Escaping Part 2

This is the second extra chapter sponsored on ko-fi by my amazing friend Elena!❤ Sara is determined to protect her baby and run away…

     Sara leaves the bank and walks a half a block then enters a small Boutique to buy a new set of clothes.  After she pays for the clothes she changes in the dressing room. She exits the store wearing a pair of jeans, a beige sweater and an olive green Army jacket. Completing the youthful look she has a pair of black Martins on her small feet. She is satisfied that she looks like a typical High School student with her hair pulled into a high ponytail and backpack slung over her thin shoulder.

The area has several internet cafes and a video arcade that are popular with students. Feeling as though she is blending in with the young crowd she relaxes and confidently continues down the sidewalk. She reaches into her backpack for her phone to search the internet for a nearby pharmacy. Fumbling around she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she remembers she left her phone in the hospital room. Sara you are so dumb haha.

   After walking two blocks Sara sees a pharmacy. Once she enters she asks the woman behind the counter, “Do you have pain medication that is safe for a pregnant woman?”

   “Yes.” The middle aged woman stretches her back then walks to a shelf and brings a package over to Sara. 

   Sara picks up a wrist brace and puts it on the counter next to the pain medication. “I also need a pregnancy test. Two please.”

   The woman clicks her tongue while staring at Sara with a reproachful look, the beautiful girl looks like she is in High School.  Tsk tsk..Girls today grow up too quickly.  She shakes her head as she places the boxes on the counter, “These are the two most popular” 

    Noticing the disdainful expression on the woman’s face, Sara awkwardly smiles, “I think that will be it and this bottle of water.”

   Sara takes out her wallet and pays then hurriedly leaves the pharmacy. I need to find a restroom.  She glances around and notices a small coffee shop and enters. Oh its nice and warm in here with the fireplace. She admires the cozy atmosphere while waiting in line. After she orders a cup of herbal tea she says, “Do you have a restroom?”

   The thin girl behind the counter points to the back. Sara waits for the tea then sets the cup down on an inconspicuous table in the corner. Anxious to find out if she is pregnant or not she rushes to the restroom. She tries the handle and the door is locked. Impatiently standing to the side she waits and when the door opens she almost drops her backpack.

   Jiang Wenli has a smug expression when she sees what Sara is wearing. She points at her jacket and sarcastically says, “Song Sara, do you think you are still in High School?”

   Sara doesn’t respond and nervously brushes past her to open the door to the restroom. Jiang Wenli has an arrogant expression as she blocks the door and grabs Sara’s broken wrist, “Bitch, I’m talking to you!”

   Sara’s eyes are covered with a layer of mist from the pain as Jiang Wenli squeezes her wrist digging her long red fingernails into her skin. Forcing back her tears and with a look of defiance in her eyes she straightens her back. “Jiang Wenli, Do you think you can still bully me! Let go! I didn’t answer because I have nothing to say to you!”

   “Well I have something to say to you. I saw Tzu Yibo at the Black Jade Club and he was with a beautiful foreign woman. They looked quite intimate.” She sneers, “ It is so sad he is being forced to marry a waste like you.”

    Jiang Wenli won’t release her wrist and Sarais unable to stand the pain any longer, tears roll down her cheeks. Jiang Wenli assumes Sara is upset because of what she said and releases her wrist then laughs recalling drugging Sara at the Black Jade Club. “When Tzu Yibo finds out about what a slut you are… fucking that man at the Club… he will call off the wedding.”


   Jiang Wenli has a malicious smile as she pushes Sara and walks away.

   Sara’s body is quivering as she wipes away the tears on her cheek. The pain in her wrist is excruciating but being reminded of the night she lost her virginity to the unknown man is worse. I forgot about the beast…what if he is the father? She holds her chest, her heart is pounding…if I am pregnant I don’t care who the father is..the baby is mine…I will  raise the child with all my love. 

   Once inside the small one person restroom she locks the door. She puts the wrist brace on her throbbing wrist then takes two of the pain pills. Sitting on the toilet she opens the pink and blue box containing the pregnancy test. She follows the simple instructions then closes her eyes and waits… then takes a deep breath and anxiously looks at the results. Two lines..positive. She widens her is true I am pregnant. I need to do it again to make sure.

Sara opens the second box and tests again, when she sees the same result as the first test she feels like the room is spinning. She clutches onto the plastic stick, and rests her head in her hands, it would have been unimaginable if I had stayed in the hospital. That crazy man would have destroyed the little life growing inside of me without any conscience.  

   Someone is knocking on the restroom door and Sara wipes the tears from her face, “Just a minute.”

   She throws the packages and the test sticks into the trash then splashes water on her face. Sara pats her face, Sara you must be strong for the baby. You can’t be weak. 

   Sara opens the door and politely says, “Sorry. I wasn’t feeling well.”

   The woman is holding a little girl who is sucking on a lollipop. She recognizes Sara and her face pales then she quickly composes herself and smiles, “No worries.”

Now that she has confirmed she is pregnant Sara knows she needs to leave Catang City without delay. She quickly steps through the coffee shop and out the door. She waves at a taxi but the taxi keeps going so she walks down the sidewalk in a daze towards a bus stop.

A Silver Bentley pulls to the curb and Sara is frightened, her heart skips a beat and she stands frozen in the spot as the window rolls down. Sara’s mind is racing wondering if she should run thinking that she will see Li Tian’s face. Unexpectedly, she hears a familiar voice, “Sara, it has been awhile. Get in the car I will give you a ride.”

   She breathes a sigh of relief as she gets into the backseat, “ Thanks Yibo, can you take me to the train station? When did you get back from France?”

   “I wrapped up the loose ends of the purchase of Biotech and got back Monday. Where are you going?”

   She sees the privacy window is down and says, “Can you put up the privacy window.”

   He presses a button, “Do you have something to say?”

  “Yibo, our engagement banquet is set for next week. Have you thought about how we can handle the situation?” She doesn’t want him to be left to deal with her disappearance and is considering what she should say.

   He taps his fingers on the laptop he is holding, “Didn’t your father tell you that he cancelled the marriage contract?”


   “I thought you knew. I was going to call you tomorrow, I have been busy since I returned.”

    Sara wrinkles her delicate eyebrows together, “Yibo, I don’t understand, it was my father? He was counting on our marriage to help his failing business. He even pushed up the date.”

   Yibo gazes at her with a serious expression, “You should ask your father.”

   Sara clutches onto his arm, “Yibo, you tell me what happened!”

   “It was Li Tian. He threatened your father. He said he would push Chen Group into bankruptcy if he didn’t cancel the marriage contract. If he agreed he would bail him out but your father wasn’t allowed to approach any other families for your marriage.”

   Sara’s face turns red and Yibo pats her on the head, “Well, now that you know what do you think? Obviously, that selfish bastard Li Tian wants you to himself but I haven’t heard of him ending his engagement with Long An.”

   “I’m not interested in Li Tian.” She laughs, “He did us a big favor though I wasn’t sure how we were going to get out of this marriage. Now you can openly pursue Bi and I am free.”

    Yibo sighs, “Yeah I would like that but the silly girl only has eyes for that arrogant fool, Fang Yunxian.”

   “Now that we are no longer engaged, maybe you can make her see you in a different light. Fang Yunxian will definitely marry Jiang SuSu.”

   They are approaching the train station and Yibo says, “You didn’t say where you are going?”

  Sara doesn’t want to lie to him. They have been friends since they were little but she knows it is best he doesn’t know her destination. “Oh, I am going to Hirachi City. A friend of mine from University  invited me for the weekend. We are going to Shingu Island from there.”

  “ I haven’t been to Shingu Island since they built the new resort. I heard it is amazing.”

   “Yeah, it should be fun.”

  “I got an invitation to the opening of your new restaurant. Congratulations! Wang Xiaoming will be a good partner for you. Sara, your dream is finally coming true, I am really happy for you.”

   Sara has a bittersweet smile as they pull into the train station, “Thanks, Yibo.”

   His driver opens the back door for Sara and she suddenly hugs Tzu Yibo, “You are a good man Yibo, thank you for being my friend. I will always treasure you in my heart.”

   He chuckles as he flicks her forehead and teases, “Silly girl, why are you being so dramatic? Is it that you really wanted to marry me? Haha.”

   Sara chuckles as she gets out of the car, “Chase Bi. I think you two are perfect for each other.”

   After she starts walking towards the train station she turns and watches the Silver Bentley drive away with a touch of nostalgia in her eyes. She affectionately touches her stomach  as she enters the bustling train station. Baby, you and Mommy are going on an adventure… 


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    1. Sara is a very positive person. Although the pregnancy was a surprise she definitely will love and treasure the baby. Both Li Tian and Leo will trip out when they can’t find Sara😰


      1. Hahah will Li Tian and Leo form an alliance to find Sara? Ah how funny would they’re arguments been 🤣👏🏽


      2. Hehe that’s just as good and realistic with these two…ah does that mean Sara’s gonna find out that Li Tian is that bastard who stole her virginity soon?!


      3. Not yet…sometimes although he is a. selfish bastard I feel sorry for. Li Tian. Now he thinks she isn’t pregnant…spoiler when he finds out she she tells him the baby isn’t his lolol


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