No… I Don’t Want…

    Sara feels very comfortable while sleeping in Li Tian’s warm embrace. Gazing at her delicate face and naked body laying in his arms he has a satisfied smile on his face. He lovingly caresses her soft cheek,you were a little wildcat last night…you say you don’t want me but your sensitive body never lies. He lightly runs his slender finger over the red marks on her swan-like neck that he left last night.You were made for me Song Sara. After we make love an indescribably peaceful feeling engulfs me like I have never felt before…the rage inside of me subsides and I am calm. I can sleep without being plagued by nightmares. Is it what that old doctor said…your pure yin is able to stabilize my turbulent qi? Whatever the reason, I will never let you go in this lifetime or the next. You are mine, Song Sara.

   When he touches Sara’s neck her body quivers and she snuggles further into his arms, “Umm…so warm.”

   Li Tian wants to make love to Sara again because his lower body is having a reaction but he restrains himself. If the little girl wakes up she will be angry at me. I need to slowly make her accept me. Last night she came to me only because of the residual effects from the aphrodisiac. 

  There is a knock on the door and Li Tian covers Sara’s ears, “Enter.”

  Kang Mingshun’s ears turn red when he walks into the room, he averts his eyes and in a low voice he says, “Miss Song’s clothes.”

 Li Tian points to the couch, Kang Mingshun hurriedly places the clothes there then leaves. Sara hears  muffled voices and slowly opens her eyes. Shocked, she pushes Li Tian’s bare chest and moves away from him. She has a complicated expression as she pulls up the blue blanket up to her neck, “Stay away from me.”

  He chuckles at her flustered appearance, “That isn’t what you said last night. You were begging me to fuck you.”

   “…” Sara’s face turns crimson red and she wraps the blanket tightly around her naked body. He pulls her back as she struggles to get out of bed and wraps his arms around her thin waist. He rests his chin on her shoulder and his voice is low and full of seduction. “Don’t go.” He turns her face towards him then kisses her lips.

Embarrassed, knowing she came to him last night because of the aphrodisiac she pushes his shoulders. He puts his large hand behind her head pressing her forward as he deepens the kiss. He doesn’t release Sara until she can’t breathe. 

  Breathless from the kiss, Sara’s voice is hoarse, “I shouldn’t have come here. Let me go.”

  He looks into her hazy blue eyes and twirls a strand of her long black hair with his finger as he teases, “What if I don’t want to let you go? Do you think you can use me then toss me away?”

  Sara blushes, “CEO Li..please..I beg you… give me the antidote. I didn’t know the Hot Chocolate I drank had alcohol in it. She shyly lowers her head and in a barely audible voice apologizes , “This..this situation..I am sorry.”

  He lifts her chin with his slender finger and has a devilish grin on his handsome face. “Sorry? I’m not.” then leans down licking and sucking on her neck savoring her unique taste.

   Sara’s heart skips a beat and her body instinctively reacts, arching her back towards him, “”

  He takes her hand and rubs it on his huge erection and growls, “Can’t stop.”

  Sara softly moans as his hand slips under the blanket and he pinches her erect bud. “Ahh..umm..”

   Li Tian is aroused by her charming kittenish sounds and pulls her closer to him. He unwraps the blanket and whispers in her ear in a raspy voice, “Baby, you know you want me..say it..”

  The sound of his deep sexy voice and hot breath on her neck excites Sara, a wave of heat makes her body tingle.She can’t deny his touch sends an electric current through her entire being.

   Sara’s body trembles, wanting him to be inside of feel his passionate kisses on her body. There is a strange magnetic pull between them that she can’t extricate herself from when he touches her body. 

But, Sara doesn’t want to be entangled with Li Tian so she tries to fight the pleasurable feeling clouding her mind. Li Tian is too dangerous..arrogant..he doesn’t want me..he wants my body..that is all. 

   He nibbles on her small porcelain white earlobe, “Baby, say you want me and I will give it to you.” His hand spreads her thighs and slides up to her wet pussy.

    Sara is overwhelmed with lust and desire, she grips the messy sheets. Fluttering her curled black eyelashes she breathlessly stammers, “I..I want..”

    Locking his pitch black eyes eyes on Sara’s small and delicate face flushed with desire, Li Tian’s heartbeat quickens. I have never seen a more beautiful and alluring woman. She possesses a strange combination of innocence and seductiveness…I can’t get enough of her delectable body…as though I am addicted to Song Sara.

Consumed by lust, he kisses her small oval face as his hand squeezes her sensitive mound, “Naughty girl…you are so you want me to fill your little hole up with my c*ck?”

     Li Tian sucks the tip of his finger dripping with her honey, “You little hussy…so much delicious nectar pouring out already. So sweet.” He runs his finger across her lips and he has a mischievous smile as he opens her mouth with his finger.”Taste.”

 Sara bites her lower lip until it bleeds trying to bring her rationality back. Li Tian’s touch is leaving trails of fire down her body. I can’t be his plaything..I won’t.. “No..stop..I don’t want you..”

   Li Tian’s jaw tightens and his eyes darken, filled with extreme possessiveness. He domineeringly presses her body underneath him. “Really?  I don’t believe you.” Pushed to the brink of madness by her words, he kisses her breasts as he fiercely thrusts his finger in and out of her flower hole. Using his thumb he rubs her nub until it is red and swollen and Sara climaxes ,uncontrollably twitching she utters lewd sounds,“Ahhh..Ummmn..Mnmm..Ahh..”

   Li Tian’s heart is racing and he is breathing heavily as he becomes increasingly aroused. He is out of control and unable to restrain the restless beast inside of him, awakened by Sara’s coquettish moaning as she submits to him.

Needing to be deep inside Sara to declare his sovereignty, he flips her petite body over on the bed. He lifts up her tempting ass and holds his throbbing cock by her pink flower petals. He is surrounded by a demonic aura as he savagely plunges inside of Sara. “Little Liar! I’m going to fuck you to death!”

Penetrating Sara from behind he deeply thrusts his huge erection until she screams his name in the throes of ecstasy. He sneers, “Don’t want?”  Li Tian’s eyes are red as he slaps her round bottom, “Liar!”

He holds her slender hips as he wildly moves his waist, pounding her sensitive spot over and over. Sara’s inner walls tighten around his thick shaft dripping with honey making him shudder uncontrollably in ecstasy. Sara’s body is exhausted and she faints as Li Tian relentlessly continues his siege until he lets out a guttural sound when he reaches the heavens. Sending his essence deep inside of Sara he convulses and groans, “Unnngh..Nnnhh..Mmmm…Ahhh.”

   Sweat is dripping down his chest as he leans onto Sara and whispers in her ear, “Baby, you are so fucking sweet.”

   He stays inside of Sara as he runs his fingers through her tangled hair messily hanging down her back. Why do you resist..I know you want me.” He kisses her hair then lays her on the bed hugging her limp body in his arms. 

   Li Tian’s phone rings and he reaches over to the nightstsnd. He has been expecting Yang James call and says, ‘What is the status?”

   Yang James pushes up his glasses, “It is as you expected. What do you want me to do?”

    He glances at Sara asleep on the bed and reluctantly answers, “I am coming to the office. Wait for me.”

    Li Tian walks into the bathroom to take a shower. He sees the scratch marks and love bites Sara left on his body last night and smiles as he washes his muscular body. When he finishes he wraps a towel around his waist and walks out.

    Sara is awake but pretends to be asleep when she hears him come out of the bathroom. That insufferable man! Why does my body betray me every time! 

    He gets dressed in a dark blue suit from Dolce and Gabbana’s latest collection and a crisp white shirt. After he slips on a pair of black Italian leather shoes he picks up his diamond encrusted watch from the nightstand. He sits on the edge of the bed and tenderly touches Sara’s hair. Li Tian’s voice is tinged with affection, “You are so beautiful.” He doesn’t want to wake her up so he lightly kisses her forehead then stands up and quietly walks to the door.

   After he leaves the room Sara scrunches up her nose and grumbles, “Li Tian only likes my body… as soon as he tires of me he will replace me with another woman. I can not! WILL NOT!.. Fall for that heartless man!”

Sara sighs, CEO Li is handsome and sexy but my unlucky star! I need to get the antidote and stay far…far away from the arrogant tyrant as possible! Not only does he have Long An as a fiancee but countless sophisticated and gorgeous women want to climb into his bed. I am a momentary distraction..he likes to toy with me.

Sara can’t deny the fact she finds Li Tian to be an exceptionally and undeniably attractive and sexy man. She smells his lingering masculine scent mixed with a woodsy fragrance and puts her head in the pillow then rolls over clutching the pillow and kicking her feet in the air, “AHHH! Why me!”

   After she calms down she notices the clothes on the couch and Sara is relieved. Then she recalls him ripping her clothes off last night and her face turns red. She shakes her head, Sara take a shower…get dressed and go to the new restaurant…forget about Li Tian!

She slowly walks out into the hospital room and takes her phone out to call Fu Chian to pick her up. I don’t need to explain anything. I wasn’t feeling well at the Inn. When he answers she calmly says, ” Mr. Fu, could you pick me up at the hospital in a half hour?”

“Of course.”

“I will be in the lobby.”

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