Starfire’s Punishment

    Outside the door Kang Minshun leans against the wall and closes his eyes. Why can’t the Boss show some respect for Song Sara? She obviously cares about him or she wouldn’t have looked so distraught when she thought he was in a coma. If he treated her well…

   Kang Mingshun’s thoughts are interrupted when a nurse approaches carrying a tray. He stops the woman before she can enter Li Tian’s room. 

   Long Jinxi is wearing large black rimmed glasses, Nurse Pei’s uniform and has her badge. She confidently smiles, “CEO Li needs his medication.”

   “It can wait.”

   “You are his bodyguard? Can you make that decision? He could go into convulsions if he doesn’t take his medication.”

   The corner of Kang Mingshun’s mouth twitches. “Miss Long. You should leave.”

   Long Jinxi gulps down her saliva staring up at his ridiculing gaze, I only met him once outside the hospital and it was dark. How did he recognize me? She doesn’t panic, I’m an actress! I can convince him.  She uses all her acting skills to maintain her composure, “You are mistaken.Look at my badge, my name is Pei.”

    Removing the large glasses in one swift motion Kang Mingshun warns, “I will say it one more time. Leave. If you persist in bothering CEO Li, I will have you thrown out of the hospital.”

  Long Jinxi tries to grab the glasses but he holds them high above her head. He repeats,“Leave.”

   She purses her lips then explodes , “ You! You are just a Bodyguard! I am his fiancee! Why are you protecting that lowly slut who is in there with him.”

  He laughs, “Get lost.” Since when did this sister become the fiancee? 

  Long Jinxi storms down the hallway ,the first thing I will do when I am his fiancee is fire that insolent man!

   He shakes his head,  the Boss needs to get rid of those troublesome Long sisters. He leans back on the wall and closes his eyes. It is too bad Miss Song isn’t qualified to be the Boss’ wife.

   Across town Fu Chian and Starfire are in the guesthouse. Fu Chian is making dinner and Starfire is upstairs playing with the girls in their room. 

    There is a knock at the door and Fu Chian puts down the chopsticks he was using to stir the spicy chicken. When he answers Wong Duan is emitting a strong murderous aura. He was informed Sara was brought into the hospital by Li Tian’s driver and taken to his room.

   He doesn’t show his anger on his face but his imposing aura shows he is very angry. Fu Chian has a bad feeling, “Mr. Wong.”

   Wong Duan steps into the guesthouse and glances around the living room. “Where is Starfire?”

   “Upstairs playing with Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. Is there a problem?”

   “Why did you allow Miss Song to be taken by Li Tian’s driver? If I am not satisfied with your answer there will be a severe punishment.”

  “What?” I don’t want to involve Starfire. “Miss Song said a friend was picking her up. I had no idea that the person was Li Tian’s driver. I didn’t think it was my place to force her to ride with me. I was instructed to be her driver; no mention was made of monitoring her movements.”

   Wong Duan can’t argue that point, Fu Chian was only told to be available to drive Song Sara. “Tell Starfire to get down here.”

   Fu Chian walks upstairs then into the girl’s room. Starfire is playing with a doll in a playhouse. He says in a fairly loud voice “Miss Starfire, Mr. Wong is here. He wants you to come downstairs.” He bends down and whispers, “Don’t say anything about Miss Song being ill and the car you saw.”

   Starfire is a little tipsy from the Peppermint Patty drinks, why is he whispering amd winking at me? “Uh okay..dinner smells good. What are you making?”

    “I think he came to take you to the Villa. Remember what I said.”

   “But, I want to eat dinner here.”

   “I don’t think that is possible. Another night. Be good.”

   “Hmmph.” She follows him downstairs and the little girls trail behind Starfire.

  Wong Duan hands Starfire her coat, “Let’s go.”

  Starfire has a puzzled expression, “Mr. Wong, Miss Song went to her apartment so I’m not needed at the villa.” She smells the inviting aroma floating out from the kitchen. “ I’m staying for dinner with Mr. Fu.”

  Fu Chian wants to shake Starfire, he abruptly takes the coat from her hand and tries to put it on her. Can’t you see he isn’t giving you a choice!“Another time.”

   She puffs out her cheeks and stubbornly refuses to hold out her arms. “I want to eat!”

   Watching Fu Chian trying to put the coat on Starfire, Wong Duan impatiently stands between them then picks Starfire up. He tosses her over his shoulder as Starfire struggles, “Put me down! I don’t want to go with you!”

  “Shut up!” He opens the front door then takes long strides down the snow covered walkway to the main house.

   Starfire is trying to wiggle out of his iron grip and grumbles in his ear, “I’m so hungry! Why did you come and spoil everything!”

  He fiercely slaps her bottom with his large palm, “I said shut up!”

  Starfire is only wearing a Cheongsam and the slap wasn’t light. She whimpers, “You are so mean! I just wanted to eat delicious food.”

   When they get to the main house he throws Starfire onto the couch in the living room. He is exasperrated by Starfire’s childish behavoir and that she doesn’t grasp the situation. “Little girl you need to grow up! It is your duty to protect Miss Song. Do you know where she is right now?”

   Starfire sits up and wipes her misty eyes,“At her apartment.”

  “No. She is with that bastard Li Tian in his hospital room. Why? Because you are stupid.”

   Starfire’s eyes widen, “Miss Song said she wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home.”

   “Who ordered the alcoholic drink for Miss Song? You did… which is why she felt ill, she had an allergic reaction. Who let her leave with Li Tian’s bodyguard. You did. You have one job… to protect Song Sara! Mr. Cadieux entrusted Song Sara to you and your only concern is what you are going to eat.”

   Unable to respond, Starfire bursts into tears then gets off the couch. Feeling remorseful she kowtows, knocking her head on the marble floor. She looks up at Wong Duan with blood running down her forehead, “I’m so sorry! So sorry! I will protect Miss Song well from now on, I promise!”

   Seeing her pitiful appearance Wong Duan has the urge to hold Starfire but it wouldn’t be in her best interest. He is being tough because if anything happened to Song Sara, Leo would torture Starfire without mercy then kill the girl. “Go get your punishment.”

   Wong Duan rubs the space between his eyebrows after Starfire leaves the room. He is definitely not a compassionate man but seeing Starfire’s beautiful innocent face covered in blood his heart tightened inexplicably. He thinks about Starfire’s clear and pure doe like eyes full of guilt… she is just a little girl…

   After Starfire leaves the living room he walks to his bedroom and opens a cupboard containing rare medicinal herbs. He chooses three for pain to make medicine for Starfire and picks up a porcelain bottle of healing powder. I hope the little fool learns a lesson because next time…  

   Starfire bites her lip to stop from screaming as the whip slashes the tender skin on her back. Tears are rolling down her cheeks but she is determined not to make a sound as she endures the excruciating pain. When she was punished by her Master he never used such a terrible whip. Everytime the jagged wire whip lands on her body she feels a searing pain, it rips and tears, shredding Starfire’s jadelike skin.

The man in charge of meting out the punishment, Gao Ji, was told by Wong Duan, fifteen lashes.. But watching the young girl’s body convulsing in pain and crisscrossed with bloody lash marks it is hard for him to continue.  He is loyal to Wong Duan so he follows his orders, he said fifteen..not one less. When the whip strikes Starfire’s back for the fourteenth time she passes out from the pain. Gao Ji grimaces as he whips her mangled back one last time. Fifteen. 

   He calls Wong Duan, “ The girl..she passed out at fourteen.”

   Wong Duan rushes to the basement. When he enters the room the stench of blood surrounds him. He sees the steel spined whip dripping with blood in Gao Ji’s hand, “You used that fucking whip!” Wong Duan’s pitch black eyes flash with killing intent as he reaches for Gao’ Ji’s neck then stops, I can’t blame him it is my fault.I did say fifteen lashes..not one less. “Get the fuck out! You better hope the girl isn’t dead!”Goddammit she is a girl why did he use that whip!

   He rushes over to where Starfire is chained and checks to see if she is still breathing. Good. Starfire is only clad in white lace underwear that has been stained red. There is a pool of blood at her feet and he can barely look at the horrific wounds on her slender back. Blood that was spattered from the whipping is dripping from her hair.

   Wong Duan unlocks the chains holding her up and her thin limp body falls  into his arms. He is unusually distressed and has a complicated expression as he gazes at the little girl’s fragile appearance. Starfire’s delicate face is extremely pale, her cheeks are tear stained and her bottom lip is red and swollen. He tenderly touches her cheek then carefully lifts her half naked lithe body into his arms.

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