Basketball Court

   LiMei gazes around her apartment and smiles, it has been so long since I was here. She picks up her favorite manga from the nightstand and flops down on the bed. Grinning as she reads, I forgot how funny Celia is dressed up like a boy to enter the Club to get closer to her crush. Teehee.. There is a loud knock at the door. She hears Du Chang’s voice, it sounds like he is arguing with that sourpuss Hak Byung-Soo. She puts down the magna and answers the door, “Hak-Byung-Soo this is my friend, Du Chang.” She drags Du Chang into the room and notices he is carrying a basketball and dressed in athletic wear. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

  “We have the week off from school. There was a fire at the school and they need to repair the damage.”

  “Wow. Was anyone hurt?”

  “No it happened at night. It started in the chemistry lab, they are investigating the cause.”

  “Well since no one was hurt, I will say lucky you! unexpected week to play.”

  “I need to work at the bike shop but other than that I am free. My grandfather said he was getting the mail and saw you return. You were with the Old Man.”

   LiMei slaps his arm, “Rui is not old! Stop calling him that!”

   Du Chang’s lanky body towers over LiMei and he affectionately pats her head, “ you want to come with me and watch me play basketball at the park? It is the first decent day in a week. It has been so fuc..I mean so cold and snowy.”

   “Sure. I don’t have anything planned this afternoon. I just need to go to the supermarket. Oh Yeah… I got a present for your grandparents and you.”

  “You got me a present?”

 “Don’t get too excited…haha.” She unzips her bag and pulls out a blue and white New York Yankees baseball cap. “Here you go.”

   Du Chang’s eyes light up as he strokes logo, “Cool!” He puts on the cap. “Thanks, Feng LiMei.”

  “Looks good.”

   He has a serious expression,“Of course. I am the School Prince after all.”

  LiMei giggles, “Modest too I see.”

  “I will wait outside while you change. Hurry though the pick up game is set for 11:30.”

  “Go outside then, I will make it quick.”

  LiMei walks to the closet, she picks out a pink sweater and a pair of gray leggings. After she changes she puts on a pair of white tennis shoes and  her white puffer jacket. Grabbing a pink wool scarf and a knit hat with rabbit ears, she heads outside.

   Hak Byung-Soo is on the phone discussing an upcoming job with Rene, when he sees LiMei he frowns and says, “Hold on.” He extends his arm to stop LiMei and Du Chang. “Miss Feng, where are you going? The CEO said for you to wait for him.”

  “I’m going to the park to watch Du Chang play basketball. Rui wouldn’t mind, he knows Du Chang. You can follow.”

  LiMei’s phone rings, “Hi Delun, what are you doing?”

  “I wanted to know if you would like to have lunch together. I could cook or we could go out.”

  “Um..I can’t. You remember my friend Du Chang? I am going to watch him and his friends play basketball at the park.”

  “Hey, that sounds like fun. Ask him if he needs another player.”

  “Sure.” She turns to Du Chang, “Remember Qiao Delun, Rui’s brother? He was wondering if you need another player.”

  “Yeah, tell him to come we can always use one more guy.”

  LiMei relays the answer, “He said okay, we are going to the park on Mulberry Rd. by my apartment.”

 “See you then.”

LiMei tells Hak Byung-Soo, “I am riding with Du Chang. You can meet us there.”

  Hak Byung -Soo lifts an eyebrow as he stares at Du Chang, “You drive?”

 LiMei covers her mouth as she looks at the incredulous expression on Hak Byung-Soo’s face. Before Du Chang answers she says, “I like to ride on his bike.” She pulls Du Chang’s arm, “Come on, let’s go.”

  Hak Byung-Soo forgot Rene was waiting on the phone. He quickly says, “Boss, I gotta go. I definitely want in on the job in Thailand. I will see if Morgan can fill in for me. It is only three days.”

   He shakes his head watching LiMei happily laughing with Du Chang as they go down the stairs. Dammit! Feng LiMei is a real pain in the ass! I am a highly skilled bodyguard and I am reduced to watching a childish chick go watch a bunch of High School brats play fucking basketball. I am not a goddamn babysitter!

  Big Gu was leaning on the wall while smoking a cigar. He can’t help but notice the frustrated look on Hak Byung-Soo’s face. He crushes out his cigar on the patio then lazily strides over and pats his back, “Hey man, this gig is so fucking easy, the money is good and there is no danger involved. I’m taking it as a little break from constantly being on guard.”

  “That stupid chick doesn’t bother you? The way she has CEO Qiao wrapped around her little finger?”

  “From what I have seen she is a sweet girl, you don’t come in contact with such an unassuming client very often. The last bitch I had to guard.” He sneers, “I wanted to kill the haughty slut myself, treated me and the other guys like shit. She also screwed around behind her husband’s back. So this little chick ain’t bad. As a matter of fact I think Miss Feng is kinda cute.”

 “Pfft. Don’t let her innocent act fool you.” He cringes watching LiMei throwing a snowball at Du Chang. They are laughing and playing in the snow by where the bike is by the garage. “You can have this job. I am leaving for Thailand at the end of the week.” I am not going to mention that poor bastard Morgan was in love with Feng LiMei. It was pitiful to see a man who could single handedly kill twenty men without blinking an eye or working up a sweat acting like a lovestruck fool! She is a little seductress!

 “Let’s go.”

  LiMei is on the back of Gu Chang’s bike. She almost falls and grips his waist tighter,“Gu Chang, do you have to hit every bump!”

   He has a devilish smile, “Hold on tighter, this is the fastest way to get to the Park.”

   When they arrive his friends stop playing and watch LiMei get off Du Chang’s bike. Two of them walk over to them, curious who the unfamiliar girl is with their friend.The taller of the two boys smiles, “Hi, I’m Fan Jingzhou. What High School do you go to?”

   Du Chang pushes him, “Don’t even think about it. She is out of your league.”

   LiMei can’t help but chuckle at Du Chang’s words, “Hi. My name is Feng LiMei.”

   Fan Jingzhou teases, “I can dream can’t I?”

   LiMei wishes she had got a cup of coffee, although it is a sunny day, the weather is still very cold. “I will be right back.”

   Du Chang has a confused expression, “Where are you going?”

  “I want a cup of coffee to drink while I watch. ”

  “There is a Starbucks around the corner.”

  “Thanks.” LiMei walks away and Hak Byung-Soo has a curt tone, “Where are you going now?”

  LiMei scrunches up her nose, “Hak Byung -Soo would it hurt for you to smile? I don’t know how I offended you but your gloomy expression really is a buzz kill.”

  The corner of his mouth twitches, “Miss Feng, I asked where you are going?”

  LiMei shakes her head, “Around the corner to get a coffee. You can wait here.”

  “I will drive you.”

  “Don’t be ridiculous Starbucks is really close. If you insist, just walk with me. You can help carry the hot chocolates for the boys.”


  Big Gu bursts out laughing looking at Hak Byung-Soo and ignores the frosty glare he gives him.  He teases,“Bro, lighten up.”

   Delun arrives at the basketball Court and is about to ask Du Chang where LiMei is when she walks up carrying a coffee followed by her bodyguards.

   She waves at the boys, “Come warm up with some hot chocolate.”

   They run over, their cheeks are red from the cold and in unison say, “Thanks Feng LiMei!” They grab the steaming cups from the two muscular men and sit on the benches. A tall thin boy assumes she is Du Chang’s  girlfriend. He sips the delicious hot chocolate then sighs, “Chang if I could find a girlfriend as beautiful and sweet as yours I would be so fucking happy!”

   “…” Du Chang blushes because on the basketball court they were slapping him on the back and envying him that he was with such a beautiful girl. He was enjoying his friends being jealous and never denied LiMei was his girlfriend.  

   LiMei has both hands on the cup of coffee, “ warm.” She is trying to think of something so Du Chang isn’t embarrassed when Delun says, “Sorry, Feng LiMei is my brother’s girlfriend.”

    A handsome boy wearing a Jordan Jersey walks up while bouncing a basketball. “Who is your brother? What High School does he go to?” He noticed LiMei the moment she got off Du Chang’s bike and thought she was really cute.   If she isn’t Chang’s girlfriend I can compete. He is my good buddy so I wouldn’t steal his girl. I’m rich…handsome and the number one genius at the High School.

   Du Chang grabs the basketball as it bounces, “Give it up, Yi. She likes old men.”


  LiMei kicks Du Chang in the shin then through gritted teeth spits out. “I said don’t call Rui an old man!”

    Du Chang holds his shin and hops around,“Oww..Damn Feng LiMei, are those steel toed tennis shoes!”

   Delun laughs so hard watching Du Chang jumping around that his side hurts,  “Haha..Haha..”

  LiMei takes the hot chocolate that Delun is holding in his hand, “You don’t deserve my kindness. Rui is your brother. How can you laugh!”

   Chen Yi stares at the three of them, “What your boyfriend is in University? I will be attending A University next year.


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