Find Him Or She Dies

  When Rui enters the living room LiMei runs over and hugs his waist. She looks up at him and smiles, “Your awesome brother brought food from Crescent Moon Restaurant and a Chocolate Raspberry Cake that Sheng Siqui made. So let’s eat! I’m starving!”

   Rui looks over LiMei’s shoulder at Delun and raises an eyebrow, awesome brother?

  Delun feels a wave of cold air coming from Rui and quickly says, “Yeah, you guys go eat. I am going to the Game Room.” Sister-in-law please! Don’t call me awesome again! My brother will send me packing back to school!

 LiMei stares at Delun fleeing up the stairs like a ghost is chasing him. Huh? Why did he suddenly run off…he said he was starving too because he didn’t like food at the restaurant where Sheng Siyue dragged him to eat.

    Rui kisses LiMei and holds her small hand as they walk to the dining room then he pulls her onto his lap. Rui picks up the chopsticks and feeds her a bite of thinly sliced beef. LiMei’s eyes light up, and after she swallows she sighs, “ delicious. Try it.” She picks up a piece of the marinated beef and he opens his mouth. She looks at him expectantly and he helplessly nods in satisfaction, she is so cute.. Rui’s lips curl up into a slight smile filled with indulgence as his chopsticks reach towards the spicy noodles she is pointing to on the table, such a little foodie. Rui’s phone rings disturbing his good mood. He takes the phone from his pocket, a crease forms between his eyebrows when he sees the name of the caller, what the hell does that bastard want? “Baby, I need to take this call.” 

   Black lines form on his forehead as he tells the man on the phone, “Wait until I go to my study.”

  LiMei gets off his lap and Rui stands up, he has a pampering look in his eyes as he wipes the oil from her lips with a napkin. He smiles, “Eat while the food is hot.”

  “I will wait for you.”

  “No. You are hungry. Eat.”

  Rui takes long strides out of the dining room and up the stairs to his study. Once inside the soundproof room he listens then growls into the phone, “Bastard, why are you calling me? I don’t know where Master is, I haven’t seen him or the woman in five years.”

  “Well you better find him. If you don’t I will kill that cute little plaything of yours, Feng LiMei. Qiao Rui, I didn’t think after being taught by that snake woman a little innocent girl could satisfy you. She does look like a fairy that fell to the mortal world…such a delicate and pure face. I wonder what the little fairy would think if she knew you mercilessly killed twenty men while wielding a tree branch like a sword.” He laughs, “Especially the two leaders who you used the forbidden technique to kill, begging to die as their bodies were still alive and twitching on the blood soaked ground after you ripped out their hearts. I can still hear them wailing and screaming in pain until you waved your arm and they went to the gates of hell.”

  Rui’s veins bulge on his neck being reminded of his unsettling past. He tightens his grip on the phone and his eyes turn blood red with strong killing intent. He growls , “ I left you alive as a favor to Master…if you want to die without a corpse threaten my woman again.”

  Wong Chao chuckles, “ Yes, I did walk away from the pile of corpses at your feet because of the blood tie between me and that despicable old man. I guess that is the only thing I have to be thankful to the motherf****r for his blood running through my veins. That fact stopped the man he wished was his son from killing me during his vengeful rampage.” 

   “I have no regrets, those bastards deserved to die.”

   “Maybe, but wouldn’t the beautiful little girl be horrified that her gentle and loving doctor was actually a monster.”

  “I will kill you!”

  “No you won’t because you promised your Master you wouldn’t.”

  “Don’t test me.”

  “My father stole something from me and I want it back. If you don’t help me find him, Feng LiMei will die. I am not the weak man I was five years ago.”

  “If you are such a fucking badass why the hell do you need me. Fucking find him yourself.”

  “You know why. You are the only man capable of approaching him without dying instantly. I just want what is mine back.”

  “I won’t betray Master.”

  “Right now there is a sniper with his gun aimed at Feng LiMei, directly between her beautiful green eyes. Having floor to ceiling windows…tsk..tsk…you should be a little more guarded. If you don’t believe me…let’s see… he said the little girl is sitting at the dining room table eating noodles occasionally looking towards the living room. Good doctor, either you give me your word you will find the thieving bastard or she dies now.” He taunts Rui, “You don’t want to be the reason two women died because of you, do you? Although revenge tastes sweet I bet the little fairy’s body tastes sweeter.”

   Rui feels his heart is going to explode, he owes his Master for saving him in the mountains and training him but he loves LiMei. The Master can take care of himself if it is only a matter of finding him… “I agree but it will take time.” Then bastard, I will definitely kill you for threatening LiMei. 

   “A week.You need to tell him to come to the Golden Phoenix Hotel in Shanghai with what I want. I will be waiting.”

   He hangs up and Rui anxiously rushes downstairs and looks out the floor to ceiling window. He sees a  glimmer of light from the bridge over the pond in the back of the garden. He clenches his fists at his side, You are fucking dead Wong Chao!

   LIMei turns around when she hears his footsteps and stands up. “Rui, do you want me to heat up the food?”

   He nervously pulls her into his embrace, he cups her delicate face in his hands then his kisses rain down on her face. Rui breaks out into a cold sweat thinking about the sniper and his heart is racing , if anything happened to you…

   LiMei can tell from Rui’s actions that he is extremely upset. She has a concerned expression as she tenderly touches his cheek, “Rui, what’s wrong? Did the phone call upset you?”

  “Baby, do you want to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow?”

   Surprised by his question, LiMei shyly gazes at him with a puzzled expression, “You…you want to get married tomorrow?”

  “Now that you said yes I don’t see any reason to wait.” He leans down and nibbles on her ear then whispers, “You want my baby don’t you?”

  LiMei blushes and stammers, ‘I…I do but this is so quick.”

  He brushes the loose strands of hair behind her ear and kisses her forehead “Not quick. I wanted to marry you when I gave you my mother’s ring. I have been waiting for you to say yes.”

  LiMei touches the intricate silver ring on her finger and has a beautiful smile as she wraps her arms around his neck, “Okay!”

   He greedily presses his lips on hers and passionately kisses LiMei. He occupies her mouth with his tongue savoring her sweet taste until she can’t breath. He wraps his strong arms around her thin waist and buries his head in her neck, his voice is trembling, “Baby, you are everything to me.  I never knew I was capable of loving someone until I met you.”

  LiMei’s heart flutters and she runs her fingers through his ink black hair, “Rui..” She kisses him then smiles brightly exposing her cute dimples. LiMei’s eyes are sparkling and full of love as she gazes into his deep eyes.  “I am the lucky one. You are the most gentle and kind man I have ever known.”

   Wong Chao callously reminded Rui of the murderous dark beast filled with rage that dwells inside of his heart. Rui embraces LiMei more forcefully, wanting to crush LiMei into his bones so she can never leave him. My sweet Baby, you can never find out what I am capable of doing to those who betray me. 

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      1. Oh that I have no doubts about. But, how can LiMei accept man who wanted to erase an important part of herself and hide the darkest part of himself, while he knew everything about her. I doubt LiMei will breakup with Rui, but she’d definitely feel hurt and maybe even question the trust in their relationship.


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