Revelation Part 1

   Long Jinxi is shocked by Li Tian’s sudden appearance and breaks out into a cold sweat. Oh my God! Where the hell did he come from? Realizing the situation, she doesn’t want to be implicated and frantically screams, “HELP! SOMEONE HELP!” 

   Wang Xiaoming hears her scream and comes rushing out of the restaurant. He hurries over to Li Tian and Sara. Holding onto the railing that is still secured, he bends down grabbing Sara’s other arm. Li Tian and Wang Xaoming work together to pull Sara up onto the patio. Li Tian’s hands tremble as he holds Sara in his embrace. Sara gazes up at him then faints. He has a gloomy expression as he brushes the hair off her face. He takes out his handkerchief and wipes the blood from her forehead and cheek. He whispers in her ear, “Didn’t I tell you that you can’t leave me.”

    Wang Xiaoming glares at Long Jinxi, “Give me your phone.”

    She quivers from his oppressive aura and fumbles in her purse for her phone. She unlocks the phone and hands it to him. He dials a number, “Come to the new restaurant.” He hands her back the phone. He gazes at Li Tian holding Sara and warns, “You better hope you didn’t have anything to do with her accident.”

    He walks back over to Li Tian, “Bring Song Sara into the restaurant I called a doctor.”

    Li Tian has his head buried in Sara’s neck and doesn’t immediately respond. Wang Xiaoming raises his voice, “She will catch a cold if you don’t bring her inside.”

    Li Tian lifts Sara up in his embrace and his eyes are filled with killing intent as he growls at Long Jinxi. “Don’t think about leaving.”

     Long Jinxi’s eyes are watery and she nervously tightens her grip on the paper cup in her hand. “I had nothing to do with what happened! We were just talking when she slipped and fell!”

    Li Tian and Wang Xiaoming walk inside of the restaurant and Wang Xiaoming says, “Follow me to the office.”

    Once they are inside the office Li Tian carefully lays Sara down on the couch. “Do you have a blanket?”

     Wang Xiaoming nods and walks to a closet. Li Tian gently removes Sara’s coat and scarf. He takes the blanket from Wang Xiaming and covers Sara then tenderly kisses her lips. 

    Watching Li Tian, Wang Xiaoming raises an eyebrow. “I’m going to the front to wait for the doctor.”

   Li Tian doesn’t take his eyes off Sara as he replies, “En.”

 Walking through the dining room Wang Xiaoming is deep in thought.  What is their relationship? He is a cold and heartless bastard but he was hanging off the building risking his life to save Song Sara. If the small piece of railing he was holding gave way, he would have plummeted to the ground along with the woman. Now there is undisguised love in his eyes as he gazes at Song Sara. But she never mentioned him as one of the people she would like to invite to the opening of the restaurant.

   Li Tian  takes out his phone. He calls Yang James, “Get up to the rooftop restaurant now.”

   Yang James interrupts the meeting, “We will finish discussing this matter tomorrow.”

    The men at the table immediately pick up their reports and file out of the office. Yang James has a bad feeling as he leaves the conference room.

    Yang James exits the elevator and sees Long Jinxi standing on the patio, she is extremely pale and her teeth are chattering. Shivering with her arms around her chest because underneath her coat she is only wearing a thin silk dress she wants to leave but is afraid.

Yang James looks past her to see the broken railing and clenches his fist in his pocket. What did the idiot do? I wanted her to drive a wedge between Li Tian and Song Sara not kill the damn woman! Well…obviously Song Sara isn’t dead or Li Tian would have lost his fucking mind not simply called me. 

   Long Jinxi gulps her saliva down when he passes her, she doesn’t know who he is but his oppressive aura is almost as strong as Li Tian’s. I need to call mother, if I stay out here much longer I will freeze to death.

   When Yang James enters the restaurant, Wang Xiaoming recognizes him. He grabs him by the collar, “How did a steel railing come apart!”

   Yang James grips his hand and removes it his collar, “I will need to investigate.” 

    Wang Xiaoming’s friend arrives carrying his medicine bag and Wang Xiaoming tells Yang James, “Wait here.”

    He and Dr. Jiang walk back to the office he says, “Director Yang is waiting for you in the dining room.”

    Li Tian stands up to let the doctor examine Sara. The doctor checks Sara’s pulse, then frowns, “I will bandage her injuries but she needs to go to the hospital. The fetus could be in danger.”

   Both Li Tian and Wang Xiaoming stare at the doctor with incredulous expressions. Li Tian can’t breathe for a moment then stammers, “Song Sara pregnant?”

  The doctor narrows his eyes, “Aren’t you the father?”

   Suddenly Li Tian’s face darkens and his pitch black eyes have murderous flames swirling within them. She wasn’t pregnant when we were in Paris… they checked before they did the x rays. She avoided me when we returned to Catang City and we only had sex recently…is the baby mine or that bastard Cadieux’s! 

   Li Tian controls his temper and calmly answers, “Yes.” 

  Wang Xiaoming wonders what is going on…well… that would explain the selfish bastard saving Song Sara at the risk of his own life. She is carrying the heir to the Li Group.

  The doctor disinfects and applies medicine to the gash on Sara’s forehead and her hand that was cut when she fell. He takes off the blanket and rolls up her torn pant leg, exposing her knee that is red and swollen. After he finishes he goes into the bathroom and washes his hands, “That is all I can do. She needs to go to the hospital.”

   Wang Xiaoming thanks him and walks into the dining room with him. “Are you sure she is pregnant?”

   Jiang Shaoling laughs, “I am a well respected expert in Chinese Medicine I can read a pulse haha.. Xiaoming, could the baby be yours?”

  “Fuck off. I am just surprised.”

  In the office Li Tian sits on the edge of the couch gazing at Sara in a daze. He is angry and wants to question Sara. Deceitful little woman! How dare you put a green hat on me! He then thinks about the fact she sought him out when she was drugged and not Leo Cadieux. Could the lab report been wrong in Paris? Is the baby mine? He has conflicted feelings thinking about it…but she wants to live with that bastard… is it for the baby’s sake?

He feels tortured not knowing the truth, consumed by jealousy and extreme possessiveness, suddenly he is surrounded by a demonic aura. Li Tian’s eyes redden and dark and evil thoughts swirl in his mind.If the baby isn’t mine…I will cut the baby out of your stomach and kill that bastard Cadieux then lock you up and tie you to my bed!


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      1. Well spoiler when Sara finds out she is pregnant she does the math..and realizes the father is the unkown man from the night she lost her virginity. She hates that brutal man.
        Li Tian: Ah…should I say that was me? 😰


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