Wong Duan Is A Moody Devil!

   The morning sun shines brightly through the window and Starfire slowly opens her eyes. I thought I would be in more pain after the terrible whipping last night. Surprisingly I only feel my back is tight and some stinging pain.

   Wong Duan walks over with a bowl of medicine then quickly sets it down on a table when he sees Starfire awkwardly trying to sit up. He quickly stretches out his arm and gently helps her, “Don’t make any sudden moves.”

   She didn’t hear him come into the room and frowned, “Why are you here?”

  “It is my bedroom, why shouldn’t I be?” 

   Starfire almost jumps out of the bed when she notices the unfamiliar surroundings. She stutters “Wh..why am I in your room?”

   He picks up the bowl of medicine, “Because I carried you here after your punishment.” He sits on the edge of the luxurious bed. “Open your mouth.”

   She stares at him with wide eyes, “You bandaged my wounds? She looks at her nightgown and grips the quilt, “Put this nightgown on me?”

   He lifts the spoon to her mouth “Yes. Now drink the medicine while it is hot.” 

   She blushes and pushes his hand, “Mr. Wong!”

  Wong Duan’s eyes reflect a hint of indulgence as he is amused by her innocent and cute expression, “Would you rather have your dignity or your injuries treated?” He unabashedly stares at her chest and teases, “Don’t worry I am not interested in little girls. If you knock the spoon again you can deal with the pain and inevitable scarring. I won’t waste any more of this rare herbal medicine on you.” This unique medicine can not be bought with money and has exceptional healing properties.

   Starfire obediently opens her mouth. She gazes at his incredibly handsome face as he blows on the spoonful of medicine. He is looking down and his eyelashes are dense and black. He has a flawless complexion and his thin sexy lips are naturally red. How can such beautiful man that looks like an Immortal be so cruel and then so gentle?

  Wong Duan has a faint smile, “Because you need to recover to guard Miss Song before Mr. Cadieux returns. Otherwise..well my effort in training you would be wasted…I don’t like to waste my time.”

   She blinks her doe like eyes several times thinking, Is Mr. Wong one of those legendary mind readers?

  Seeing her flustered expression he bursts out laughing then flicks her forehead, “Little fool, No. I can’t read minds but everything you are thinking is written on your stupid face.” He sets the empty medicine bowl down, “You can’t seem to hide your emotions or thoughts, that can get you into trouble. You should work on that.”

 Starfire can’t hide her anger, she puffs out her cheeks and glares at him with a scorching look , “Mr. Wong, do you have to insult me at every turn!”

   He puts a piece of peppermint candy into her mouth because the medicine is very bitter. Starfire looks adorable, like an angry little chipmunk. The little girl hasn’t lost the baby fat on her face and it looks like her cheeks are filled with chestnuts.

    “ Little girl, I am only pointing out what you need to work on in order to survive. A bodyguard needs to contain their emotions and be objective.” Wong Duan stands up then tosses her a book, “For the next couple days you need to recuperate but you should at least exercise that pea brain of yours. Don’t think you are going to lounge around playing video games and eating snacks. If you behave and don’t cause trouble, I will take you to Shanghai with me this weekend and you can visit your Grandfather.”

    Starfire’s eyes light up at the mention of her Grandfather. She is still chewing the soft peppermint candy and her words are garbled, “Really? You aren’t just saying that so I obey you.”

   He rubs the crease between his eyebrows then leans down so they are face to face. Narrowing his Peach Blossom eyes he lifts her chin and squeezes, “Don’t talk with your mouth full.”He lifts his lips into a mischievous smile, “Do I need to bribe you to obey me?”

   Mesmerized by his deep amber eyes Starfire is momentarily enchanted by his good looks. Wong Duan’s face is very close to hers and his intense gaze makes her heart flutter for a moment.


   She swallows the candy then stammers, “No..no of course not.” Jeez what was I just thinking? Yes…the man is unbelievably beautiful like an Immortal…but a Devil… a very  moody Devil!

   “The cook will bring you porridge and some light side dishes. I am leaving. I expect you to not set the book aside and play games. I will know.”

  “…” Starfire shivers, He will too.

 Wong Duan chuckles, it is fun to play with the little doll. He walks down the hallway to the kitchen and passes Natalia. When she sees the genuine smile on his cold and indifferent face she sneers,, “Wong Duan,  did the Sun rise in the West this morning? Is that a smile on your face?”

  He smirks, “The women’s quarters are on the other side of the kitchen.”

 “ I was looking for you.”

  Raising an eyebrow staring at the manipulative woman in front of him he thinks of the contrast between Natalia and Starfire. “Why?”

  “Mr. Cadieux told me to accompany you to the Ecstasy Club. He said we should work together on setting up the Casino.”

  “I’m not going there until later. I have an appointment.”

  Starfire notices a phone on the side table when it rings, the caller is Leo Cadieux so she picks up the phone. She slowly gets out of bed then walks to the door and hears Wong Duan talking to someone. Sounds like a woman’s voice..is she Russian? Peeking from behind the door she sees a beautiful tall woman with exquisite makeup. She is wearing a tight fitting red dress. Wow she has really big breasts.

  Wong Duan looks past Natalia to see Starfire’s inquisitive look as she waves the phone in her hand. What is she thinking? 

   Natalia turns and looks the direction he is looking then remarks, “I thought you said the women’s rooms were on the other side of the villa.”

  “They are. I will meet you at the Casino at five.”

    Natalia clenches her fists at her side watching him walk over to the room. Wong Duan pushes Starfire into his bedroom then closes the door. 

   Starfire hands him the phone. Curious about the woman’s identity she questions him. “Who is she? She looks like a model or celebrity.”

    He puts the phone into his pocket.“Stay away from that woman if you see her in the Villa.”

  “Is she your girlfriend?”

  “Since when did you and I become close? Mind your own business. Do as I say.”

  He leaves and afterwards Starfire opens the door a crack to see if the woman is still there. He was right when he said everyone in who works for Mr. Cadieux is good looking. I heard him direct her to the woman’s quarters. I wonder what her job is?

  Natalia is also wondering who Starfire is to Wong Duan. I only caught a glimpse of her face but she looks very young. 

  Wong Duan calls Leo on his way to his car, “Yes. So you will return tonight?”

  Leo has a malicious gleam in his strange eyes, “The old woman told me everything I wanted to know. I need you to locate a woman named Chu Nancy and her daughter Tan Shan.

  “Are you going to tell Song Sara she is your sister?”

 “Not yet. I want to take care of the people involved before I do. The snowstorm prevented me from returning last night and I didn’t have a signal to call Song Sara. I have been trying to call this morning but her phone is turned off.

  Wong Duan knows he can’t hide the truth from Leo. “Yesterday she went to the hospital room to see Li Tian. She is still there.”


  “Lord, you said it wasn’t time to interfere in the relationship between Song Sara and Li Tian. Let her figure out what a scumbag he is on her own. I think after finding out he was faking being in a coma progress will be made. “

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