Leng Shuai

 While LiMei is sleeping on the plane Rui kisses the fading love bites covering her delicate skin one by one then applies more Snow Lotus Cream. Gazing at her fragile appearance he restrains the urge to make love to LiMei while caressing her soft, thin body.  He tenderly runs his finger down her profile. Baby, I will be more gentle in the future, but when you look at me with your beautiful eyes filled only with me I lose my mind. I come unglued and want to crush you into my bones…so you can only look at me…only smile at me…I know sealing your memories was wrong but I can’t lose you. You are my wife..my woman…the only woman I love and will love in this life and the next. Rui embraces LiMei and closes his eyes. 

    Rui is a light sleeper and is awakened by the pilot’s announcement. They will be landing in Hirachi City in an hour and due to expected turbulence from the storm up ahead everyone should be seated and buckled. Rui doesn’t wake up LiMei. He carries her out of the sleeping cabin, he buckles LiMei in the seat next to him. When LiMei wakes up, she rubs her eyes and yawns then realizes they are on the plane. She giggles, “Rui, I don’t even remember getting on the plane.”

   He looks at her cute dazed appearance and his lips curl up, “You have been sleeping for ten hours. We are landing in Hirachi City soon.”

   LiMei’s eyes widen in disbelief, “Ten hours? No way!” She scratches her head, “The last thing I remember is leaving your villa.”

  He kisses her forehead, “Do you feel better?”

   She pats her stomach, “Umm…Yeah..I’m just hungry.”

  “We will be landing soon then we can get lunch.” He turns to Hak Byung-Soo, “Tell Gu to bring out some food for LiMei.”

   After padding her stomach with the delicious pastries LiMei feels refreshed. “I have never been to Hirachi City, will we be there long?”

  Rui is happy she doesn’t remember being in Hirachi City and replies, “They need to refuel the plane and do some safety checks. We will be there for a few hours.”

  LiMei sighs and picks up the tea cup, “ Do we have time to explore the city?”

  “If you want.”

  When they land, Rui unbuckles LiMei’s seat belt and he holds her hand as she stands up. Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu follow them as they exit the plane. A man leaning on a black Rolls Royce Phantom waves at them and they walk in his direction.

   He opens the back door and grins, “ Brother, it has been awhile.” He has a strange expression looking at LiMei, curious as to her identity. He has known Rui for a few years and he never brought a woman with him. I wonder how the Snake Woman will react when she sees the little fairy. It should be a good show..she always favored Qiao Rui. 

  Rui puts his arm around LiMei, “She is my wife, Feng LiMei.”

  “…” LiMei is surprised when Rui introduces her as his wife and looks up at him with a shy expression. 

  He kisses her half parted lips then smiles, “Wife, This is my good friend,Yang Chenxi”

  LiMe blushes and shyly flutters her eyelashes, in a soft voice she says, “Hello.”

  Rui turns to Hak Byung-Soo and hands him an envelope, “I won’t need you, Yang Chenxi can take over as a bodyguard. After you finish the job in Thailand,call Cheng.”

  Hak Byung-Soo puts the envelope into his pocket then respectfully bows, “Thank you.” 

  LiMei grips Rui’s coat sleeve as she watches Hak Byung-Soo walk away. She wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together.The man surnamed Yang doesn’t look like a capable bodyguard. He has a boyish face and his body is as thin as a piece of paper. Seriously! The man doesn’t look like he has the strength to bind a chicken! 

   Sensing LiMei’s apprehension and fear, he leans down and reassures LiMei. “Don’t worry, Brother Chenxi is very good.”  Rui holds his hand above her head so LiMei doesn’t bump her head getting into the backseat and then steps into the car. 

   Big Gu gets into the front passenger seat. He doesn’t like working with men he doesn’t know and has been observing Yang Chenxi. Who is this guy? He looks like a weak fucking nerd.

  Rui puts up the privacy window and pulls LiMei onto his lap. “Do you want to eat lunch then go to the Riverwalk?”

  “Sure. Umm Rui…why did you let Hak Byung-Soo leave?”

 “He asked me a while ago if he could have this week off. The man he works for had an important job and needed him to join the team. I told him once we were in Hirachi City he could leave for Thailand.” He laughs, “I know Yang Chenxi  doesn’t look like a typical bodyguard but his skills are exceptional…his martial arts skills are better than Hak Byung-Soo.” Yang Chenxi has reached a level few men can achieve. He is the only person who can accompany us to Serenity Island because he also is a disciple of Master Hu.

  “Okay. Where are we going to eat?”

   “There is an excellent Seafood restaurant on the top of the Dangfu building. We can sit on the patio and look at the view.”

  LiMei’s eyes light up, “That sounds good.”

  Rui presses the intercom button, “Yang Chenxi take us to The Sea Dragon Restaurant.”

  LiMei snuggles into Rui’s embrace and he affectionately plays with a long strand of her silky hair. LiMei’s phone rings and she reaches into her purse. Rui snatches the phone from her hand to see who is calling. He sneers and turns off her phone. “We are on our honeymoon…no phones.”

  She bites her bottom lip, “Well at least tell me who was calling.”

  “No one important.” That bastard Xinghi won’t give up! It is a good thing I grabbed her phone.


  He puts her phone into his pocket then kisses LiMei, when she is gasping for air he teases, “Wife, I only want you to think about me.” He puts his hand under her sweater as he kisses her neck.

  LiMei grabs his hand, “Rui…stop. Who was on the phone?”

  Rui nibbles on her ear, “Ask again and I will throw your phone out the window.”

  LiMei puffs out her cheeks and pushes his chest, “What if it was important?”


  LiMei gives up, it is true, I only have one friend and I’m not working right now.  But she is miffed that he took her phone away. LiMei tries to slide off his lap and he holds her firmly, “Where are you going?”

  Suddenly Yang Chenxi slams on the brakes and swerves to miss a car headed straight for them.Rui tightens his arms around LiMei as her body is forced forward from the momentum. But he is unable to stop her from hitting her forehead on the back of the front seat.The car spins on the highway as Yang Chenxi pulls on the steering wheel to the right to stabilize the vehicle. The sound of cars crashing into each other can be heard as the Rolls Royce Phantom slides into a guardrail. 

   When the car comes to a stop, Rui hugs LiMei and nervously looks at her face. She appears dazed as he takes his handkerchief and wipes the blood trickling down her forehead. “Baby, does it hurt?”

   LiMei nods, “Hurts.”

   Yang Chenxi anxiously pushes a button to lower the privacy window, “Qiao Rui are you and your wife alright?”

   Rui bellows, “What the hell happened?”

“It looks like a car had a blowout and crossed the meridian.”

The sound of sirens can be heard and people screaming. LiMei shivers and clings onto Rui with a frightened expression. He reaches for his medicine bag, “Baby, it will be okay, you just have a small cut.”

  There is a knock on the window and Big Gu rolls it down. A  tall man leans in the window, “Is everyone alright?”

  He looks towards the back seat and exclaims, “Qiao Rui? Feng LiMei?

  Rui looks up from applying a bandage to LiMei’s forehead when he hears the familiar voice. He glances at LiMei who has no reaction and replies, “What are you doing here?”

  “I was in the car behind the white delivery truck. The ambulance should be here soon. You are a doctor, can you look at the pregnant woman in the dark blue sedan?”

  Rui wants to say no but doesn’t want Leng Shuai to start talking to LiMei. He touches LiMei’s cheek, “Baby, I need to check on an injured woman. Will you be okay?”

  LiMei has calmed down and answers, “I’m fine. I was dizzy for a moment but I’m okay. Hurry and help the woman.”

  Rui grabs his medicine bag and follows Leng Shuai to a crumpled  blue sedan. A young woman in the passenger seat is holding her stomach, semi conscious from the excruciating pain. Rui sees the blood on the seat and tells Leng Shuai, “She shouldn’t be moved until the ambulance arrives.”

   A disheveled young man rushes towards them. When he sees Rui’s medical bag he grabs his sleeve, “Save my wife!”

   Rui stares at the hand on his sleeve and the young man feels his oppressive aura and let’s go. “Please, we were on the way to the hospital, her water broke an hour ago.”

   LiMei is looking out the window and sees the distraught young man pulling on Rui’s arm. She opens the back door and Big Gu says, “CEO Qiao said for you to wait here.”

  LiMei ignores him and gets out of the car. Yang Chenxi and Big Gu follow as she walks over to Rui. The man is crying and begging Rui to deliver the baby. Rui has a cold expression as he refuses, “I’m not an Obstetrician.”

  Rui sees LiMei and he steps over to her, blocking her view of Leng Shuai. He has a worried expression, “Baby,I told you to wait in the car.”

  The distraught young man sees Rui’s expression soften looking at LiMei and pulls on her arm. He has tears in his ears and in a desperate tone he pleads, “Miss, please ask him to save my wife and baby.”

  LiMei mutters,  “A baby?”

   The man feels she is his wife’s life saving straw and frantically nods his head. “Yes..yes..we were going to the hospital.”

   LiMei holds Rui’s hand, “Husband, you need to help them. What if it was me? Our baby?” She flutters her eyelashes as she coaxes him, “Wouldn’t it be so sad if no one helped me?”

  He feels helpless and unable to say no to LiMei when she has that expression… but the woman has lost a great deal of blood. I’m not sure if the baby survived the crash.

  He reluctantly instructs Yang Chenxi “Go get the blanket and water bottles from the car.”

  LiMei hugs Rui, “My husband is the best.”

  When Yang Chenxi returns he says, “Lay the blankets over there.”

  Rus turns to the woman’s husband , “Carefully lift her out and lay her down.”

  The man touches his wife’s pale face  then takes a deep breath and gently lifts her into his arms. He momentarily staggers when he sees her blood soaked dress but continues to where the blanket is on the ground. After he lays her down Rui squats down and checks her pulse. He takes a stethoscope from his bag to listen for a fetal heartbeat.

   LiMei takes a towel and soaks it with water and wipes the woman’s forehead covered in beads of sweat. Rui puts on a pair of gloves then lifts the woman’s dress. He takes a pair of scissors and cuts away the woman’s blood soaked underwear. When he examines the woman he can feel the baby’s head. Rui impatiently tells the man, “Talk to your wife, she needs to push if you want this baby to live.”

   The man starts talking and gently slaps the woman’s face, “Wake up SuSu you need to push.”

   The woman can hear her husband’s voice and opens her eyes. She pushes and screams from the searing pain. LiMei gently wipes her face and holds her hand encouraging and comforting her, “Your beautiful baby wants to meet you. Push..you can do it..squeeze my hand..come on push…”

    The woman grunts and is sobbing as she pushes. LiMei smiles at her, “Good job..keep going…” LiMei watches as Rui has his head lowered and his eyebrows crease together. He looks up at LiMei, she has a beautiful smile on her face as she encourages the woman. My wife is so kind and incredibly  beautiful… 

   The baby’s head is emerging from the birth canal as the ambulance arrives.  Two men hurry over with a stretcher as Rui successfully delivers the baby and cuts the umbilical cord. LiMei excitedly watches as he wraps the baby in a blanket one of the male nurses hands him. 

  Rui gives the baby to the male nurse  and removes the bloody gloves then pours water over his hands. He takes a disinfectant out of his medicine bag and lathers his hands then wipes them with a towel.

   LiMei squeezes the woman’s hand, “Congratulations!” then stands up and runs over to Rui. She stands on her tiptoes and wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him, “My hubby is the best! The most handsome talented doctor!”

   He chuckles and lifts her chin, “My wife is the cutest little cheerleader.”

   LiMei giggles and glances over at the male nurse holding the baby, “Boy or girl?”

  He has a mischievous smile,“A wrinkled ugly little boy.”

  “RUI! Haha.. Don’t all babies look like that?

  LiMei watches them put the woman and the baby into the ambulance. She has an infatuated look in her eyes, “Husband you are amazing. If it weren’t for you they might not have made it.”

  He taps her forehead, “They have you to thank. I only delivered the baby because you asked me.”

  Leng Shuai walks over to them and LiMei smiles brightly when she sees him approach, “Leng Shuai! What are you doing here?”

  !??! Rui’s heart tightens, is LiMei’s memory coming back?

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      1. Thanks! It was like the flu.I never get sick so I was shocked haha. I guess the new varient is rampant even if you are vaccinated. So you stay safe! Back to masks!


      2. Yeah I’ve gotten all my shots, but my previous health condition prevents me from going out too much so I’ve literally been riding it out at home. And when I do go out, it’s practically in a bubble 😂! But so stay safe and I hope it’s just a case of the flu.


      3. Thanks! You take care too! It is just a wake up call that even being vaccinated you need to be mindful! I have to say I have enjoyed being lazy this past week haha.


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