Revelation Part 2

     Yang James overhears the conversation between Wang Xiaoming and Dr. Jiang and his eyes narrow behind his gold rimmed glasses. Fuck! This is worse than I thought, the woman is pregnant!?! Too bad the little fox didn’t fall to her death… how is Li Tian going to handle this problem? Now is not the time to let personal matters affect business. He wants to know the situation so he walks back to the office while the two men are talking.

   Stunned by the revelation that Sara is pregnant, Li Tian has a complicated expression as he lifts Sara into his arms. The baby has to be mine… The baby is mine… 

  Yang James is leaning in the doorway watching Li Tian gently kiss Sara on the forehead. He knits his eyebrows together, “What do you want to do about Long Jinxi?” He wants to advise him to let the matter go because of the Zhao family and his Grandfather’s relationship.

    The veins on Li Tian’s forehead turn blue and his dark eyes are bloodshot, he growls, “Interrogate the scheming bitch. If she had anything to do with Song Sara falling… I want the poisonous woman dead! Look at the security tapes, how does a steel railing that has been stable since the construction of the building suddenly collapse!”

   “I will investigate thoroughly and follow your instructions.” He knows now is not the time to try and talk sense into Li Tian. Even if Long Jinxi did have someone tamper with the railing and push Song Sara, if she disappears all the evidence will point to him. She is Old Man Zhao’s favorite granddaughter; he won’t let it go. I need to handle this so Long Jinxi is not implicated. Stupid woman! All she had to do was emphasize the fact that Li Tian is engaged to her sister! He furrows his eyebrows, from my understanding of Song Sara’s personality, if she was reminded of the fact she is a third party she would distance herself from Li Tian. The corner of Yang James’ mouth twitches thinking about Long Jinxi’s impetuous actions. And if you are going to murder someone at least do it properly!

     “Call Li Private Hospital, tell them I am coming and want a VIP prepared. I want Dr. Han waiting for my arrival.” Li Tian hugs Sara’s thin body tightly in his embrace and brushes past him. 

     Once outside he takes long strides towards the elevator ignoring Long Jinxi who is waving her arms and frantically calling his name.

       Wang Xiaoming and Dr. Jiang are sitting at a table drinking tea when Yang James walks into the dining room. He approaches the two men and in a calm voice tinged with a hint of a threat he warns, “I don’t want anyone to be aware of the situation here. Miss Song’s pregnancy must not be revealed for her own safety.”

    Wang Xiaoming sets down his teacup then sarcastically responds, “I don’t need you to caution me. It is Miss Song’s misfortune to be involved with a ruthless bastard like Li Tian. She is a lovely girl who deserves better…I hope you can protect her better than you did today. Obviously, what happened wasn’t an accident. Song Sara is very lucky she only sustained minor injuries.”

    Outside the restaurant, Zhao Lanfen hurries out of the elevator over to her daughter who is shivering in the cold. She notices the broken railing and glares at Long Jinxi. Infuriated, she she raises her hand to slap her face then stops mid air, through clenched teeth mocks in a low tone, “Stinky girl! I didn’t think you were this stupid.”

    Long Jinxi’s teeth are chattering and she cries, “Mom! I didn’t do anything really! Li Tian is a monster! He didn’t listen to me and told me to stand here. I am going to freeze to death!”

   Zhao Lanfen hesitates, “You said he is in the restaurant with the slut?”

   “Hmm..No..he left a few minutes ago but I am afraid to move without his permission.I will die if I stand out here any longer!”

   Zhao Lanfen’s eyes are bulging; she can barely contain her rage looking at her beautiful daughter’s pitiful appearance. “Mom will deal with the situation. Go back to the mansion. Tell Auntie Tong to call the doctor.” She motions to the two of the bodyguards behind her to help Long Jinxi. 

   Yang James walks out of the restaurant and quickens his pace when he sees Zhao Lanfen. He stares at Long Jinxi with a threatening expression while ignoring Zhao Lanfen. “I suggest Miss Long you stop where you are.”

     Zhao Lanfen purses her lips then bellows, “Director Yang, unless you want to be beaten you will let my daughter leave!”

    “CEO Li informed me she needs to come to my office while we review the security footage. If she had nothing to do with Miss Song falling…well..she has nothing to worry about.”

    Long Jinxi is confident the tapes won’t reveal anything…she didn’t push Song Sara. She looks at Zhao Lanfen, “Mom, I have nothing to hide. I will go with him.”

   “No. Absolutely not. Yang James, do you take me for a vegetarian? My daughter needs to see a doctor after standing outside in the freezing cold. Do you think I, Zhao Lanfen will let Li Tian do as he will! He will pay for bullying Jinxi!”

   Yang James’ lips curl up into a malicious smile, “Do you want to try leaving this building? You brought four bodyguards…do you think that will be enough?”

    “ Hmmph! Bastard! You are nothing but a dog under Li Tian. Dare move on me!”

   “Do you want to try me?”

   Long Jinxi clutches onto her mother’s arm, “Mom, I am innocent. I will go with him, we will all be family soon when An marries Li Tian. I don’t want to anger him. Director Yang, I am willing.”

   Zhao Lanfen can see the confident and determined look in Long Jinxi’s eyes. “Fine, but I am going with you.”

    Yang James presses the elevator button when the door opens; Leo steps out. Yang James stops him, “Mr. Cadieux the rooftop is closed and under repair. I am escorting these people out.”

   Leo recognizes Zhao Lanfen as the woman who bullied Sara at the Jewelry Competition but the young woman next to her is not the same. Another daughter? Why would they be by Sara’s new restaurant? He is suspicious when he sees the broken railing, “What happened there?”

  “Due to high winds the building suffered some damage. Miss Song has left, so please leave.”

  Leo glares at Zhao Lanfen, “Why are you here?”

  She feels a strong oppressive aura surrounding Leo and the hairs on her neck stand up. Zhao Lanfen is not easily frightened but the killing intent in his crazy eyes behind the stylish rimless glasses can’t be ignored.

Overwhelmed by the invisible pressure Leo is exerting she nervously steps into the elevator pulling Long Jinxi inside followed by the bodyguards. She smiles awkwardly, “Mr. Yang, are you coming?” If this dangerous man thinks Jinxi touched a hair on Song Sara’s head, we might die on the spot. Although his outer appearance is of a noble Young Master, she can sense the monster that resides within him. Being a member of the Zhao family she has been surrounded by cold blooded killers her entire life. The murderous aura emitting from his cold body is stronger than Li Tian who at least needs to abide by his grandfather’s rules.

   Yang James holds the door, “Mr. Cadieux, I said the rooftop area is closed.”

   Leo doesn’t enter the elevator and scoffs, “Then you should leave.” He lazily stretches his long legs towards the restaurant to see if Yang James is hiding something. Although Yang James sounded calm I could sense his inner turmoil…and the two women are hiding a secret and terrified. 

    Wang Xiaoming and Dr. Jiang are leaving the restaurant, Wang Xiaoming is locking the door when Leo questions him, “Where is Song Sara?”

     Wang Xiaoming hesitates, then tells Leo that Li Tian took Sara to the hospital after being injured, leaving out the fact that she is pregnant.

    Leo is furious and dashes to the elevator pounding the button. He takes out his phone and calls Wong Duan.

    Wong Duan is in Rapture dealing with the head of the construction crew when his phone rings. He steps away and answers, before he can say anything Leo rages, “DUAN! I TOLD YOU TO PROTECT MY SISTER!”

   “Lord, what happened? She was fine when I left the restaurant to deal with the renovations at Rapture.”

   “Wang Xiaoming said it was an accident but I don’t fucking believe it. Song Sara slipped on a patch of ice and almost fell off the goddamn building! That bastard Li Tian took her to the hospital. According to Wang Xiaoming she only suffered minor injuries but I don’t want her pregnancy discovered. You need to get that kid to hack the computer in the lab at the Li Family’s hospital. If Li Tian finds out my sister is pregnant because of your incompetence don’t bother showing your face in front of me again! Tell the kid to also hack into the security cameras to find out how she slipped and who tampered with the railing.”

   “Understood.” How the fuck did that happen! Slipped on the patio? I didn’t see any ice when I walked Song Sara into the restaurant.

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