Loyal Dog Kang Mingshun

  Starfire returns to the table and Fu Chian asks, “Where is Miss Song?” He wondered why Starfire ran to the table then left with the coat and scarf.

  “Mr. Fu..this is bad.”

  “Where is Miss Song?”

  “ When I saw her in the hallway outside the restroom she was pale and said she wasn’t feeling well. She said she was going to take a taxi to her apartment. I tried to dissuade her but..” Starfire has a concerned expression, “Mr. Fu, Miss Song was acting strange and she left before I could even give her this coat. I saw her get into the back of an expensive looking car. I’m worried.”

   Fu Chian glances at the two girls happily drinking the Hot Chocolate. “Sit down. I will call to make sure she is okay. She probably didn’t want to disappoint Xiaoxiao and Xiaoyue. Watch the girls.”

   He steps away from the table to a hallway and dials Sara’s phone number.

   After he leaves the pregnant server walks over to the table, “How are your drinks? Can I get you anything else?”

   Starfire looks at the girl’s cups and they are half full. “I will have another Peppermint Patty.” It might be my last chance to enjoy myself. She bites the head off an iced cookie in the shape of a Snowman. If anything happens to Miss Song I am as good as dead.

   Fu Chian comes back to the table, “There is nothing to worry about, Miss Song saw a friend and got a ride to her apartment. I was right, she didn’t want to disturb the girls.”

   Starfire has a relieved look and sips the Peppermint Patty. “Wheww..that is a relief! Did she say how she was feeling?”

   “She said it was time for her to take her medicine, which is why she was feeling a little sick.”

  “Oh. That explains it.”

   After Sara hung up the phone she gulped down some water. It took all her strength to sound calm on the phone, she didn’t want to worry Starfire or Fu Chian. She looks out the window at the snow falling, what am I going to do. If this leaks out that I went to the hospital because I was drugged my  cheap father will throw a fit thinking it will affect my engagement to Yibo. I have no choice, I am burning up, my body is craving…oh my God this is terrible!

   Kang Mingshun can see Sara in the rear view mirror and feels sorry for Sara’s situation. She is writhing around and her face is as red as a tomato. He knows Li Tian has the antidote for the aphrodisiac but won’t give it to Sara. Kang Mingshun is a loyal man so all he can do is follow orders and Li Tian’s orders were to bring the woman to his hospital room.

   He parks then takes off his jacket. “Miss Song, the weather is freezing, put on this coat.”

  Sara has a faint smile, “Ah..thank you Kang Mingshun.” She puts on the huge black wool coat then when he opens the back door she steps out. 

   Sara’s legs are weak and she slips getting out of the car. Kang Mingshun quickly grabs Sara and lifts her into his arms, “I will take you into the hospital.”

   She tries to protest, “No..no..they will think..you..you..I’m drugged..you can’t go in with me.”

    “You can’t walk. Cover your head with my coat. No one will recognize you.” He curses Li Tian in his heart for being a cold heartless bastard. He doesn’t deserve a gentle and kind woman like Miss Song. Kang Mingshun feels guilty but tells himself Li Tian saved him; he has no choice but to be loyal to him. He swore an oath the day he was saved.

   Sara leans into his chest and covers her head. Kang Mingshun takes long strides into the hospital then quickens his pace towards the VIP elevator. 

  Long Jinxi steps out of  the coffee shop and recognizes Kang Mingshun. She hurries to get the elevator, she raises her voice, “Wait! Hold the elevator!”Kang Mingshun ignores her and the door shuts as she approaches. She angrily glares through the closing door at Kang Mingshun holding Sara. She tosses her half full coffee into the trash. I couldn’t see the woman’s face but I am almost positive that the woman in his arms was Song Sara!

   Fuming he didn’t hold the door, she stomps her high heels, Dammit! She calls her mother complaining, “Mom! I just saw Li Tian’s bodyguard carrying a woman. I think it was his whore, Song Sara! You need to stop them! I bribed a nurse and she told me he was awake. I wanted to seduce him. It is my only chance! He will be weak and unable to resist.”

   “What! Li Tian is awake?”

  “Mommmm…You are missing the main point. I had the nurse drug him!”

  Kang Lanfen clutches her phone, “YOU DID WHAT! ARE YOU STUPID!”

  “It is your fault! You haven’t been able to switch the marriage partner from my pathetic sister to me yet. If you had, I wouldn’t have come up with this plan.”

  “I thought you were smarter than that. Drugging Li Tian? Are you crazy? You will be lucky if you can keep your little life when he finds out. You have been in that dirty Entertainment Circle too long. Those idiots wouldn’t want to lose face so if you drugged one of them, yes they would take responsibility. Do you think Young Master Li gives a shit! He would squash the news and kill anyone involved. Crush them.like insignificant ants under his feet

Stop the nurse now.”

  Long Jinxi breaks out into a cold sweat, Mom is right. “I will call the nurse.”

  Nurse Pei looks around furtively then answers, “Don’t be impatient. I said I would call.” 

  “Don’t do it. I changed my mind.”

  “Wait a minute, we have a deal.”

  “I will still pay you.”

  “Same amount?”

  Long Jinxi digs her fingernails into her clamy palm, greedy bitch! I will be paying for nothing..I was going to say half price.

 When she hesitates the nurse grumbles, “We had a deal. If you don’t want me to ex..”

     “Same. But I want you to do me a favor.”

   Kang Mingshun carries Sara into Li Tian’s room. When he stops she lowers the coat and has a startled expression. Li Tian is sitting up in bed looking at his phone.

   She pushes Kang Mingshun’s chest, “No. Put me down, I need to find a doctor.”

   Li Tian has a wicked smile on his handsome face, “Why do you need a doctor when you have me. Kang Minshun, bring my woman over to the bed.”

   Sara struggles in Kang Mingshun’s arms, “KANG MINGSHUN! NO!”

   He obediently delivers Sara to Li Tian’s bed then leaves the room.

Li Tian tightly embraces Sara, “Baby, you know I have what you need.”

    Sara can feel her feverish body craving his touch. Already breathless from inhaling Li Tian’s familiar masculine scent,a wave of desire engulfs Sara. Sara’s voice is raspy and her heart is racing. “Are..are you crazy? You just came out of a coma.”

   He nibbles on her ear then shamelessly admits , “I was faking. I am not weak in the least. Li Tian licks her delicate ear making Sara quiver then seductively whispers in a low voice, “I will show you.” He slides his hand down her pants and rubs her sensitive spot through her lace thong. 

   Sara thinks about feeling guilty about his accident and massaging his legs. Ohhh..I hate you! Playing with me again…making a fool out of me! She grabs his hand. “You..you..no! I don’t care if I die..I won’t” Flustered and embarrassed from his confession she struggles to get out of his embrace.

Sara is livid Li Tian played her for a fool and impulsively slaps his face. She defiantly stares at him with a scorching gaze. “Let me go! You are a shameless Devil

    He holds Sara down, trapping her between his muscular legs then growls, “Little wildcat, I am going to have to punish you for that.” He aggressively licks and bites her lips until glistening droplets of blood appear. He brushes his finger across her lips then forcefully opens her mouth inserting the finger, “Sweet isn’t it.”

     Sara bites his slender finger and he smiles, “It seems you need to be taught a lesson.”

   Sara pushes his chest with her small hands, “LI TIAN! STOP!”

   He kisses her lips then down her neck leaving a trail of red marks. Sara can’t help but let out kittenish moans as her body instinctively responds to his hot kisses.

   Li Tian teases, “Your body doesn’t want me to stop. I bet your tight little pussy is very wet right now. Let me check.” He rips off her pants revealing her white lace thong. He puts his large hand on the tiny soaked thong and squeezes, “Baby, you are dripping with honey. It seems your greedy little hole missed me.”

Sara is biting her lower lip to suppress her urge to moan in pleasure as he rubs her sensitive nub. Gazing into Sara’s lust filled eyes and sees her attempt to reign in her desire arouses the beast in him. He wants to see Sara under his control…her beautiful face with a helpless expression..submissive and needy.

He runs his finger down her cheek then lifts her chin staring into her misty blue eyes with his eyes that are like a dark abyss. Narrowing his eyes they shine with a devilish gleam as he taunts Sara. “But, Naughty Girl…since you are being willful, I will need you to beg me to fuck you.”

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