I Will Get The Antidote

     Rui’s eyes are blazing with rage,“Same page? Fuck you…You fucking piece of shit! I saved your mother… your bitch and her baby…I promise you if anything happens to my woman…you will beg for death!”

   “Qiao, you can curse and threaten me all you want but the bottom line is all their fates are tied together.”

   Rui angrily shoves Gunnar Hedwig and he staggers backwards. “You will pay.” 

   Gunnar Hedwig watches Rui storm down the hallway towards the elevator then turns to look into the ICU. 

  Once in the elevator Rui runs his fingers through his hair then calls Xinghi. “I need you to come to the hospital and check to see if Feng LiMei has been poisoned.”

  Xinghi puts down the file in his hand, “Feng LiMei…poisoned..by whom?”

  “Gunnar Hedwig. He might be using the threat as a scare tactic but I don’t want to take any chances.”

  “I thought you reached an agreement with that bastard.”

  Rui’s eyes darken and he tightens his jaw. “I did. Unfortunately, the unscrupulous bastard is treacherous and circumvented the agreement between us. I can explain the situation when you get here. She is in room 567.”

  Xinghi shakes his head and tosses the folder onto the desk, “I’m leaving now.” Dammit! I need Qin Daiyu ready to go on the mission next week! It can’t be delayed from the intel I received she needs to assassinate the fat asshole before he returns to Beijing. The next hypnotherapy session I planned on imprinting the necessary information in Qin Daiyu’s mind.

    The elevator door opens and as Rui exits  a woman wearing a white baseball cap and black mask bumps into him. She keeps her head lowered and mumbles, “Sorry..sorry.” as she hurries into the elevator.  

   When Rui enters LiMei’s hospital room he tells Hak Byung-Soo, “I want to know the nurse’s name. Go to the Hematology Department and see who signed out the equipment. I want the bitch found as soon as possible.   “Gu, Go to the security office and get the footage from outside this room and the hallway outside Operating Room Number Four also by my office… from four hours ago until now.” 

   After they leave he sits on the edge of the bed and holds LiMei’s small hand. Leaning down kissing LiMei on the forehead he can barely contain his rage, “Baby, I will punish everyone involved.” 

Rui has a serious expression as he walks to the bathroom and wets a cloth to wipe LiMei’s pale face. If she gave blood four hours ago she should be awake by now. Could it be the poison?

   LiMei is dreaming that she is wearing a beautiful white lace wedding dress and walking through dense fog. She can hear Rui’s voice but she can’t see him. Where is he? Does he know I am here waiting for him? Suddenly she hears gunshots breaking through the eerie silence.

She lifts up the hem of the delicate lace dress racing in the direction of the sound. Tripping over branches, her dress rips as she falls down in the mud. She stands up and wipes her mud splattered face with her hand and continues towards the sound.

Suddenly, she hears Rui’s voice more clearly and stumbles forward through the thick vegetation. Lights penetrating the ominous night reveal Rui’s disheveled figure. He is illuminated by a stream of light from a black luxury car’s headlights. He is kneeling on the ground bleeding from his head and chest.

She puts her hand over her mouth as she gasps, staring fixedly at the horrific sight. She rushes over to Rui and holds him in her thin, scratched and painful arms. Rui’s breathing is shallow as he looks up at her and smiles, “Baby, you..you look beautiful.” He stops breathing and slumps down to the ground.

   She sobs uncontrollably while holding onto Rui, “No..no..you said we would always be together…you can’t leave me!”

Kuang Fu gets out of the driver’s seat and grabs LiMei by the hair. She holds onto Rui, “Don’t..Just kill me too.” He mockingly snarls, “It was the good doctor’s misfortune to meet you Qin Daiyu. You Die? No I have plans for you little girl now that I finally found you. Let’s go.”

   Rui is wiping LiMei’s forehead when he sees tears streaming down her cheeks. He hugs LiMei to him, “Baby are you having a nightmare..wake up I am here.” 

   She desperately clings onto him as she sobs, “Rui..Rui.. It is my fault…I’m not good.”

   He holds her tightly and kisses her forehead. Rui’s voice is filled with pampering “Baby, you are very good…you are the best.Wake up LiMei.”

    LiMei slowly opens her eyes and is disoriented, her vision is blurry as she gazes at Rui with watery eyes.

   Rui brushes her messy hair back and tenderly kisses her lips, “You were having a nightmare.”

   She wraps her arms around his neck and leans on his shoulder then starts crying uncontrollably. She mutters, “No..it was a warning..a warning.”

   He feels helpless as he strokes her hair, “LiMei…Baby…it was just a dream. Tell me what frightened you.”

  LiMei shakes her head, “Can’t say…” I can never marry Rui..I am Qin Daiyu…

  He comforts LiMei gently rubbing her slender back then kisses the top of her head, “Baby, Let go. You need to drink some juice.”

   LiMei reluctantly loosens her arms around him and he wipes her tear stained face with the wet cloth.Afterwards he calls the nurses desk, “Bring orange juice to Room 567 .”

   “Rui..I want to go to my apartment.”

  “No. Absolutely not. You were foolish to give blood. That apartment is drafty and unsuitable for your recovery.”

   He lifts her chin and tells LiMei, “Until I find out what is going on you need to stay close to me and I need to keep an eye on the patient after surgery. I didn’t ask for you to donate blood.”

  “Huh? The nurse said..”

   He interrupts LiMei, “I didn’t..I wouldn’t…I need to find out who the nurse was that told you I did.”

  “I recognized the nurse…Nurse Fu. When I was in the hospital before she worked on the floor.”

  He furrows his eyebrows, why does that name sound familiar? “Nurse Fu? You are sure?”

  “Yes, I liked Nurse Ding so you replaced Nurse Fu. I remember because she wasn’t happy and complained about the decision.” How could I forget the woman in a nasty shrill voice she said I was a spoiled brat and she was losing money.

  The nurse brings the orange juice and Rui takes the glass from her hand, “Have Nurse Fu come here.”

  “Nurse Fu left earlier, she said she was unwell.”

  “You can go.”

   He holds the glass to LiMei’s mouth and she drinks. She crinkles her eyes into a crescent moon, “Oh… that tastes good. I was parched.”

    Hak Byung -Soo calls Rui from the Hematology Department. “Boss the nurse was a woman named Fu. 

    “I know. Find the woman.”

    “Did Gu finish what I asked him to do?”

  “Yes. He said he would send the video to your email.”

   After he hangs up he holds LiMei and touches her forehead. “Baby, how do you feel?”

   “Better, just a little weak.”

   “Did the nurse give you any pills or an injection?”


   Xinghi enters the room carrying a medicine bag and LiMei has a puzzled expression. Why is Dr. Huang here?

  Xinghi smiles, “Miss Feng, I need to examine you.” He takes out a black leather pouch then removes several silver needles.

   LiMei glances at Rui, “ You called Dr. Huang?” 

   “Yes.” He doesn’t want to explain the situation to LiMei. 

   Xinghi takes LiMei’s pulse and detects abnormalities that might be caused by poison. “Miss Feng, I am going to adjust your fluctuating qi that was disrupted.” He inserts a needle into her upper arm and three by her clavicle. After several seconds he pulls out the silver needles and LiMei coughs up black blood then begins convulsing. Rui panics, “What the fuck!”

  Rui’s heart skips a beat when LiMei’s eyes roll back in her head and she faints.  He hugs her to him. “Baby..Baby..” He quickly grabs the wet towel on the nightstand. 

  Xinghi calmly says, “Relax.”

   Rui’s eyes are red and his hands are trembling as he gently wipes the black blood dripping down LiMei’s chin.  “How the fuck can I relax! She was poisoned by that motherf****r!”

  Xinghi puts his fingers on her wrist, “She isn’t in any danger right now but I don’t know what the poison is.I slowed down her blood flow and I don’t think the poison is lethal from the amount of black blood she spit out. I need to analyse a blood sample. You said Gunnar Hedwig did this? Why?”

  “Hedwig’s sister is pregnant with his baby and was severely injured in a car accident. The bastard knew LiMei was waiting for me in my office and he wanted to increase the woman’s chance of survival. He arranged for LiMei to donate blood and knew when I found out I would be furious. When I confronted him outside the ICU he warned me that if she dies, so does LiMei.”

  “Fu Ning is pregnant?” He laughs, “Hedwig is a bigger fool than I thought.”

  “What do you mean?”

 “He has the antidote?”


  “ I will be back with the antidote.  Also, I will take over as Fu Ning’s doctor, he shouldn’t have a problem with that.” I’m not going to let that simpleton ruin my plans for my revenge. 


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