Find Out The Girl’s Identity

  A pretty girl wearing a bright red coat walks up to the group of boys surrounding LiMei sitting on a bench, “What are you guys laughing about?” Sheng Nuo’s cousin called her to come to the park, Du Chang and his friends were at the Basketball Court. She threw down the book she was reading and hurried over, as she walked up she heard them teasing Du Chang. 

  LiMei quickly says, “Nothing. It’s been awhile,  Sheng Nuo, how have you been?”

   Du Chang  doesn’t want to explain the situation. Although he didn’t confirm LiMei was his girlfriend he didn’t deny it either. He nervously motions to his friends, “Hey, someone is trying to take our court!” 

  All the boys run towards the basketball court leaving LiMei and Sheng Nuo. LiMei picks up the extra hot chocolate, “Drink this, you look cold.”

  “ Thank you Feng LiMei. Well when my cousin Siyue said Du Chang was playing basketball at the park I wanted to come and watch.”

   “Call me LiMei.”

    Sheng Nuo sits down next to LiMei. “Du Chang said you went on a business trip. Did you just get back?”

   “I did.” LiMei watches the boys playing basketball as she sips her coffee. “How’s it going with you and Du Chang?”

   Sheng Nuo gazes at him playing basketball and heaves a big sigh, “The same. It is frustrating.”

  “Hey I have an idea. Let’s go see if we can play with them. It will give you a chance to get closer to him.”

   The timid girl looks at LiMei with her eyes wide, “LiMei..I don’t know how to play basketball.”

  “Don’t you play basketball in gym class?”

  “I don’t take that class, they offer yoga and dance also so I signed up for them.”

  “Oh. Well you could ask him to teach you how to play.”

  “ Du Chang takes the game seriously so he wouldn’t want to show me. He might get angry with me. I will just watch.”

   LiMei swings her legs a little bored watching the basketball game. She finishes the cup of coffee and walks to the trash can while absentmindedly humming a song. A little boy holding a tall and slender man’s hand abruptly stops, “Sister, what is that song ?”

  LiMei bends down so they are eye level, “Little Brother, the name is ‘Forever My Love’. My mother used to sing it to me when she tucked me into bed.”

  The little boy’s brown eyes light up, “Can you sing the song?”

  The elegant looking man is on the phone and looks annoyed. He stares at LiMei suspiciously, his voice is polite but his eyes show his disdain.“Miss, sorry to bother you.”

He hangs up the phone and puts it into his dark gray cashmere coat. “Muyan, let’s go.” The doctor suggested going to the park after the boy’s therapy session. But the little boy was upset seeing the other children with their parents, so they were walking back to the car.

    When the boy doesn’t budge he picks him up. LiMei sees the little boy is unwilling, he has tears forming in his eyes. LiMei pities the boy, the man sounds impatient and has a cold and indifferent expression on his handsome face. “Sir, I don’t mind singing the song if it will make your son happy.”

    The slender, well dressed man warily gazes at LiMei.Too many women try to approach him using various schemes he is considering if LiMei is one of them. He thinks she wants to use his vulnerable nephew to attract his attention. The boy lost his mother and father in an accident last month.  Irreprehensible!  He sneers, “No need.” 

    The little boy clutches onto the man’s coat and his voice is barely audible, “Please..please I miss mommy. ” A few crystal tears hang on his curled black lashes.

    Hak Byung-Soo and Big Gu are standing behind LiMei watching the scene. Qin Shizhou didn’t notice the bodyguards initially because he was distracted by his grandfather’s phone call. He studies LiMei’s face, well she looks like she is in high school, her eyes are clear without any impurities, it might just be a coincidence. His men are behind him on alert, he waves them back. “Trouble you then, Miss.”

   LiMei smiles brightly, exposing her cute dimples and her beautiful green eyes curve into a crescent shape. “Let’s sit on this bench.”

   Qin Shizhou sits down holding his nephew on his lap and LiMei sits next to them. The little boy has been staring at her rabbit hat, in a small milky voice he asks, “Can I touch your hat.”

  “Of course.” She leans over so the little boy can pull the ears. LiMei can tell he has a deep sadness from the lonely look in his eyes. She takes her hat off and puts it on his head, “You can have it.”  She can’t resist and pinches his cheek.  “Oh.. you look so cute.”

  The little boy blushes, “Men are handsome. Not cute.”

  LiMei rubs his chubby cheek, “I meant the hat. haha..You are a very handsome little man!”

   Qin Shizhou watches as LiMei takes out a mirror. When she holds it up in front of the little boy’s face he smiles. “Yes. The hat is cute.” He pulls on the ears and a small laugh comes from his lips. The boy suddenly realizes something, “But, I have nothing to give you in return.”

  LiMei grins, “Yes you do. I don’t know when I saw such a handsome boy as you before. Smile for me and give me a kiss right here.” She points to her cheek. “That will be the best gift I have received in the longest time.”

  Huo Muyan shyly smiles then pecks her cheek, his face turns bright red as he buries his head in his Uncle’s chest.

  LiMei gently touches his hair then begins to sing the sad song. 

   Qin Shizhou feels his heart tighten listening to LiMei sing. This song has special meaning not only to the little boy but to him. When he was young his mother would sing it to him and his sister at bedtime. When his sister gave birth to Huo Muyan she carried on the tradition singing it at bedtime to the little boy. He has a complicated expression, this is the first time Huo Muyan has smiled since his parents died.

   LiMei is lost in her own memories as she sings and a she fights back the urge to cry. Grandma..Mom..I miss you so much.. When she finishes the song Huo Muyan is sound asleep on Qin Shizhou’s chest. She whispers, “Your son is too cute.”

    Qin Shizhou’s deep eyes are full of complex emotions and he doesn’t correct the misunderstanding. He never feels the need to explain himself.“Thank you Miss. He has had a rough time lately.”

   LiMei gently rubs the boy’s back, “Well, I hope the song made him happy.”

  “I think very much so.”

   “I will be going then, I want to play basketball with my friends.”

  LiMei starts to walk away and uncharacteristically Qin Shizhou stops her, “Wait. Here is my card if there is ever anything..”

  She shakes her head no and waves her hand, “I got my thanks from your son. I don’t want your card, I feel it would be a burden. Please help your son find happiness in his life. Children shouldn’t have as much sadness and loneliness as I saw in your son’s eyes.”

   Qin Shizhou is speechless as he watches LiMei run towards the basketball court. No one has ever refused his card. He stands up and strides over to his assistant who is standing with the bodyguards.”Find out the little girl’s identity.”

    He carries the sleeping boy to a black Maybach and his driver opens the back door. Qin Shizhou glances back and sees LiMei dribbling a basketball past a very tall boy who is laughing. She smoothly glides past him then tosses up the basketball which bounces off the backboard. He has a slight smile as he enters the back seat. Interesting little girl.

   LiMei pushes Delun as he grabs the rebound, “No fair! You are too tall!”

   He winks at LiMei and teases, “I thought you said you had skills.” He holds the ball in the air as she tries to jump to get it. Du Chang comes from behind and swats the ball from his hand then throws it to LiMei. “You can do it LiMei. I have confidence in you.”

    LiMei kicks Delun and trips him then runs with the ball. He laughs, “That’s a foul!” He helplessly watches, “You can’t run like that!”

   When she gets to the basket the boys watching are shocked when she leaps and floats in the air then drops the ball into the hoop. Chen Yi exclaims, “SHIT! How did she do that!”

   LiMei lands on the ground then puts her hands on her hips, “I did it!”

   Du Chang rubs her head, “Good job Feng LiMei.” Suddenly a chill goes down his spine and he turns around to see Rui is standing at the edge of the court.

   LiMei also sees Rui and goes running over to him then wraps her arms around his waist. She looks up at him with sparkling eyes as she proudly asks, “Rui, did you see me? I made a basket!”

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