feel I was set up?”

 “You were… but not by me. I’m actually here to protect Feng LiMei. I know where you are headed and she can’t accompany you. She is too important and as you can see you are not prepared to protect the little girl adequately.”

  “Fuck you! How do I know you didn’t arrange everything? The accident…the thugs right now. No one knew we were coming to Hirachi City.”

  “Besides the fact that Feng LiMei is Subject 456, I care about the little girl as you well know. It’s true I was following you because of orders but the accident was unexpected. We need to talk.”

 They arrive at the twenty-third floor and walk down the hallway. Rui reaches into his pocket for the room card and reluctantly allows Leng Shuai to follow.

  Rui places LiMei onto the bed and covers her with a quilt then angrily strides into the living room of the spacious suite. Leng Shuai is standing at the bar pouring a glass of whisky, he faces Rui and asks the question that has been bothering him. “What did you do to Feng LiMei?”

  “I don’t know what you mean.”

  Leng Shuai tightens his grip on the crystal glass, “Bastard! You and I both know you did something to the little girl. Drugs? Hypnosis?”

   “I would never drug my wife.”

   “Your wife…Pfft! How did you accomplish that? Feng LiMei or should I say Qin Daiyu was very unwilling to commit to you the last time I saw her. Not to mention she is different…her aura…her qi… has been suppressed. She appears weak and fragile…not a girl who was trained as an assassin by that lunatic Kuang Fu!”

  Rui’s eyes are filled with killing intent as he flies towards Leng Shuai, “Do you want to die!”

 Leng Shuai narrowly dodges Rui’s palm strike to his heart and smirks, “If it weren’t true would you have this intense reaction? He lunges towards Rui, “Bastard! What did you do to the girl!”

  Rui comes unglued thinking Leng Shuai might uncover what he did to LiMei’s memories. He quickly moves behind Leng Shuai and his arm encircles his neck and squeezes until Leng Shuai can barely take a breath. Rui’s deep voice has a low threatening tone and is full of obsession. “I made LiMei mine. She is my wife now…MY WIFE! Get any thoughts you have about my woman out of your mind.”

   Leng Shuai uses his elbow to hit Rui in the side then grabs the arm that is strangling him. He throws Rui down on the floor and puts his leather shoe on his neck. “I didn’t think good doctor Qiao would use dirty tricks to get a woman into his bed.”

   Rui grabs his foot and twists, Leng Shuai staggers backwards as Rui kicks him in the chest. Blood is dripping from Leng Shuai’s mouth and he spits out a mouthful of blood as he coughs. He wipes the blood on his sleeve and the veins on his neck bulge as he clenches his fist. Furious at the thought of Rui tampering with LiMei’s mind he swings his fist, hitting Rui squarely in the jaw.

   Rui has a smug expression when he hears the bedroom door open. LiMei’s mouth is agape as she rushes over to Rui. Frightened by his red and swollen face she holds onto him, tears form in her beautiful green eyes. “Oh my God! Rui..”

   She glares at Leng Shuai with an accusatory look, “Why..why did you hurt Rui!”

   Rui acts as though he is gravely injured but unbeknownst to LiMei he looks over at Leng Shuai with a sly grin. He leans on LiMei and with a helpless expression coaxes, “Call me husband.”

   Leng Shuai : “…”


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