Kill the Ugly Woman


 LiMei gazes into his deep and beautiful eyes that only have her in them and hesitates then confesses, “Rui, I love you with all my heart and only want to be with you.”

   Rui’s eyes are shining and he tightens his arms around LiMei, “So the answer is yes?”

   “Yes.” I don’t think I really can marry him… but…how can I hurt him by refusing.

Rui embraces LiMei, “Baby…I will make you happy I promise.” He passionately kisses LiMei then breathlessly whispers in her ear, “I love you so much.”

LiMei wraps her arms around his neck and looks into his eyes filled with her reflection. She feels her heart beating as though it will burst through her chest at any moment. “Rui..” Tears form in her beautiful green eyes and she can’t say the words in her heart. She tenderly kisses his lips and he holds onto her waist pulling her tighter into his embrace. His voice is trembling, “Baby, don’t cry.” He licks the tears from her face then caresses her cheek, “You are so beautiful” 

   Suddenly a car rams into their Rolls Royce Phantom from behind and shots are fired. Big Gu is driving and swerves from the impact as bullets pelt the car. Rui holds LiMei’s head down.”Don’t be afraid. I’m here.” He reaches under the seat and pulls out a gun and instructs Big Gu, “Exit the next off ramp.” The off ramp is one used for emergency  fire department vehicles, below is a forest then an exclusive community by the river. The off ramp doesn’t have a sign before it, so if you aren’t familiar with the highway you would easily miss the turn.

   Hak Byung-Soo in the passenger seat rolls down the window and shoots at a Black Land Rover that is approaching next to them on the right. He hits the driver in the head and he  slumps onto the steering wheel. The vehicle goes out of control hitting the guard rail then flipping over into a ditch.

   Big Gu accelerates and makes a quick and decisive turn onto the off ramp surprising the Black Land Rover behind them.The car following is unable to make the turn. A woman wearing a mask and a baseball cap slams her hand on the steering wheel, “MOTHERF****R!

   The man in the passenger seat laughs and she glares at him, “You think this is funny?”

   He flicks the ash from his cigarette onto the floor, “Yes.”

   She angrily grabs the cigarette from between his fingers, “Asshole, I told you to use the ashtray!” She throws the cigarette out the window.

   The man in the passenger seat lazily leans back in the seat, “Being impulsive is why you have that lovely scar on your face. As soon as you saw Feng LiMei at the hospital you lost your ability to reason. You should learn from me..I also hate that man but I can wait to take my revenge. I will wait until he thinks he has everything he wants then make him fall into the depths of despair. I will let him watch me fuck his woman in front of him and torture her body while he watches. What fun is it to end them with a  simple bullet.”

   “SHUT UP!” She aims her gun at his head, “One more word and I don’t mind killing you.”

   He laughs and easily disarms the woman, “Tsk..tsk..temper temper. Who else would be willing to fuck that disgusting body of yours if I was dead.”

   He puts his hand between her legs and rubs, “I told you to make a plan. But no you wouldn’t listen.. He didn’t give you permission to kill that woman. How are you going to explain the two men who died because of your haste?”


   “Yes Darling I mention that several times a day.”

    She pulls over on a side street and turns off the car, “Fuck me.” Wang Rebecca climbs onto his lap and takes off the mask revealing her scared face. “Tell me I’m beautiful.”

     Hamid Hamid pushes down the seat then kisses her passionately. She is like poison but he is addicted to the aphrodisiac pills. She is the only woman who can satisfy his intense needs and fetishes when he is under the influence. He bites her earlobe until it bleeds and sucks on the blood. He licks his lips and in a raspy voice growls, “The most beautiful.”  The woman is sick and allows me to do whatever I want of course I will lie. Satisfied with his answer Wang Rebecca feeds him a pill and unzips his pants. Straddling him she begins to move wantonly as she moans.  He pushes a button and the lewd scene is transmitted to his brother Rashid. 

    Rashid watches and his eyes darken, his mother Madam Olga glances over at him. Speaking Russian she asks, “Rashid, what are you looking at? We have important matters to discuss”

    He responds in Russian, “Nothing important. What were you saying?”

   “I said you need to tell that bastard Malouf that you quit. I am thinking of retiring and turning the Organization over to you.”

   He continues to watch his brother fucking Wang Rebecca, he gets hard recalling the three of them in bed together.. He doesn’t look up from his phone and rejects his mother. “Forget it. I don’t want to quit. As far as taking over for you I don’t believe you are retiring. You love power. What? You want everyone to think I am the new head while you treat me like a puppet. No way. I have heard the rumors you fucked over Old Man Karlov now you are being targeted. Mother, I didn’t think you were that stupid.”  

   Infuriated, she rushes over and slaps him, ‘Why did I give birth to a selfish bastard like you!” She sees the image on the phone and she angrily grabs it from him. He could have gripped it tighter but he wanted to see the look on her face. He taunts, “Do you like what you see? Your  favorite… your precious son abusing the ugly woman?”

   She throws the phone and it smashes against the wall, “Hamid was a good boy until you got him hooked on those devil pills!”

   “You are blind as always…making excuses for your little Hamid…no one forced him…once he had a taste..well you could see how depraved he is…”

   “Go bring him home!”

    He stands up and stretches his legs, “If I do what is in it for me?”

    “I will give you what you came to Kiev for…when he is safely here.”

    “Do you think I trust you?”

   “I give you my word on Katrina’s life.”

   Rashid’s heart tightens and he clenches his fist, “I told you never to mention that woman to me!”

   She sneers, “I kept her alive for you, now you can’t hear her name?”

  He stands up and grabs Madam Olga by the neck and she smiles as he squeezes. He abruptly loosens his grip. “I will bring Hamid, if you fuck me… I kill him.”

   She laughs, “Threaten me with something more believable. You hate your brother but you also love him. I will keep my word now go, bring him back and kill the ugly woman.” 

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