Rui’s Office Part 2

    When LiMei arrives at the hospital she asks a nurse if Rui is still in surgery. The nurse recognizes LiMei as the young girl she has seen with Rui so she walks to the desk to check on her computer. She politely answers, “Dr. Qiao has been out of surgery for over an hour.” 

  “Thanks.” LiMei wrinkles her eyebrows together, over an hour? Why didn’t he call or come back to the villa?  Maybe he is in his office working.

 “Do you want me to call his office and check with Bai Chinyu, his secretary? She usually knows where he is.”

   LiMei’s green eyes are sparkling and she has a mischievous smile exposing her cute dimples “No. I will surprise him.” LiMei turns to Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu. “You guys wait here. I am going to surprise Rui.”

   Hak Byung-Soo frowns, “I’m sorry Miss Feng but we need to follow you.”

   “Fine. But you need to wait outside the office.”

    The nurse is dazzled by LiMei’s smile. No wonder Dr. Qiao likes this girl. She is really beautiful. She watches her walk towards the elevator then approaches her friend, “Did you see that young girl?”

    “No. Why?” She looks down the hallway but LiMei has entered the elevator.

   “She is Dr. Qiao’s girlfriend. You know the girl who gave blood  to save the pregnant woman. She is incredibly beautiful, that bitch Bai Chinyu has no chance.”

   LiMei knocks on Rui’s office door when there is no answer she hesitates then opens the door. She walks past the empty desk where his secretary is usually sitting to the door of the inner office. She hears a noise in the resting room, Rui must be in there. LiMei takes off her white cashmere coat and smiles, I wonder if he will think I look pretty in this dress. The woman who delivered it said he ordered the dress two months ago. It must have been when he gave me his mother’s ring.

   LiMei opens the door and trips over a pair of 10cm black high heels. She gasps as she clutches her dress with her small hands, women’s clothes are strewn on the floor. A black dress is crumpled next to a black satin bra and underwear, from the bathroom she can hear the shower running and Rui moaning.

   Shocked and heartbroken she runs out of the office without her coat. Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu are waiting outside talking, when she rushes out of the office she knocks into Hak Byung-Soo. LiMei holds back her tears as a knot forms in her chest. She feels sick to her stomach thinking about Rui being intimate with another woman. I need to escape…get far away from here…far away from Rui. She takes a deep breath then tells Hak Byung-Soo, “The secretary said he is on the first floor.”

   Rui is in the shower letting cold water spray on his scorching hot body, trying to relieve the effects from the aphrodisiac. He is rubbing his huge erection and moaning as the heat rising in him is almost unbearable. 

    When he realized he was drugged he immediately rushed into the bathroom to take a cold shower. Bai Chinyu entered the bathroom completely naked and said she would help him, she had no idea her cousin drugged the tea. She confessed how much she loved him and wanted him, but would never use this sordid method. He sneered and didn’t believe a word she said, before she could touch him he knocked her unconscious. 

    After he relieved some of the heat rising in his body he stepped out of the shower and kicked Bai Chinyu. Fucking Bitch! I would kill you but we are in my hospital. 

    Using all of his internal energy to keep his sanity he quickly dries his flushed body and walks into the resting room. He picks a dark gray Armani suit and a crisp white shirt, LiMei must wonder what is taking me so long.  After he is dressed he calls Cheng, “Get to my office and clean it up. Take the woman to Sun Woo.” 

   Rui opens the door to enter his office and has a bad feeling when he sees the white cashmere coat tossed on the couch. LiMei was here? FUCK!  Rui panics and his hand is trembling as he takes the phone from his pocket and dials LiMei’s number. Answer Baby…it isn’t what you think..

  LiMei didn’t charge her phone and it is off so she has no idea Rui is frantically trying to call. When they arrive on the first floor she says, “I need to use the restroom. You guys wait here.” I need to see if there is a window or some way to leave the hospital.

   LiMei walks into the restroom and enters a stall. She sits down and starts crying, what a fool you are…thinking a man like Rui would only love you. LiMei puts her hands on her face, today was supposed to be the happiest day…

   Rui calls Hak Byung-Soo and his voice is shaking, “Where is Feng LiMei?”

   “She is in the restroom in the lobby.”

  “Don’t let her leave, I will be right there.” He grabs her coat from the couch and rushes out the door.

   LiMei is sobbing uncontrollably when the door of the stall bursts open. Rui hugs her into his arms, “Baby…baby, it isn’t what you think.”

   LiMei angrily pushes his chest, “Let me go!”

   He kisses the top of her head, I will never let you go. Never! You are mine! Rui’s voice sounds hoarse, “Please listen to me.” He licks her tears from her cheek, “I was drugged. I swear I didn’t touch the woman.” He lifts her chin and his ink black eyes contain deep desire. “Baby, I only want you. Only you.” LiMei feels the fiery heat coming through his clothes as Rui embraces her tightly. Rui does seem extremely hot and his breathing is ragged. But what about the moans I heard? Is he lying? I didn’t hear a woman’s voice but the clothes were scattered on the floor.

  When they are breathless he buries his head in her neck and whispers,”Tell me you believe me.”

  LiMei feels dizzy from his kisses as they overwhelm her senses. She can never resist him, she clings onto him and her voice is soft, “I…I believe you.”

   He presses her against the door of the stall and puts his hand under her dress. He nibbles on her ear, “Baby, I need you.”

   LiMei feels his hot hand moving up her thigh and she quivers as he slides his finger into her white lace thong and pulls it down. He unbuckles his belt and with a sense of urgency unzips his pants. Lifting her dress he plunges his throbbing hardness into her dripping wet tunnel. LiMei softly moans as he wildly thrusts in and out, unable to hold back because of the effect of the aphrodisiac. He reaches behind her back and unzips her dress then slides the delicate dress down exposing her white lace bra. After he unhooks the front of the bra he begins to swirl his tongue around her erect bud. LiMei arches her back as waves of pleasure engulf her body. She bites her bottom lip so she doesn’t scream.

   Rui’s body is on fire and he lifts her up so her legs are wrapped around his waist. LiMei’s thin arms encircle his neck as he growls, “Umm..Baby you feel so good.”

    LiMei’s back is pressed against the door of the stall as he continues to deepen his thrusts until he groans in satisfaction. Once he shoots his essence deep inside of her slick tunnel he kisses LiMei then brushes back her damp hair. Rui’s brows are knitted together and he has a guilty expression on his handsome face as he gazes into her watery eyes. Holding onto her limp body he pulls up her dress “LiMei, I’m sorry.”

     LiMei’s eyes are red and she doesn’t know what she feels right now so she remains silent while he fixes her dress and smooths her hair. After he fixes their clothes they silently walk out of the restroom. Rui takes her coat from Hak Byung-Soo and puts it on LiMei.

   LiMei notices the Out of Order sign on the restroom door and glances at Hak Byung-Soo who avoids her gaze.

    Rui reaches to hold LiMei into his arms to carry her but she avoids him. “No. I want to walk.”

   He grabs her hand and she tries to wiggle it out of his grasp and he tightens his hold. “Hak Byung- Soo bring the car to the front. Gu, go with him.”

   After they leave, Rui gazes down at LiMei with a helpless expression, “Baby, please don’t be angry with me. I would have taken you to my resting room but I sent Cheng to clean it.”

   She puffs out her cheeks and has an aggrieved expression, “Rui…let’s not go get the marriage certificate. I don’t want to get married today. I would always think of what happened here.”

   Rui’s eyes are pitch black, like a bottomless abyss filled with extreme possessiveness and a hint of paranoia, when he hears her refusal. Agitated he presses LiMei up against the wall with her hands above her head. “You don’t want to marry me?”

     Frightened by the cold and demonic glint she saw flash across his eyes she shyly flutters her long black eyelashes, “I want to marry you… but not today.” Thinking about seeing the woman’s clothes on the floor and him bullying her in the bathroom tears form in her beautiful green eyes, “Not in this dress. Not today. I have never gone against your wishes but..” LiMei lowers her head and bites her bottom lip as tears quietly fall down her cheeks, “I…I..” I can’t compete with all the beautiful women who you attract. Even If this woman didn’t succeed maybe the next one will. I am just an ordinary girl…

    Rui regains his composure and gently wipes her tears with his fingers. He lightly kisses her lips then lifts her chin so she needs to look at him. Rui’s eyes contain helplessness when he sees the hurt reflected in her red and watery eyes. She looks like a little rabbit that has been bullied and his heart tightens, “I’m sorry Baby. Fine. Not today. Don’t be angry with me, okay?” Rui is furious that Bai Chinyu drugged him and now LiMei is obviously upset. That bitch will pay for ruining today!

7 thoughts on “Rui’s Office Part 2

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      1. I was, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how heartbroken LiMei was after the entire experience. And Rui failing to realise why LiMei didn’t want to get married after everything that happened. And on top of all of this, Rui also tampered with her memories. When everything comes out in the open, he’s got a lot of work to make it up to LiMei.


      2. True. Right now she has no confidence in herself. She created the identity of Feng LiMei as just an ‘ordinary girl’. Spoiler they go on an adventure next and Qin Daiyu struggles to come out when they are in danger.😰


      3. It’s sad Rui doesn’t realise just how much harm he’s causing her. And the harder he tries to hold onto her, the easier it’ll be for her to leave him.


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