Let’s Break Up Part 1

   Rui stares at LiMei adoringly and buttons her coat as he coaxes, “Baby, I don’t want anyone but you. Can you think about getting married today? I need to leave the country tomorrow and I want to know you are my wife.”

  LiMei looks up at him with a complicated expression, “You…you are leaving?”

  He tenderly brushes her hair back behind her ears, “ Marry me, LiMei.”

   She feels confused, that is why he wanted to get married today? He is leaving China? She bites her bottom lip, “Do you have to leave tomorrow?”

   He leans down and kisses her forehead then says, “Yes.”

   “Can I go with you?”

   He picks her up into his arms and walks down the hallway, “Will you marry me today?”

   “Will you take me with you?”

     “I can’t.” The trip to the island where Master lives might be dangerous. Also that woman will be there and most likely try to stir up trouble between LiMei and me.

   LiMei has an aggrieved expression and pouts, “Then I can’t marry you today. I told you I don’t want to.” She pushes on his chest, “Put me down! I’m not going to your villa! I will take a taxi to my apartment!”

   A storm is brewing in Rui’s heart and his pitch black eyes are filled with extreme possessiveness. He tightens his hold on LiMei as she tries to struggle to get out of his embrace. “We are going to my villa. I will explain why you can’t go with me.” He takes long strides through the crowded lobby and out the exit to his car.

   Hak Byung-Soo opens the back door and Rui puts LiMei into the black Rolls Royce Phantom. She tries to open the other door to get out of the car and he grabs her arm, “Be good.”

   “I said I don’t want to go to your villa!”

   He pulls LiMei onto his lap, “Baby, don’t be angry. I have my reasons for not wanting you to go with me.”

  LiMei’s green eyes are watery and she flutters her eyelashes, “Rui, lets break up. I…I feel confused…” LiMei was shocked by the scene in Rui’s resting room. All of her insecurities surfaced and in her mind a clear voice said , ” You need to leave him. He will eventually leave you for a more beautiful sophisticated woman…You are not worthy of such an outstanding man… not worthy..”

  Rui feels he is suffocating, he tightens his grip on her thin waist and hugs LiMei to his chest. Devastated that LiMei would even consider breaking up he buries his head in her neck and in a low and deep voice he pleads, “No. No…you can’t.” He hesitates then relents, “If you want to come with me…well..you can.”

Desperation engulfs him, you can’t leave me! I won’t let you go! I will lock you up! He comes unglued and kisses LiMei passionately, prying open her lips and domineeringly entangling their tongues. He savors her sweet taste until they are both panting. Rui’s voice is raspy as he caresses her cheek, “Baby, I know you love me too…don’t ever say you want to break up with me.” 

  LiMei is breathless and her heart is pounding, “Rui..I do love you but I can’t compete with all the women who want you. You are too good…I…umm” LiMei blushes as she confesses, “I was jealous when I walked into your resting room and saw the woman’s clothes on the floor.”

   He holds her small face in his hands and has a slight smile in his eyes knowing she was jealous. “I told you I didn’t touch the woman.”

   LiMei blinks a few times and shyly says, “But there will always be women who want you.”

  “Baby, you have nothing to worry about, you are the only woman I want or need in my life.You need to trust me. I will never betray you.”

   LiMei reveals a sweet smile as she gazes into his eyes that only reflect her , “So I can come with you on your trip?”

  He nibbles on her ear then whispers in a pampering tone, “ You can come. No more talk of breaking up okay?”

   LiMei snuggles into his chest inhaling his distinct fragrance she inwardly sighs, I don’t think I could really leave Rui. But I am afraid one of those women will succeed in taking him away from me.

    She falls asleep in his warm embrace and Rui relaxes, relieved LiMei has calmed down but on the other hand is worried about bringing her along on the trip. He runs his fingers through her hair then plays with a long strand, I will deal with Master and that snake woman.

   When the car arrives at Rui’s villa he carefully carries LiMei inside and directly up to his bedroom. He lays her on the couch and takes off her coat. Looking at the wrinkled and messy dress his eyes fill with raging flames, Bai Chinyu! After I bathe LiMei I will deal with you!

   He takes off his suit coat and throws it on a chair then loosens his tie then goes into the bathroom to run the bath. As the bathtub fills up he adds the new medicinal bath powder his lab created last week to the water. Rui rolls up his sleeves to check the temperature, perfect. 

   Rui walks back to the bedroom over to the couch, he gazes at LiMei peacefully sleeping. LiMei’s pink lips are parted as she breathes and he slowly runs his finger across then lightly kisses her soft lips. He smiles thinking how cute she looked when she was jealous. Little fairy, you are so pure and beautiful why would I look at another woman?

  Gently removing her clothes he takes a deep breath while staring at the red love marks covering her neck and chest. LiMei’s delicate snow white skin also has purple bruises from his beastlike behavior earlier. He has a pang of guilt as he hugs LiMei into the bathroom.

Once he puts her into the bath he tenderly washes her body fighting back his rising desire. While he is washing her long black hair his phone rings, after he dries his hands he takes the phone from his pocket, his brows furrow, “Is it done?”

   “No. I took the bitch to the warehouse on 78th St. Sun Woo…he is missing… the place is in chaos. What should I do?”

   Rui sneers, “Sun Woo…Bullshit! That bastard isn’t missing… he is in hiding. I don’t have time to deal with him right now. Keep the whore there. I will make a call when I am finished.”

  Rui hangs up, Fucking Sun Woo! One simple task…find Wang Rebecca and clean up the mess.  He puts his phone on the counter then walks back to the bathtub and lathers shampoo in LiMei’s hair. After he rinses her hair he lifts LiMei out of the bath and wraps her delicate body in a fluffy white towel and grabs the brush. LiMei rubs her eyes then wraps her arms around his neck.

  He playfully touches the tip of her nose, “Woke up?”

  She yawns, “Hmm..”

  He carries her to the bed and brushes her hair, “You should rest. I will have the cook make lunch. I need to do some work in my study.” 

   LiMei’s beautiful green eyes are watery and full of seductive sweetness as she hugs Rui. She unbuttons his shirt and coquettishly says, “Don’t go. Stay with me.”

She isn’t sure why but when she woke up after the bath she was consumed with desire. It was if she was possessed. All she could think of was having Rui inside of her body.

    Rui gazes at her alluring expression and has a devilish gleam in his eyes, “Baby, if I stay you won’t get any rest.” He inhales the light floral fragrance from the medicinal bath on her body and strong desire wells up inside of him. I need to figure out what to do about Bai Chinyu and Sun Woo…but..fuck the little vixen looks like a ripe peach waiting to be eaten.

    She can’t resist the urge to touch him as his masculine scent stimulates her senses. She kisses Rui’s bare chest and puts her small hand on his hardness. LiMei’s eyes are filled with a lustful gleam and her face is flushed red. “Stay.”

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