Need Passcode

    Kang Mingshun carries Sara into Li Tian’s villa then directly up the stairs to the Master bedroom. He feels conflicted as he lays her thin motionless body on the bed. He stares at her for a moment, I can’t keep doing this…Miss Song deserves better than being manipulated by the Boss.

  After he gently removes her coat and scarf he moves away from the bed.

Li Tian receives a call from Kang Mingshun, “Boss, Miss Song wasn’t willing to come so I put her to sleep and brought her to the villa. She is in your room.”

  “I will be there in ten minutes.” Putting his foot on the accelerator he speeds towards his villa.  He has a smile on his face thinking about Sara lying in his bed. 

 Kang Mingshun’s gloomy eyes reflect his inner turmoil as he stares at Sara. The little girl is too thin and from the red marks on her neck the Boss bullied her to the extreme last night. I don’t understand…he could have any beautiful, experienced woman he wants… why is he fixated on such a delicate and fragile young girl?   He shakes his head then covers Sara with a blanket before he leaves the luxurious bedroom.

    Fu Chian arrived in front of the villa as the door closed behind Kang Mingshun and Sara. He slammed his hand on the steering wheel, FUCK! Miss Song looked unconscious. He wanted to go bang on the door but decided he should callI Wong Duan before he acted rashly.

   Wong Duan is driving to Rapture to supervise the redecorating when his phone rings. He answers, “Speak.”

  Fu Chian gulps down his saliva then nervously says, “Mr. Wong, it is about Miss Song. I went to pick her up at the hospital when she called me… but Li Tian’s driver…well..she is at Li Tian’s villa now. I don’t think she was willing.”

  He raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean…not willing?”

  “When I arrived at the hospital I got a text from her phone. Miss Song always calls me so I was suspicious. I called and there was no answer. I had a bad feeling so I rushed outside to see Li Tian’s driver pulling out of the parking lot. I immediately followed but because of a delay at the Community’s guard gate I was too late to prevent him from taking her inside Li Tian’s villa. The driver was holding her in his arms and Miss Song appeared to be unconscious.”

    Wong Duan’s dark eyes emit a cold light,“I will deal with it.”

  “Should I wait here?”


  Fu Chian can’t tell from Wong Duan’s voice what he is thinking. I don’t think Li Tian would harm Miss Song, but why did she call me to pick her up then his driver take her here?

   After Wong Duan hangs up he calls a number in Shanghai. A short dark haired boy wearing glasses that looks no older than sixteen is in an internet cafe playing games. When the phone in his blue hoodie’s pocket vibrates he takes it out, he sees the caller is Uncle D and his face lights up. He quickly answers, “Uncle!”

“Little Han, get me the passcode for Li Tian’s villa as soon as possible. Text it to me.”

“When are you coming back to Shanghai?”

“This weekend for a couple of days. I will come visit you if your mother agrees.”

“Of course she will say yes! Mom isn’t so petty she would hold a grudge!” If she is still angry with you I will come to you. “I will get the passcode now.”

“Very good.”

Wong Duan has a faint smile as he hangs up, Little Han is a good seedling, his abilities already exceeds my expectations.

Wong Duan exits the highway and turns back to deal with the situation. While taking a cigarette from the pack in the console, he calls Lishi Tao who is in the busy kitchen of the Ecstasy Club having lunch. He puts down his chopsticks then walks outside to talk.He listens to Wong Duan while motioning at a delivery truck.“I want you to go to the new Club. Make sure to have them knock down the wall upstairs to open up the area for the casino.”

 “I thought you were going to supervise the remodeling.” 

   “Something came up.”

Lishi Tao kicks a stone, he wants to finish lunch then take a nap. He was working last night until four in the morning. He reluctantly agrees to go to Rapture.

“Did you get the information about the housekeeper and her daughter?”

  “Yes. The woman will be no problem to deal with but the daughter…well… her husband is wealthy and connected. He is the CEO of Tan Entertainment.”

   “What are his weaknesses?”

  “He has a mistress he spends more time with than his wife. He comes home mainly to see his daughter.”

  “Get me pictures. Also get me information on a second tier actress named Long Jinxi.”

  “Oh..Long Jinx…i I watched a drama with that chick in it. She is a little beauty.”

  “Are there any rumors circulating about her personal life?”

  “ her image is clean and pure. No boyfriends… Although a lot of men chase Long Jinxi, she rejects them all.”

  “Hmm.. That will be all for now.” 

     Meanwhile at Li Tian’s villa Kang Minshun saunters into the kitchen. Chen Wu is leaning against the counter eating a piece of fried chicken. He had returned to the villa earlier to check  on the two new bodyguards. “Why do you look so gloomy?”

  “Wu… ahh..forget it.” I need to do what the Boss tells me but fuck…the way he treats Song Sara… The girl looks like a fragile doll that could break at any time.

 Chen Wu hands him a drumstick, “Mingshun, eat. It is best not to think too much about what is going on between the Boss and that little chick.” He saw Kang Mingshun’s worried expression as he carried Song Sara into the villa. “I have never seen him act so fucking obsessed about a woman. It is like he is under some kind of fucking spell.”

  Kang Mingshun takes a bite of the chicken and changes the subject, “Where are the two new bodyguards?”

  “In the training room with Tang Shen.” He grabs a water from the refrigerator and tosses it to Kang Mingshun, “They are ex Special forces, Han Weisheng recommended them to the Boss. The one guy said he knows you, his name is Ye Gao.”

  “Fuck! I haven’t seen him in three years.” He tosses the gnawed chicken drumstick into the trash. “ Let’s go see them.”   

   Li Tian rushes into the villa and up the stairs to his bedroom. When he sees Sara lying on the bed he smiles and takes off his coat and tie, tossing them onto the couch. He sits on the edge of the bed watching Sara sleep then leans over and kisses her half parted lips. As he unbuttons his shirt there is a knock at the door, he doesn’t want to awaken Sara so he hurries over and answers.

  He angrily opens the door and growls in a low voice “What!” then falls to the ground unconscious.

  Wong Duan calmly picks up Sara’s coat and scarf off the couch. He has a malicious smile on his beautiful face as he looks at Li Tian sprawled on the floor. He lazily walks to bed and lifts Sara to slip on her coat then wraps the red woolen scarf around her neck. 

   Once outside of Li Tian’s villa he laughs, I didn’t think it would be that easy. I didn’t encounter one bodyguard.He places Sara in the passenger seat of his car then drives out the gate. He calls Fu Chian, “I have Miss Song, I am driving her to the Waterfront Towers.” When they arrive in the underground parking lot he presses on her accupoint and Sara slowly opens her eyes. Disoriented, she gazes at him, “Mr. Wong? I thought Mr. Fu was picking me up.”

  “Fu Chian had an emergency at his garage.”

  “Oh..” She rubs her eyes, I don’t remember leaving the hospital. I was talking to Kang Mingshun… “Well, thank you. I hope I didn’t inconvenience you, I could have taken a taxi.”

  “Mr. Cadieux wanted me to check on the progress of your new restaurant anyway.” 

  “When is he coming back?”

  “He should be back from his business trip this evening.”

  They enter the elevator and a young woman trips in her high heels calling out, “Can you hold it for me?”

  Wong Duan frowns as Sara stops the door from closing. The beautiful woman rubs her ankle  and sighs, “Thank you. I don’t like waiting in the garage by myself. It is creepy.” She smiles then looks up at Wong Duan, she has a strange expression and taps her cheek with her finger. 

This man…the frighteningly cold aura..the beautiful face and perfect body… She suddenly steps away from him to the back of the elevator…he is the devil from the Ecstasy Club! .

  Wong Duan’s phone rings and he answers with a doting tone, “Something?”

  Starfire is bored and responds, “Mr. Wong, can I go to the guesthouse and play with Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue?”

  He has a faint smile softening his cold features and the woman hiding in the back of the elevator notices the change in his expression. I am curious who could make this demon act in such a gentle manner. She perks up her ears and chokes when she hears Wong Duan say, “No. You need to stay in bed until I return.”

  Starfire reaches for a snack bag on the bed, “I read five chapters. I can’t lie in bed all day, I will go crazy!”

  The elevator door opens on the fourth floor and the woman exits. She turns around to see Wong Duan with a devilish grin on his face and her heart skips a beat. I have never seen such a handsome man. I wonder if he is talking to his girlfriend? She isn’t paying attention and runs into Yang James. He steadies the young woman and she blushes, “Oh, sorry Director Yang!.”

  Yang James glances towards the elevator to see why the little accountant is distracted. He catches a glimpse of Sara as the elevator door closes. Hmm… now might be a good time to implement my plan.

He pushes the elevator button then makes a call. “Song Sara is at the rooftop restaurant.”

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