Save My Sister

LiMei sees Rui and goes running over to him then wraps her arms around his waist. She looks up at him with sparkling eyes as she proudly asks, “Rui, did you see me? I made a basket!”

   “Saw.”  Rui hugs LiMei tightly when she runs into his embrace, wanting to crush her into his bones so she could never escape.

Rui’s extreme possessiveness clouded his mind after witnessing LiMei’s cute playfulness on the Basketball Court. It took all his willpower not to drag her away from the group of teenage boys and teach them a painful lesson for coveting his little girl.

After dealing with Hannah Hedwig’s poison he rushed to her apartment to surprise LiMei and was very upset when she wasn’t there. He tried her phone and she didn’t answer, then he called Hak Byung-Soo. He decided to fan the flames and told Rui she rode on Gu Chang’s bike over to the park although he reminded her she was to wait at the apartment.The scene when he arrived at the park made his blood boil, LiMei was laughing and pushing Delun then fooling around with Du Chang. 

He gazes at her flushed face his heart is in turmoil, you are so beautiful LiMei I don’t want to share you with anyone.Rui places his hand on the back of her slender neck and kisses her soft lips entangling their tongues. He needs to taste LiMei’s sweetness to calm the raging beast inside of him. Deepening the kiss he can feel LiMei surrendering to him and when she is breathless he lets her go. LiMei is panting and lets out a kittenish moan, he smiles then licks and sucks on her lips.

  Tightening his grip around her tiny waist he caresses her cheek then buries his head in her neck.  He nibbles on her delicate earlobe, “Baby,you shouldn’t be running around in this weather. You will catch a cold.”

     Rui notices a bike by the bench and can’t hide his jealousy. He holds both of LiMei’s hands and his gloomy tone reveals his mood “Did you ride over here on that boy’s bike?” Did you wrap your arms around him? Press your body against his back? He lifts her chin with his finger “Don’t you remember what happened the last time?”

     LiMei was excited to see him and forgot his temper when it comes to her paying attention to other men… even his own brother.  Rui is consumed with dark emotions...I want to lock LiMei up so no other man can see her smile and laugh. LiMei is trapped against his strong chest and can feel his tense muscles. Rui is jealous and angry. Standing on her tiptoes she wraps her arms around Rui’s neck then lovingly gazes into his dark eyes that are swirling with rolling flames. Smiling brightly she coquettishly flutters her curled black eyelashes, “How could I forget? I met you…the most handsome and perfect man I have ever seen! I fell in love with you at first sight.” Looking over Rui’s shoulder at Hak Byung-Soo  she glares at the smirking bodyguard. I know you told Rui… annoying man! 

  LiMei presses her cherry red lips onto his then tries to divert his attention, “Do you want to go to the Supermarket? You can tell me what you want to eat.”

   Soothed by her words, unexpectedly Rui lifts her into his arms then in a low and seductive voice teases,“You.” 

   LiMei blushes, “Rui! Put me down, all those guys are looking at us.”

    “Good.” He possessively sucks and bites on her lips then admits, ” I want them to see that you are mine.” 

   The boys standing on the court watch them leave. Chen Yi  has an incredulous expression, “Qiao Delun…your brother is Dr. Qiao Rui?”

  “Yeah. Why do you know him?”

  “Dr. Qiao operated on my sister last year. He…he saved her life. Feng LiMei…is his girlfriend?” He has a deflated expression on his handsome face. She really is unattainable.

  Du Chang bounces the basketball as he walks over to them, “Delun, why are you and your brother so different? He is like the fucking King of Hell! I could hardly breathe when he was staring at me. It was like he was tearing me apart with his eyes.”

  Delun laughs and pats Du Chang on the shoulder. “We aren’t that different. It is just when it comes to Feng LiMei my brother is well…possessive.” He is insane when it comes to Feng LiMei…that girl is the only person who makes his cold and indifferent persona collapse.


   Rui opens the door for LiMei  then he walks around the car to get into the driver’s seat. He reaches over and buckles her seatbelt. LiMei can smell his distinct masculine scent mixed with a woodsy fragrance. She stares at his handsome face and he notices, “Am I good looking? Better than those boys?”

  LiMei smiles thinking Rui is really cute when he is jealous. “My Rui is the most handsome. They can’t compare with you.” You are perfect in every way, handsome and extremely sexy…gentle..kind.. Every girl’s dream man! I can hardly believe you are mine… I don’t deserve your love.

  Satisfied with her answer he leans over to kiss LiMei afterwards he starts the car, “Where is the Supermarket?”

  “Take the first left then it is about five blocks down on the right.”

  Rui drives down the street as he turns the corner his phone rings, He touches his Bluetooth, “What? Your mother should be resting.”

  Gunnar Hedwig frantically clutches the phone, “You need to get to the hospital, it is my sister… she was in an accident.”

  “The doctors at my hospital are qualified. I’m busy.”

   Gunnar Hedwig raises his voice, “ Ning’er lost a lot of blood. The baby is in jeopardy. You need to save them. Get here now!” 

   Rui glances over at LiMei who has a concerned look on her face. Dammit! He said that so loudly I’m sure LiMei heard him. I can’t tell the bastard to fuck off LiMei will think I am cruel. 

   Unable to vent his anger for Gunnar Hedwig disturbing his time with LiMei he grips the steering wheel tightly, “I will come and assess the situation.”

  After he hangs up he turns to LiMei, “I have an emergency at the hospital. I will take you to your apartment.”

  “I will go with you.”


  “Rui, I can wait in your office.”

  He relents and they drive to the hospital. When they arrive  Rui is holding LiMei’s small hand as they enter the Emergency Room. Gunnar Hedwig is anxiously waiting for them and when he sees Rui he rushes over.”Hurry. She is over here.”

  LiMei stares at the disheveled man and thinks he looks familiar but can’t think of where she has seen him before.

  Rui leans down and tenderly kisses LiMei then brushes her windblown hair behind her ear,“Go wait in my office.” He orders the two bodyguards, “ Byung-Soo and Gu, go with her.”

   LiMei hugs Rui, “I will.”

   He follows Gunnar Hedwig and Dr. Chen approaches them, “Good. You are here.” He hands him a chart and glares at Gunnar Hedwig. “Surgery can’t be delayed any longer. The woman sustained multiple injuries and the fetus has been disturbed. The woman is prepped. We were waiting for your arrival.”

   Gunnar Hedwig’s eyes are bloodshot and his voice is shaking as he grabs Dr. Chen’s arm, “The baby..will the baby survive?”

   Dr. Chen can’t hide his frustration as he shakes his hand off his sleeve. “Mr. Hedwig, it will be determined after the surgery that you have delayed long enough.” 

  Rui ignores them and studies the chart. He tells a nurse , “Take the patient to Operating Room Number Four. She will need a blood transfusion. Send two units of blood, type A.

  After looking at the chart Rui frowns, “Hedwig, you should prepare yourself.Your sister is in critical condition.”

   Gunnar Hedwig has an idea, he knows LiMei’s blood type is O which could be used for the blood transfusion. Using Subject 456’s blood will increase my Ning’er and our baby’s chance of survival. The regenerative properties of the blood could save them both.

    He steps away from the two men standing at the elevator and makes a phone call.

    LiMei is sitting on the couch in Rui’s office playing a video game when a nurse enters. She smiles politely at the two bodyguards then calmly says, “Dr. Qiao sent me. The woman in surgery needs a transfusion. Miss Feng, Dr. Qiao would like you to donate blood. Due to the number of accident victims it has put a strain on our supply.”

   LiMei looks up from the game she is playing and doesn’t doubt the nurse. The Emergency Room was filled with victims from the pile up on the snowy highway. “Okay.” 

   Nurse Fu’s lips curl up into a smile that isn’t a smile, what a stupid woman. She recalls when Wang Rebecca paid her to spy on LiMei when she was a patient.  “Follow me and I will draw your blood.”

  LiMei stands up and Hak Byung-Soo steps in front of the nurse, he noticed the woman’s strange expression. “Feng LiMei,I need to check on this first.” No way would CEO Qiao let his precious woman donate blood. 

  Gunnar Hedwig anticipated that the request might seem out of the ordinary so he took precautionary measures. Nurse Fu confidently responds, “Time is of the essence but you can call the blood bank to verify. Dr. Qiao is in the operating room so he wouldn’t be able to confirm.”

   Hak Byung-Soo says, “What is the phone number?”

   LiMei stops him, “It is just giving blood. We shouldn’t delay. Let’s go.” She puts her phone in her pocket then sweetly smiles, “ Better to save one life than build a seven- storied pagoda.”

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