Escaping Part 3

    Sara enters the busy train station and walks to the third window to buy a ticket. While she is standing in line she decides to buy two tickets in case Li Tian tries to find her whereabouts. She removes her mask so the man behind the counter can clearly see her face. When it is her turn she smiles, “I would like a one way ticket to Hirachi City.” 

  The man replies, “What time? We have a train leaving in fifteen minutes and one in an hour.”

   “I will take the one leaving first.” She hands the man her credit card. If CEO Li searches for me and checks my credit card he will think I went to Hirachi City.  I will go to a different window and pay cash for my ticket to Bashu City.  She furrows her eyebrows while recalling his cold and emotionless voice, ‘Song Sara can’t have my baby’. She tightens her grip on her wallet, Baby, I won’t let the terrifying man find us. I won’t let anyone harm you.

   Sara is distracted thinking about Li Tian and the man impatiently waves her ticket. “Miss you are holding up the line.”

“Oh sorry.”

After the man gives her the ticket her stomach is growling and she smiles, don’t worry Baby, mommy will feed you before we go. Sara walks down a long hallway and frowns when she only sees fast food restaurants. A man with a food trolley walks by and Sara stops him, “Do you sell steamed buns?”

  “I have steamed buns, vegetable or bean paste and also pork. I also sell fresh fruit and juices.”

  Sara is relieved, “Great! I will have one of each of the buns, umm.. make that three vegetable buns, two apples, two oranges and two bottles of cranberry juice.”

  Staring at Sara’s petite frame, the elderly man raises the lid covering the buns, “Miss, my steamed buns are large.”

  She laughs, “Well, I don’t want to get hungry on the train.”

  He wraps up the buns then places the fruit and bottles of juice in a bag with them.

   She pays for the food then puts the bag into her backpack. She looks at her watch, the next train to Bashu City leaves in forty five minutes. I will go to the restroom then buy the ticket.

   Two women come into the restroom while Sara is washing her hands. The younger woman exclaims, “Mom, that man is so handsome! Why did you drag me in here?!?”

  “Stinky girl! Did you see how angry he was? My knees were shaking from his oppressive aura, men like that…well it is best not to get involved!” She shivers, “Being followed by those intimidating looking bodyguards… I pity the poor woman he is looking for…” 

  “But Mom, he is more handsome than even Emperor Tang Wu!”

   Sara’s hand trembles as she takes a paper towel from a dispenser. Could the man be Li Tian? How could he find me so quickly?”

   Sara dries her hands then acts interested, “Excuse me…I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation, is the man really that handsome?”

   The young girl’s round eyes light up, “YES! SO HANDSOME! He must be 190cm tall, broad shoulders, long legs and his face…definitely the most handsome man I have ever an Immortal, flawless features sexy lips… and his eyes are like a moonless night so deep and dark… ahh.. and..”

  The girl’s mother notices Sara’s face pales as her daughter describes the man and she is nervously clutching her backpack. She interrupts her daughter, “Mia honey, that’s enough. She gets the picture. Miss, from your expression you know the man. I suggest you hide in here until he leaves.”

  The young girl stares incredulously at Sara. Pointing her finger at Sara she mutters, “ looking for you?”

  Sara’s eyelashes are trembling and she hesitates then says, “ Umm…I think so…Please don’t let them know I am in the restroom.”

  The woman puts on red lipstick then reassures Sara, “Don’t worry. I hate domineering men the most.” She holds her daughter’s hand,  “Mia, let’s go or we will miss our train.”

   The woman and the young girl leave and Sara holds onto the sink, I can’t underestimate Li Tian. He must really want to get rid of this baby. Well…he will think I am on the train that just left for Hirachi City.  Sara calms herself and takes a few deep breaths then sits on a small couch in the side area. She grabs one of the steamed buns from the bag in her backpack then takes a big bite. Sara swallows while staring at the door wondering what she should do. I can hide in here then get on the next train to Bashu City.

  Outside the restroom the young girl gazes longingly as they pass by Li Tian talking to a man in a uniform who is in a cold sweat. I would never run away from such a handsome rich man. That girl must be crazy, obviously she is a poor girl, I saw those jeans at the discount store and the jacket couldn’t have cost more than 200 yuan. The handsome man is wearing an expensive designer suit and his diamond watch must be worth millions. She shakes her head, what a stupid girl!

   Li Tian is furious and raises his voice, “I said stop the fucking train!”

  The man in the uniform scratches his head with his sweaty finger, “I told you CEO Li, I don’t have the authority. We can hold the train at its first stop, Shengsuan, that is the best I can do. You can apprehend the thief then, do you want me to call the local authorities to meet you in Shengsuan?”

   The corner of Li Tian’s mouth twitches,“That won’t be necessary but I warn you if the train leaves Shengsuan before we arrive you won’t have a job.”

  “I will call immediately.” He takes his cell phone out from his uniform jacket. “They definitely will hold the train at the station.”

  Li Tian motions to Kang Mingshun and Tang Qiang, “Let’s go.” He clenches his fist in his pocket, Song Sara! Do you really think you can escape from me? Not in this life!

  A half hour later Sara has finished two of the steamed buns, an apple and one bottle of cranberry juice then sighed so full!  She leaned her head back and patted her stomach, Baby, don’t worry…whatever it takes I will protect you. 

  She throws the trash in a bin then slowly opens the door and looks around the train station. After she pulls down her hat and puts on a mask she slowly walks towards the counter. “One for Bashu City.”

   “One way?”

   “Yes. I will pay cash.”

   “That will be 966 CNY”

   “Okay.” Sara pays then heads towards the crowded railway platform. A man in his early twenties is distracted while looking at his phone and carelessly bumps into Sara. She stumbles and he reaches out to grab Sara before she falls. She is pressed onto his chest and when he realizes he is holding her in his arms he abruptly lets her go. He puts his phone into his pocket and smiles as he apologizes, “Sorry. Are you alright?”

   Sara subconsciously holds her stomach and looks up at him, “Yeah.”

   The train pulls up and Sara enters looking for her seat number. When she finds her seat she sits down. She is surprised when the man who knocked into her on the platform sits next to her. He chuckles, “It must be fate.”

 Sara doesn’t respond and looks out the window. Li Shaoting isn’t used to being ignored and glances at Sara’s back, interesting girl. This trip might not be as boring as anticipated.

  The phone he shoved into his pocket is ringing and he furrows his eyebrows as he answers. The caller impatiently says, “Tang Wu! Why did you hang up! Where are you? Your driver said you told him to leave.”

    “I said no…there was nothing more to say.”

“You can’t say no! You will have to pay a penalty.”

  “I’m taking a few days off, I’m going to..ah..Shanghai. I will contact you when I get back.” He hangs up the phone while his agent is still speaking.

  Li Shaoting’s agent slams down the phone. “Bastard! He can’t refuse to go!” 

  Sara hears him, Shanghai? He seems a little muddleheaded. Did he get on the wrong train?

  She turns to face him. “I couldn’t help but hear you. I think you got on the wrong train. This train goes to Bashu City.”

   He chuckles picturing Sara’s concerned look as she told him that he got on the wrong train.  I don’t think she has any idea who I am. Li Shaoting’s lips curl up into a devilish grin, “Well…I know…I am avoiding my agent.”

  “Oh.” Sara puts the backpack under her head and leans on the window. She closes her eyes, I need to get a phone when I get to Bashu City so I can let Bi and Leo know I am okay.

   Sara is exhausted and quickly falls asleep but is awakened by her stomach growling. She yawns and rubs her eyes then realizes her head is on the man’s shoulder next to her. Startled, she looks at him with blurry eyes and he smiles, “Wake up?”

   Sara shyly flutters her long black eyelashes and blushes, “Ahh…I’m so sorry.” 

  “No worries. You were sleeping so soundly that I didn’t have the heart to disturb you. Are you hungry? I couldn’t help noticing your stomach was grumbling.”


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