Rui’s Office Part 1

    LiMei’s waist hurts from Rui’s fierce hug and she can hear his heart pounding as her head is pressed to his chest. She gazes up at him and when she notices his eyes are extremely dark she has a worried expression, “Rui…what is wrong? Did the phone call upset you?”

   He meets her eyes with a penetrating gaze and his voice is trembling as he caresses her cheek. “LiMei…Baby you can never leave me okay? Even if…” his voice trails off thinking about what Wong Chao said, ‘what if Feng LiMei knew you were a monster?’

   LiMei wraps her arms around his neck and her eyes are filled with love. She smiles brightly, “Rui, I will never leave you.” Who was that on the phone? Standing on her tiptoes she tenderly kisses his lips. Feeling reassured he deepens the kiss then picks LiMei up into his arms and carries her upstairs.

   In the morning LiMei wakes up and her entire body is aching from Rui’s intense lovemaking last night. She yawns and rubs her eyes, when she notices Rui isn’t in the bed she slowly sits up. There is a note on the nightstand next to a bottle of water. She sips the water and reads the note from Rui: Baby, I needed to go to the hospital because of an emergency. Your dress will be delivered and I will be back after the surgery. We can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau when I return. I instructed the cook to make you a nourishing breakfast. Make sure to eat. I love you. Rui

   LiMei’s eyes bend into a crescent shape, I can’t believe I am marrying Rui today! I am incredibly lucky! He is perfect!

   Rui is in his office with Xinghi. After the surgery he called Xinghi to meet him in order to inform him of his decision to marry LiMei and supress her memories of being Qin Daiyu. 

   Xinghi is furious and the veins on his neck are bulging as he admonishes Rui. “How dare you! I told you that could have dire consequences! She needs to complete treatment!” You fucking bastard! The next session I was going to give Daiyu the instructions needed to assassinate the man who caused the death of her mother and grandmother. Now what am I going to do? All the chess pieces are in place except for Qin Daiyu.

   “Don’t act like you have the girl’s best interest at heart. I don’t believe it. There must be a reason for a cold and scheming man like you to so desperately want to restore her memories. It is true there might be repercussions from the imprinting but I think the likelihood is slim. She wants to be Feng LiMei, that is why she created a new identity. She doesn’t want to be Qin Daiyu.”

  “Qin Daiyu is my goddaughter. Do you think it is right to rob her of her memories of her mother and grandmother? She loved them. She is Qin Daiyu not Feng LiMei!”

  “If they were alive… Yes, I think depriving her of those memories would be wrong. But they are dead and died tragically. She has me now, she loves me. I am all she needs.”

  Xinghi grabs Rui by the collar, “BASTARD! You are only thinking of yourself!”

   Rui easily removes his hand and sneers, “You have the balls to call me a selfish bastard? Who used an eighteen year old girl in his experiments? So what if Kuang Fu brought her to your compound…you could have refused…insisted on using one of his men. You and I both know you wanted to use her body because the Phoenix Serum wasn’t effective on the four men previously. Hmmph! You self righteously call yourself her godfather yet experimented on the girl not knowing what the outcome might be.”

  Xinghi’s face blackens, “If I didn’t accept Qin Daiyu, Kuang Fu said he would kill her in front of me.”

  “Kuang Fu couldn’t have brought her to your secluded and heavily armed Compound without your prior approval. You seem to forget I was a member of the Underworld at the time and well aware of your power. If you refused, who would dare threaten you? Kuang Fu was a pawn for you to use. Now I want to know why you are so agitated…and don’t say it is out of concern for your ‘goddaughter’.”

  “I have no ulterior motive. Whether you believe me or not I grew quite fond of the little girl. I only want her to be able to have a peaceful life. It is true that at the time I wanted to use a different test subject for the Regeneration experiments. But over the course of time I formed a bond with Qin Daiyu. Qiao Rui, I warned you not to manipulate her memories. You need to bring her to the hospital so I can have a therapy session with the little girl.” Maybe I can still bring out Qin Daiyu and send her on this mission.

  “Not happening. I will monitor LiMei’s condition if I notice any danger signs, I will allow you to hypnotize LiMei but only with me present.”

  “Qiao Rui! You are a doctor, how can you play with a patient’s mental health? You need to forget your selfish desires and do what is best for Qin Daiyu.”

  Rui’s lips curl up into a sarcastic smile, “Now I know you have an agenda. Whatever reason you want Qin Daiyu to resurface you might as well forget it. She no longer exists, only Feng LiMei. You and I are both doctors but are capable of setting aside those lofty ideals we swore to uphold for our own ambitions and goals. So don’t lecture me on ethics.”

  Xinghi  clenches his fists and glares at Rui, “Do you really want me as an enemy?”

 “ Anyone who wants to take my woman away from me is already my enemy. If I knew you wanted to return LiMei to being Qin Daiyu I wouldn’t have bothered saving your life.”

  “In light of that fact I won’t kill you today. But know this if you hinder my plans again…you die.”

  Rui laughs thinking the number of people who want him dead is growing daily, “Well, then I will enjoy today.”

  Xinghi storms out of the office and Rui sits at his desk. He calls Bai Chinyu, “Come to my office.”

  She quickly takes a mirror out of her purse and applies fresh lipstick. She stands up and straightens her tight fitting black dress then walks into the office carrying a few documents in her hand. Rui hasn’t come to the hospital for a few days so she hasn’t been able to implement her plan to seduce him.“Yes Dr. Qiao?”  I will ask if he wants a cup of tea then put the aphrodisiac into it like cousin suggested.

  “I am going to be out of the country for a week to ten days. Director Chou will be in charge. You will need to do your usual work if you have any questions direct them to him.”

  “Dr. Qiao, these documents need your signature and there is an important email that needs your response.” She bends over exposing her cleavage as she hands him the papers. She flutters her long black eyelashes coquettishly, “Would you like a cup of tea? My cousin brought me a tin of delicious Jingshan Maofeng from Zhejiang.”

    “No. I will be leaving when I finish.” Rui ignores her provocative posture fully aware Bai Chinyu likes him. I would replace her but she is very good at her job and training someone else would be time consuming. 

   Bai Chinyu won’t be deterred, “You look tired a cup of tea will refresh you.”

   Rui hesitates then says, “Okay.” 

   She has a sly smile after she turns around and her high heels click towards the door. Now is my chance!

  LiMei is getting impatient waiting for Rui. She holds the delicate peach colored dress sent from Chloe design. The dress is knee length and has a tight bodice embroidered with small flowers and a full skirt. So beautiful…  I don’t want to put it on until Rui comes back. Hmm… LiMei’s eyes light up, I will go to the hospital and surprise him!

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